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  1. 1. The Leader in Dental Implants and Teeth-In-One-Day TM 219-227-5084 Dyer Location www.ChicagoNoDentures.com 888-416-4109A lmost half the adults in the United States have missing teeth and approximately 37 million are missing some or all of their teeth. That number is projected to grow to49 million by 2020. Right now, someone turns 50 every 7.1 seconds. Thats 12,500 people every day. The fifty-and-older generation will represent 45 percent of allAmericans in just three years. In fact, every minute somebody in this country is losing a tooth! If every dentist in America placed 20 implants a month it would take over 20years to satisfy the demand. Ninety percent of these patients address their dental problems with removable prosthetics (dentures and partial dentures), often leaving thosehandicapped due to fit, form, and function or aesthetic problems. Because of these issues, the demand for dental implants is rising exponentiallyMaintaining good, healthy teeth is certainly a worthy goal but keeping teeth for a lifetime is not always possible, despite the impressive achievement of preventative dentistryand the best efforts of our patients. Trauma, systemic disease, dental decay, periodontal disease, poor genetics, dental phobia, and normal wear and tear are just fewof the reasons for tooth loss. Almost 80 percent of consumers with missing teeth are now aware of dental implants and realize the advantage of a permanent solution thatmimics nature in function and fit and looks even better than nature may have originally provided. It is now possible to treat virtually every edentulous patient with aestheticand functionally fixed (NO DENTURES!) solutions. We work with patients missing as few as one tooth or as many as all of their teeth. The Center for Implants, Sedationand Cosmetic Dentistry in Dyer, IN, gives every patient a fixed, permanent solution. The All-On-4 procedure uses 4 specially placed implants per jaw to secure dentalimplant teeth without bone grafting. Here are some of the complaints and issues of people who seek advice and care from our Center. Let us help you live a more attractive,worry and hassle free life with the miracle of dental implants.Pictures are actual patients Dr. Atcha and his team treated: Periodontal DiseasePeriodontal disease eats away bone and threatens your overall health. Often people watch theproblem. They are aware it is there and believe it can be tamed through regular treatments. Patientssoon learn that conventional treatments are not remedies but are long term commitments to continuedpainful procedures. If you want a solution, you will get it with implants as it will preserve the jawbone vs. the periodontal disease that will destroy or eat your bone away if its not eradicated.Atrophy (Bone Loss) DUE TO DENTURES AND PARTIAL Periodontally diseased teeth Teeth with the All-On-4TM Dental ImplantsIf you lose teeth and wear a denture, you will get atrophy, which is jaw bone loss/shrinkage.As atrophy advances, the fit of your denture is compromised. It will slip and slide around in yourmouth and hopefully, not out of your mouth. As atrophy advances your fit will deteriorate evenfurther. Natural teeth have 150-250 pounds per square inch (PSI) of chewing power. New denturesare around 50 PSI. Dentures, after 10 years, can have a little as 6 PSI! But when you get implants,your bone maintains its strength and function and you can restore 95% of the chewing power ofnatural teeth while avoiding the embarrassment of messy and dangerous denture adhesive. Facial collapse/bone loss (atrophy) due to wearing dentures Teeth with the All-On-4TM Dental ImplantsFAILED Root Canal and crowns then bridges.So often people get on the dental treadmill of root canals, then crowns over and over which entailsprolonged agonizing investments in time and money. Many times the money gets spent and theproblems just dont go away. Our philosophy is to save the patients natural teeth as long as possiblebut to understand when a situation can threaten overall long term health of our patient it isbetter to extract damaged teeth and place implants and stop the cycle of pain and agony.Due to current demographic trends, keeping teeth for a lifetimeis not always possible, despite the impressive achievement ofpreventative dentistry and the best efforts of our patients. Failed root canals, crowns and bridgesTeeth with the All-On-4TM Dental ImplantsFear Dental PhobiaThere are roughly 145 million Americans who avoid dentists. About half of those individuals are fearfulbecause of a painful visit as an adult or from past childhood trauma. That could be you. Fears like thesehave been addressed with the concept of pain management and sedation. Dr. Atchas Sedation DentistryMethodTM is designed for you no matter how big or small your apprehension. Typically patients say theyhave no memory of treatment and a four or five hour