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Presentation given at the honors reception on 2/3/12.


<ul><li><p>I found all kinds of joy when I was in the </p><p>company of my friends talking, laughing and </p><p>being kind to each other reading, engaging </p><p>books together going from the lightest joking </p><p>to talking of the deepest things and back again. </p><p>- St. Augustine, Confessions </p></li><li><p>Our Philosophy We believe in: </p><p> Learning in Community where intellectually curious, creative and hard working students inspire, challenge, and support each other </p><p> Active Learning in small, dynamic classes and through exceptional co-curricular activities throughout the year </p><p> Transformative Experiences focusing on the whole student intellectually, morally, emotionally, and spiritually </p></li><li><p>Academics: Special, small classes with some of </p><p>the best teachers at Merrimack </p><p> Advanced course registration and honors advising </p><p> One-on-one research opportunities with your professors </p><p> Senior capstone projects </p></li><li><p>Co-Curricular Activities: Concerts, plays, dinners, museum tours Innovative service-learning component On-campus films, speakers, and </p><p>presentations Group trips to Boston and beyond And maybe even a go-kart adventure! </p></li><li><p>Social Benefits: Honors freshman housing Honors study lounge Trivia nights, fall foliage hikes, and more Being inspired and supported by your </p><p>classmates, friends, and roommates! </p></li><li><p>Program Requirements Students in the Honors Program take at least </p><p>eight honors courses (usually one per semester) by the time they graduate. </p><p> Students maintain a 3.4 GPA their freshman year and a 3.5 thereafter. Cumulative GPAs are reviewed at the end of each semester. </p></li></ul>


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