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  • PTC LibrariesGetting Started with Knitting
  • The ToolsYarnNeedlesScissors/Yarn CutterTapestry NeedleRulerNeedle GaugeOrganizer/Tote
  • YarnsFibersPlyingWeightsHankCenter-pull ballOutward-pull ballForm vs. FunctionCost / Investment Ratio
  • FibersAcrylic - manmade, cheap, easy to find, greatest variety in colors, textures, and sizes,great for most patterns, hypo-allergenic, can be rough or feel "cheap" or uncomfortableCotton - not quite as cheap as acrylic, easy to find, colors arent quite as vibrant, lessvariety in textures, hypo-allergenic, great for kitchen purposes and for summer clothingWool - easy to find, great variety of colors and textures , varies in price, as with mostthings: the higher the quality, the higher the price, varies widely in quality and texture,super warm while still light weight, mostly softer and less "scratchy" than popularlybelieved in the past, great for winter clothing and accessories, known allergenAlpaca - a lot like wool, but fibers are longer so the yarn is generally softer, harder tofind, more expensiveMohair - actually from Angora goat, really light and airy while staying warm, very soft,hard to find, expensiveAngora - from Angora rabbit, extremely soft, light and airy, extremely expensive, superdelicate, definitely hand wash only
  • PlyingRovingSingle PlyDouble Ply3-Ply or morehttp://knitty.com/ISSUEfall05/FEATwhyply.html
  • Yarn WeightLace - Extra FineFingering - SockSport - DK - Double KnittingWorsted - AranHeavy WorstedBulky - ChunkySuper Bulky - Super ChunkyWraps per InchNumbering System - 1-6
  • Reading a Yarn Label
  • Form vs. Function &Cost / Investment
  • NeedleMaterialSizeLengthCostSingle point, double point, circular
  • Scissors, Yarn Cutters, Tapestry Needles, Rulers, Tape Measure Organizers, Totes, Swifts, & Yarn WindersBlunt, sharp, bent, straight, collapsable, cheap, orsuper expensive is totally up to you and can vary withthe situation.
  • TSA RegulationsScissor blades have to be shorter than 4"Yarn Cutters are NOT allowedThere were restrictions on the materials a needlecould be made out of and length of needle, but thosehave been dropped. To be on the safe side, youmight want to keep the needles short and wooden orplastic.Jury duty - just because the TSA says it is ok doesnot mean the guard at the courthouse will agree. Beprepared to put it back in your car and grumble thewhole way.
  • Local Yarn ShopsThe Yarn Mart 5711 Kavanaugh LRMichaels 4126 McCain NLR 11400 Markham LRHobby Lobby 4701 JFK NLR 12201 W Markham LR 150 E Oak ConwayJo-Ann 2637 Lakewood NLR
  • Online Yarn ShopsKnit Picks - www.knitpicks.comJimmy Beans Wool - www.jimmybeanswool.comYarn Market - www.yarnmarket.comTons of others
  • Online CommunitiesRavelry - www.ravelry.com - great onlinecommunity focused on knitting and crocheting -has lots of great free patterns and you can joinspecific forumsPinterest - www.pinterest.com - great for"Pinspiration"KAls/CALs - popular in the crafting blogosphereand on Ravelry
  • Free PatternsRavelryBlogs in generalPinterestYarn Companies Knit Picks Lion Brand Lily (Sugar n Cream) Bernat Red Heart
  • iPhone/iPad AppsGoogle DriveMichaelsJo-AnnHobby LobbyStitchMinderYarmaWoolyMost mags have iPad versions
  • Knitting for CharityWarm Up AmericaKnitting for NogginsKnots of Love