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Leone Magazine Issue 1: futura

Text of Leone - futura

  • Futura


  • Photo courtesy of NASA

  • Table of Contents

    Population Zero8

    Future classic16

    22 Molecular Gastronomy

    30 Featured artist

    Jeweled Metamorphosis36

    The Ruins of Detroit42

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    Fashion Editor



    Brendan BurdenTina Picard

    Noah VenkatarangamYves MarchandRomain Meffre

    Gilda Furgiuele

    Bianca Wahab

    Sean Rioux

  • Editors NoteWelcome to LEONE- a fashion, art and culture magazine based in Canada. Founded in mid 2012 out of a need for more. More than just fashion, more than just art, and more than just culture- a need for a lifestyle magazine featuring trends and ideas for the cre-ative class. With quarterly based editions focused on curated theme based content, photo essays, avant garde content and style, and worldwide contributors- LEONE is filling the gap. LEONE is life at its most creative state.

    In May 2012 this is how we envisioned Leone would be, and now with the release of our first issue- this is what Leone truly has become.

    As photographer and fashion designer respectively, we wanted more. Tired of hearing no, or no answer at all, we came up with our own more. Leone is a creative space for our-selves and other artists alike. A shiny display case for hidden gems and precious pieces. We let the photos speak for themselves as we create a magazine of the future.

    With that in mind, we have dedicated our first issue to all things Future. From new ways of cooking at Atelier, to out-of-this-world visual artist and technologist - Eepmon.

    As our inaugural issue is re-leased, we envision how the fu-ture will be - and cant wait to see how it plays as we create more issues.

    Bianca & Gilda

  • Population ZeroPhotography by Brendan Burden

    Model Mat Ralph

    Journey through a dystopian wasteland

  • Future ClassicModern style evolving with elements of the past

    Photographer Tina PicardStylist Erica WarkAssistants Caroline Holley & Delaney HolleyMake-up artist Melody IafeliceHair stylist Kirsty MacdonaldModels Rose of Angies Models & Laura of Models International Management

  • Dress - David DixonBracelet & Earrings - MM Crystal

  • 14Skirt & top - Pink TartanSilk blouse - Equipment (Holt Renfrew)Fur stole - Michael by Michael Kors Shoes - Nine West Belt & Purse - Kate Spade (Holt Renfrew) Jewelry- MM Crystal

    One-piece - BCBG Maxazria Runway Shoes - Boutique 9 Belt - Holt Renfrew Jewelry - MM Crystal Vest - Pink Tartan

  • Atelier Restaurant - Ottawa, Canada

  • Molecular GastronomyPhotographer Gilda Furgiuele

  • Fundamentally at heart I am a visual artist and technologist. I think that be-cause of these bi-polar interest they cover a wide spectrum and as a result, I find myself involved in many different industry fields.

    Featured ArtistEepmon

  • Started in 2008, I was looking into ways to bridge the gap between these two different fields - that is art and technology. Spending a month at the Banff Centre for my artist residency allowed me to formalize my thoughts into two simple questions:

    1) What do Humans do better than Computers?2) What do Computers do better than Humans?

  • People are emotional creatures. We respond based on cues, improvisation and are impulsive. Our strength is our ability to adapt. Computers are ex-cellent with calculations, aggregating information, data into some holistic form. I felt that by combining these strengths will allow me to get closer to my goal to bridging art and technology closer together. The resultant is my Intersections work.

  • digital and analogue media are converging. As society increas-ingly use technology, there will be a point in the future (and I think very soon) where digital media will completely recede and become seamlessly integrated into our physical / analogue environment... As a form of art, a part of structure, in a coffee cup, in our newspaper.

  • Alexis Bittar

  • Jeweled Metamorphosis

    transformation to chic with one of a kind jewels

    Photographer Gilda FurgiueleStylist Bianca WahabMake-up and hair Noah VenkatarangamModels Rose, Elodie, Missy and Jessica of Angies Models

  • Avante Garde Gerard Yosca

  • Necklaces - Pyrrha Ring - Silver Seasons Earring - Anne Marie Changnon

  • Anne Marie Chagnon

  • The Ruins of DetroitPhotographic Essay by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre

  • Michigan Central Station

  • Apartments

  • William Livingstone House

  • Biology classroom, Wilbur Wright High School

  • At the end of the XIXth Century, mankind was about to fulfill an old dream. The idea of a fast and autonomous means of displacement was slowly becoming a real-ity for engineers all over the world. Thanks to its ideal location on the Great Lakes Basin, the city of Detroit was about to generate its own industrial revolution. Vi-sionary engineers and entrepreneurs flocked to its borders...

    Detroit, industrial capital of the XXth Century, played a fundamental role shap-ing the modern world. The logic that created the city also destroyed it. Nowadays, unlike anywhere else, the citys ruins are not isolated details in the urban environ-ment. They have become a natural component of the landscape. Detroit presents all archetypal buildings of an American city in a state of mummification. Its splen-did decaying monuments are, no less than the Pyramids of Egypt, the Coliseum of Rome, or the Acropolis in Athens, remnants of the passing of a great Empire.

  • The state of ruin is essentially a temporary situation that happens at some point, the volatile result of change of era and the fall of empires.This fragility, the time elapsed but even so running fast, lead us to watch them one very last time : being dismayed, or admire, making us wondering about the permanence of things.

    Woodward Avenue

  • Issue 2 Winter - Blanc