LBM Direct Marketing Product and service overview

LBM Overview

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LBM Direct MarketingProduct and service overview

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Who are LBM?

LBM was founded in 1996, initially as a data business. Since then we have grown rapidly, to nearly 2,000 staff across 7 locations throughout the UK. In October 2004 LBM was acquired by ISIS, a private equity house.

Today we provide Intelligent Contact solutions. This means supplying Relevant Information (Data) and Intelligent Communication (telephone, SMS, e-mail, web-chat etc) to our clients. We are the only significant business in the UK which fully combines Data, Insight and Communication; our offering is therefore uniquely powerful, offering the very best customer experience and return on investment.

The key industry sectors we serve include telecoms, utilities, financial services, media, automotive and retail. LBM is a member of the Call Centre Association, IDM and the Direct Marketing Association, and holds a number of prestigious accreditations based on the innovation and implementation of quality programmes.

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What do we do?

Intelligent Contact is LBM's philosophy for blending both Relevant Information about customers and prospects and Intelligent Communication into one powerful, actionable solution to increase the effectiveness of your marketing activity. Our unique approach is designed to ensure the best possible outcome from customer or prospect contact, whatever the contact channel may be.

What we do - Intelligent Contact: Relevant Information + Intelligent CommunicationHow we want to do it -  Be the Best: In our clients' opinion, the market leader, the go to companyHow we want to do it with clients - Managed Accounts: Doing everything our clients want and more

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What Do LBM Offer?

LBM Intelligent Contact works to combine data, analytics and communication to enhance ROI and create an effective


A range of data services and

products, from online data purchase to

database hosting

Data Incorporating email, SMS and

red button technology, see

how LBM is at the cutting edge of



Get a more complete picture of both your customers

and market potential


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LBM Direct MarketingProduct and service overview