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  • 1. trategies, resources and competences in EnglishLearning styleVisual

2. Introduction:Nowadays people have different ways to learn depending ontheir abilities. There are three kinds of learning styles: visual,auditory and kinaesthetic. Now we are going to talk about visualstyle. VISUAL STYLE DEFINITION: A visual learning style is used by people who have a preference to learn through observed things like outlines, pictures, films, etc. 3. Characteristics of Visual style:1. They preferreading tolistening, theylearn betterwhen itsrepresentedvisually. Theyare typicallypoor listeners. 4. 2. They recognize and rememberthings such as faces, words faster than people from other learningstyles 5. 3. Their handwriting isgood because they aremeticulous and they likeorder. 6. 4. In their free time they like to watchfilms, doodle and stare at something. 7. 5. In class theydont get involvedand dont payattention to verbalcommunicationbecause they aremostly observersand like quite timeto see an read orworkin thecomputer. 8. 6. They tend to look around onnew situations to examinateand imagine how it might be. 9. 7. When they read they have to imagine thesituation so that they can concentrate betterand dont get lost. 10. 8. A negative aspect of a visuallearner is that he doesntremember what he heard for along period of time such asnames. 11. 9. Visual learners like professionsthat involve writing, reading,drawing and painting such asarchitects, writers,interiordesigners, etc. 12. 10. They have good visualizationskills. For example, they can look upand imagine the informationwritten or drown. 13. To conclude, if youhave all thischaracteristicsmentioned beforeyou are a goodvisual learner. 14. Montalb Prez BernatEsther Novials GomLaia Segarra Biosca