Learn chinese to help boost your career opportunities

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The demand for proficient individuals in Chinese is increasing day by day in order to fulfill the needs of the growing international business sector in India. There are many career opportunities available now for Chinese speakers in advertising and public relations amongst others. Although learning Chinese can be quite difficult, it can also be very rewarding.


  • Learn Chinese to Help Boost Your Career Opportunities

    Indian companies are slowly increasing their presence in the global market. They are

    emerging as a force to be reckoned with. With this global growth in mind, it has become

    imperative for companies to hire people who can perform admirably in the widened

    field of operations. That is why more companies are looking to hire employees with a

    flair for foreign languages in order to make business transactions and communications

    go smoother. A person with excellent communicative skills in a foreign language and an

    understanding of foreign cultures and traditions can help settle deals faster. As such,

    they are in huge demand in the world of commerce and business.

    Why Chinese?

    In a list of the most frequently spoken languages in the United States of America,

    Chinese is ranked third. The number of business deals that are made with Chinese

    institutions and individuals are on the rise. It is quite possible that this trend will

    continue to increase for the foreseeable future. This in turn increases the necessity for

    fluent Chinese speakers for commercial establishments. Such institutions often ask their

    employees to learn Chinese language as it is fast becoming a prerequisite in conducting

    business deals.

    Opportunities in Employment

    A person who wants a career in Chinese language has a plethora of job opportunities

    beckoning at his door.

    One of the most popular career choices for many is a teaching position. The shortage of

    quality Chinese language teachers has made a teaching post a viable employment

    opportunity for many people. Many opt for teaching Chinese online as one can reach a

    wider audience that way. Apart from teaching Chinese to an English speaking audience,

    one can do the reverse as well. There is a steady growth in the demand for English

    teachers in China for the same reasons.

    A translator position can be possible choice for those fluent in Chinese. Apart from

    business institutions, advertising agencies and customer services also require people

    who can efficiently translate to and from Chinese.

    The international sales department of many commercial institutions can use the help of

    a persons fluency in Chinese to conduct trade with a Chinese speaking region.

  • Public relations are another viable option. International organisations such as the United

    Nations Organisation, Food and Agricultural Organisation amongst others need people

    who can speak multiple languages. They need them as interpreters and translators and

    therefore candidates should possess excellent command over the language.

    When and where to start learning Chinese

    Learning a language takes time and patience. One should possess a deep love for

    learning the language. There are a few schools which teach foreign languages as a part

    of the curriculum. Availing of tuitions at home is a better choice in order to learn

    Chinese language and develop skills in it. Practice is important for the student as it is the

    only way to attain proficiency. Becoming a part of a group which converses in the

    Chinese language can help one become more skilled at Chinese faster as it gives regular

    practice and a support group to rectify mistakes.