Learning through Experience and Action Program

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Learning through Experience and Action Program. January 30, 2007. Agenda. Introductions What is LEAP? Examples of Recent Projects Student Project Proposals Questions?. What is LEAP?. Kelloggs Capstone Course Spring Quarter Project-Based Course - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Agenda

    Introductions What is LEAP? Examples of Recent Projects Student Project Proposals Questions?

  • What is LEAP?Kelloggs Capstone CourseSpring Quarter Project-Based CourseApplication of Core Courses to Single Consulting Project70% Project Work in teams of 3-530% Lectures on topics relevant to projectsMix of Faculty Speakers and Outside Speakers

    Apply Concepts and Tools to Real Business Problems Teams of 3-5 Students Consult on real projects for Companies and Nonprofits for Course CreditThe best way to learn a concept is to apply it.

  • What is LEAP?Letter of UnderstandingAgreed-upon project deliverablesMid-quarter progress updateSubmission of final reportFinal presentation to clientTop projects compete for cash prizes!

    Classes are Tuesday eveningsGrades are primarily based on solutions generated.Client satisfaction and participation are factorsLectures are intended to provide subject breadthCourse topics focus on client / project mgmtProject WorkAcademics

  • Projects for 2007Proposals received & reviewed over next few months

    Typical scope of LEAP projects:Business PlanningSales and marketing strategies Brand StrategyProcess ImprovementSupply chain / distribution

    Typical sponsors for LEAP projects:Start-upsNon-Profits Fortune 500 Technology

  • Previous Projects..and many more

  • Student Project ProposalsStudents are highly encouraged to submit their own projects

    Proposal Guidelines:Project must be cross-functional (e.g. not just market research)For MMMs, projects must have mfg/process improvement focus.Scope must allow completion within 6-7 weeks (24 person days)Sponsors must donate $1,000 to the program

    Timeline:Preliminary Project Proposal deadline: FebruaryProposals Scoped and Finalized: Early MarchProjects posted for bidding by registered students: Mid-MarchProject bidding results posted and teams finalized: Late March

  • For More Information? LEAP Website Under Student Organizations on the Serialhttp://www.kellogg.nortwestern.edu/student/leap/index.htm

    Talk to 2007 co-chairs: David Asahara jasahara2008@kellogg.northwestern.edu Liz Lippert elippert2008@kellogg.northwestern.edu Peter Rossmann prossmann2008@kellogg.northwestern.edu If you have a company that you would like to work with, talk to Fran: Fran Langewisch f-langewisch@kellogg.northwestern.edu

  • Questions?????

    Introductions (5 min - JD)What is LEAP? (Bala - 10 min)Whats in it for me? (Chopra - 10 min)Whats expected of you. (JD - 5 min)Examples of last years projects. (Jeff and Andy 10 minutes)A sample of this years projects. (KR - 5 min)How do I get a project? (KR - 5 min)Important dates. (KJ - 5 min)How do I get more information? (KJ)Questions? (KJ)


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