appointment seemed like only a few minutes.Weve converted dental phobics into dental missionaries who can chew and smile again!Dental Phobic patient before Teeth with the All-On-4TM Dental ImplantsDr. Atchas Teeth-in-One-DayTM procedure using the All-on-FourTM dental implant technique is a clinically proven solution for those who have lost or are about to lose all of their upperand/or lower teeth. With this procedure, you can come as close to having a new set of permanent teeth as is currently possible. Those who replace their dentures with All-on-FourTMdental implants will never have to remove their replacement teeth again for cleaning because their new teeth can be cleaned and maintained just like a natural set of teeth. If you arelooking at the possibility of wearing dentures but choose All-on-FourTM dental implants, you will never have to experience the crippling effects of loose dentures, being unable to eatthe foods you enjoy, messy adhesives, removing teeth at night, the embarrassment of dentures slipping during speech or smiling or the bad breath associated with wearing dentures.As a leader in the field of implantology, Dr. Atcha has the experience that matters, the credentials that count and hes practicing TOMORROWS DENTISTRY TODAY. He providessolutions that last and are guaranteed for each patients satisfaction. For patients who have little to no jaw bone left in the upper jaw and were told they need extensive bone grafting andtransplants, Dr. Atcha offers his exclusive patented technique for the upper jaw (No Jaw Bone Solution) Zygomatic(long) dental implants. This method helps many patients who weretold they needed extensive bone grafting prior to dental implant placement that would take years to complete. Dr. Atcha accomplishes in ONE DAY (with the All-on-4TM method) what would ordinarily take patients years to accomplish with traditional approaches. He is a PIONEER in offering the All-on-4TM dental implant method to his patients in Northwest IN and Chicago. Dr. Atcha has trained with Dr. Paulo Malo (the inventor and innovator of All-On-FourTM) at the world renowned Malo Clinic, in Lisbon, Portugal. Dr. Atcha has placed over thousands of dental implants and dental implant restorations with a 95% to 98% clinical success rate. He uses the most innovative approaches to treat the never-been-possible-before. As a Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and a Diplomate of the American Dental Implant Association, Dr. Atcha conducts courses and lectures locally to other dentists. He presents his clinical cases both locally and internationally at prestigious dental implant meetings. Dr. Atcha has the training, technology and tools to deliver top notch dental implant care to patients. His All-in-One facility, with 3-D scan, on site lab and team of dental professionals, assuresDr. Atcha with the world renowned Dr. Paulo Malo your implant care is seamless. Moreover, Dr. Atcha is personally involved in your consultation and in every step of your dental implant care.The Center for Implants, Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry is where Dr. Atcha and his team take on the toughest challenges as part of a days work. Dr. Atcha proudly states,Our philosophy is to deliver leading edge dental implant care with kindness, courtesy, compassion and superb care because we love our patients and our community. Ideally,I feel that if I can give people back what God gave them, thats what they want. Patients want teeth now! Everyone one wants the immediate gratification of Teeth-In-On-DayTM!The Center also provides patients a lifetime of follow up care in a comprehensive, full service family dental environment. Atcha mentions, Patients not only seek us out forour expertise but enjoy long term relationships with us that have been fostered by our excellent care We pride ourselves on the fact that patients have minimal discomfortand complications are rare to none.Ask our patients, they will be happy to share their experiences. They are like our family members. You can see them on www.ChicagoNoDentures.com or watch them onwww.YouTube.com/drirfanAtchaDDS. Our next Miracle of Dental Implants Seminar will be on September 27th, 2012 from 6 to 9pm at 890 Richard Road,Suite A, Dyer, IN. You can learn about our different procedures and meet some actual satisfied patients in person. THE CENTER FOR IMPLANTS SEDATIONAND COSMETIC DENTISTRYGive yourself the smile you deserve with The Miracle of Dental Implants because no one shoulddie with their teeth in a glass!TMVSCall today for yourDenturesDental ImplantsComplimentary Consultation Find uswith your Smartphone and FREE 3-D CAT Scan($695 value) (219) 227-5084 or (888) 416-4109 www.ChicagoNoDentures.com Dr. Irfan (Ivan) Atcha www.YouTube.com/DrIrfanAtchaDDS As featured on FOX, CNN, WGN, Yahoo! News, and The Wellness Hour. Call for a Complimentary Consultation and Free 3D Scan890 RichardR d - Su i t e A Dyer , IN 4 6 3 1 1