Learning What You Need To Know About Your Asthma

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This way you will be able to recognize if your condition is getting worse or better as you change


  • Learning What You Need To Know About Your Asthma

    If you know about your asthma you will be better prepared to deal with it as the need arises. Be sureto investigate your condition as thoroughly as you can. If you continue reading this article, you will beon your way to being an expert on your condition.

    Whether you have recently learned that you have asthma, or you have known for years, you shouldhave an action plan in place. This will ensure that if you have an asthma related emergency yourfriends and family will be able to assist you if need be, and you will be able to help yourself. Make aplan of what medications you will keep and where you will keep them; also note what medications youwill carry on you at all times. Having at least two rescue inhalers on hand at anytime isrecommended, just in case one goes low and you are unaware. You also store inhalers in otherplaces, like your car, your night stand, your medicine cabinet and somewhere in your kitchen. If youwork away from home you should have at least one at your workplace as well. Having inhalersstored away in this manner will make it so that you can breathe quickly when you need to and you willnot be forced to call 911 over an asthma attack. You should also inform everyone you know that youhave asthma, so that they are aware of what is going on in case of an emergency. Beingembarrassed about your asthma can risk your life if you do not tell others because of it.

    If you have asthma, you need to make a list of all of the related symptoms that you currently sufferfrom. This way you will be able to recognize if your condition is getting worse or better as you changetreatment options and as the seasons change. Keep a daily log of any changes. This log will beuseful for your doctor when you visit him or her for your follow-up appointments.

    If you have asthma you need to constantly be aware of how well your medication is working for you. If, at any point in your treatment, your condition worsens, or it seems like your medicine is no longerworking, you need to contact your physician right away. This may be a sign that your condition isworsening or that you are need of new medications to control your condition. You are the mostimportant person when it comes to your health, so be sure to take asthma as seriously as you wouldtake your life. Your doctor can not read minds, and not telling him or her about changes, no matterhow insignificant they may seem, can put your health at serious risk.

    Knowing about your asthma condition is one of the best things you can do to protect your health. People who do not do so are at risk, so be smart and do your homework.

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