“Learning is a consequence of thinking”. Any new thinking about THINKING? Individually please.

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Slide 1Learning is a consequence of thinking Slide 2 Any new thinking about THINKING? Individually please Slide 3 PLT Goals How do we currently engage students in their thinking in the classroom? Think Pair Share Generate Sort Connect Elaborate The 8 Cultural Forces Making thinking Visible How could Project Zeros Thinking Routines help assist Thinking in our classrooms Think Puzzle Explore What Makes you say that? Slide 4 Making the connections... School Improvement Plan That a high quality Thinking Curriculum will develop student capacity to be reflective, empowered learners Slide 5 How do we currently engage students in their thinking in the classroom? Slide 6 Individually Generate a list of ideas and initial thoughts that come to mind when you think about this particular topic/issue. Slide 7 Individually Sort your ideas according to how central or tangential they are. Place central ideas near the centre and more tangential ideas toward the outside of the page. PAIR UP Now PAIR UP and discuss ideas, eliminate any doubling etc. Slide 8 IN PAIRS Connect your ideas by drawing connecting lines between ideas that have something in common. Explain and write in a short sentence how the ideas are connected. Slide 9 In PAIRS Elaborate on any of the ideas/thoughts you have written so far by adding new ideas that expand, extend, or add to your initial ideas Slide 10 Continue generating, connecting, and elaborating new ideas until you feel you have a good representation of your understanding. Slide 11 New thinking...? Any new insights... I think______ because......... Slide 12 8 Cultural Forces... Slide 13 The importance of documenting thinking Slide 14


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