Learning to Play Fun Factor!

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Learning to Play Fun Factor!. Goals: Have Fun and Learn About Factoring . Improve Math Student Interaction. What comes in the game box?. A few Number cards call for an action to be done:. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Learning to Play Fun Factor!Goals: Have Fun and Learn About Factoring.

Improve Math Student Interaction.

What comes in the game box?A deck of 108 Prime Numbers cards. Only the first 8 Primes are used. Different amounts of each Prime are mixed together with a few Wild cards.A deck of 72 Numbers To Factor cards. Players take turns playing the Prime cards needed to complete each Number card. Heres a few samples:A Playing Field. It acts as a game board to organize Number and Prime cards while the game is being played.Factoring Help notes. Each Player gets a copy that lists the factors of each Number card.

A Score Sheet which lists the Players and their Round by Round cumulative scores. A Game usually lasts 2 or 3 Rounds.

A few Number cards call for an action to be done:Eddy Andy Beth Coco Dina0 33 26 7 4432 11 53 0 2332 44 79 7 67 2 14 27 18 034 58 106 25 67Game over when any score exceeds 99.Lowest score is the game Winner.

To start the game, ten Prime cards will be dealt to each Player.

Setup:Put the Playing Field on the table center.Shuffle the Numbers to Factor Deck, then put it on the Playing Field.Shuffle the Primes Deck, then put it on the Playing Field.

From 2 to 8 (or more) Players can play.See who deals : Give each Player a Prime card.The Player with the highest Prime card will be the Dealer of the first Round.A Turner and a Stacker are also needed. Lets Play!

Im the Dealer!AndyBarbCocoDinaEddyDealerTurnerStackerThe Turner Is the Playeron the dealers left.

When a new Number cardis needed, the Turner turnsover the top card from theNumbers to be FactoredDeck and puts it on top ofthe Next Number Pile. The Stacker is the Player on the dealers right.

When a Next Number is completely factored, theStacker moves those Primecards to the Used Primes Pile.

Reshuffle and deal 10 Prime cards to each Player.(deal 3 or 4 at a time, players arrange them in order)Andy turns over the top Numbers to be Factored card, and makes it the Next Number: Its 30.Players take turns clockwise from the Dealer.My Turn!!

AndyBarbCocoDinaEddy So Im dealinDealerTurnerStacker

Andy has all the factors for 30; he plays 2, 3, and 5.30 is done: Dina stacks its factors on the Used Primes Pile.Then Andy turns over his Bonus Number card, 51.Andy plays his 3, but he doesnt have a 17, so his turn is over. Now its Barbs turn.I got em all.

AndyBarbCocoDinaEddyI can play a 3TurnerStacker

Barb plays the 17 needed to complete 51.Dina moves the factors to the Used Primes Pile, and Barb gets a Bonus Number card, 32.Barb can play all five 2s needed for 32, but then her turn is over (only 1 bonus card allowed/turn).I have 17!.


I got all five 2s!.TurnerStacker

Cocos 1st card is a Pass 1 Card, so he passes Barb his 11 card. He still gets a bonus Number.Andy turns over Cocos bonus Number and its 66, so Coco plays a 2, 3 and a wild (for 11).Dina stacks the factors and now its her turn.Sorry, Barb


Im done.DealerTurnerStacker

Dinas new Number is 91, so she plays 7 and 13.The primes are stacked, and a bonus Number is turned.Too bad: Her bonus card is a Draw 1 Card, so Dina draws a new Prime for her hand, a 7.Now its Eddys turn.I have both.


Oh, bummer!TurnerStacker

Eddys new Number card is 72, so he plays three 2s and two 3s to complete 72.The primes are stacked, and a bonus card is turned.His bonus Number is a 49, so he plays two 7s.Now its Andys turn . Cooool.

AndyBarbCocoDinaEddyWhos #1 ?TurnerStacker

Andys Number card is 80, so he plays two 2s and a 5 so Barb gets a chance to finish it.Barb has no plays (two more 2s needed) so she draws a Prime its a 2 So she plays it.Because 80 is still incomplete, its Cocos turn.Only have 3 plays


I have to draw.

Coco plays the last 2 to complete 80, so he gets a bonus Number card.His bonus card is a 9, so he plays two 3s to finish it.Dinas next Number is 77, but all she can play is a 7.Its Eddys turn, can he go out to end Round 1 ?


Got the last 2!

You go, Dina.

Only have a 7.

Eddy plays his 11 to complete 77, so he gets a bonus Number card.His bonus card is a 75, so he can go out by playing his 5 and his wild (for a 3).Congratulations Eddy! Now score each player.


Im Out!Count em up, guys

Each player now adds the Primes left in their hands: Eddys score is 0 since he went out. Andys score is 39 (7+13+19). Barbs score is 27 (3+3+3+7+11). Cocos score is 27 (2+3+3+19 wilds count 19). Dinas score is 30 (2+2+2+2+5+5+5+7).The game would continue until some players score exceeds 99. Have fun playing Fun Factor!

AndyBarbCocoDinaEddyThe Dealer is the Scorer

Eddy Andy Barb Coco Dina039272730027392730