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Lbm 4 sgd 18

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Alokasi perlakuan terapi

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EtikaUji KLinikGinger is usually regarded as safe in small amounts, or approximately 2-4 grams per day (Bryer, 2005; Kraft and Hobbs, 2004; Wichtl, 2004; Libster, 2003; Chandra et al., 2002; Ernst and Pittler, 2000; Metz and Cupp, 2000), although certain precautions should be borne in mind, as follows: High doses (presumably more than 4 grams per day) of ginger may have uterine stimulating properties (Castleman, 2001). Do not use in pregnancy or lactation, unless prescribed by a health professional, as the possible effects on the developing fetus have not yet been fully ascertained (Wichtl, 2004; McCann, 2003; Vanaclocha and Caigueral, 2003; Ernst and Schmidt, 2002; Al-Achi, 2001; Blumenthal, 1998).