Law Enforcement Equipment Program State of Tennessee, Office of Criminal Justice Programs

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  • Law Enforcement Equipment Program State of Tennessee, Office of Criminal Justice Programs
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  • Contacts Jeremiah Morton, Program Manager (615) 532-2988 Tom Pitt, Program Manager (615) 741- 9954 Thomas Scollon, Auditor (615) 253-1984 Email Box:
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  • Objectives Today we are going to go over: General Information Reporting Requirements Closeout Purchasing Invoicing OCJP Contacts
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  • General Information The project period for Equipment Grants are from 10/1/2014 until 6/30/15. All equipment listed in the contract must be purchased, received and implemented (put into use) after 10/1/2014 and prior to 6/30/15. Failure to implement contract items by 6/30/15 can result in agencies having to repay the state any funds which were received for their project including those parts which were implemented.
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  • Important Requirements Requirements under a JAG grant: 1)Project Directors must complete Title VI training. 2)Project Director must keep a grant file with all project documentation. 3)A Performance Management Report (PMT) must be completed quarterly until the grant is closed. 4)A closeout packet must be completed before the grant is closed.
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  • Title VI Training All recipients of Federal Assistance are subject to the provisions of Title VITo improve compliance OCJP requires all Project Directors to provide evidence of having completed civil rights training. OCJP Admin Manual Training and Quiz available at: This training needs to be completed within thirty (30) days of contract start date. Quiz is ten (10) questions. Print off certificate and save in your grant file.
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  • Performance Management Report Each Quarter a PMT report must be completed. This report is completed via website hosted by the Federal Government. A login and password will be mailed to project directors prior to December 15 th, 2014. If you have not received your login or password by January 1 st please send email to
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  • Performance Management Report Reporting does not open until the 1 st of the month the reports are due. Reports are due before January 15 th, April 15 th, and July 15 th. If your closeout report is submitted and accepted prior to a due date no further reporting will be required.
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  • Performance Management Report (Tips) You will be asked to allocate funds: Place all federal funds into the Law Enforcement - Equipment boxes. Your federal funds will not include your match funds. The report will ask if you are a subgrantee from another JAG Agency: Answer yes, and then enter State of Tennessee / Office of Criminal Justice Programs.
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  • Performance Management Report (Submission) When you hit submit to grantor it will ask you to verify the report.. Before confirming that the report is correct print a copy for your grant file. Now the report can be submitted. Scan and E-Mail a copy of this print out to with your agency name in the subject line.
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  • Closeout Packet All Project Directors should have received a copy of the closeout packet prior to this training. If you do not have this packet e-mail and request it. This packet details all of the paperwork which must be saved and then copied to OCJP when the grant is complete.
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  • Closeout Packet The following items are required in the closeout packet: Narrative Responses (included in packet) Program Income Report (included in packet) Equipment Summary Report (included in packet) Copies of Quotes and Bids Copies of Vendor Purchase Orders from Agency to Vendor Invoice from the Vendor to the Agency Agency Inventory Log Photos of all Equipment Purchased
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  • Closeout Packet Please do not send items from the closeout packet to OCJP until your grant is complete. Please send all closeout items to OCJP at the same time when your grant is complete. Packet will be sent to: When OCJP receives your packet it will be reviewed. You will notified whether it is accepted or whether there is more information needed within thirty (30) days. When your report is accepted no more PMT reports will be required.
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  • Closeout Packet (Tips) Pictures of Equipment Pictures of all pieces of equipment listed on budget and their serial numbers must be photographed. For a large volume of equipment (radios, weapons, computers) spread them out on a table and take the photo so the number received can be counted. Depending upon the camera you are using it may be easier to e-mail a large volume of photos if you lower the cameras resolution to minimize the file size.
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  • Purchasing OCJP does not have its own purchasing rules for determining the threshold for requiring bids, the number of bids, et cetera. When purchasing equipment you will use whatever your local government purchasing rules are.
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  • Purchasing Questions If you have questions about purchasing you may contact MTAS or CTAS: Municipal Technical Assistance Services Rex Barton, Police Management Consultant (865) 974-9837 County Technical Assistance Services Terry Hazard, Sheriff Management Consult (615) 532-0047
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  • Invoicing Most invoicing questions are addressed in Section C.5 of your contract. If you have not received an invoice from the State by October 31 st, 2014 e-mail Mr. Wasef will provide your agency with an invoice specific to you grant as well as additional instruction. Completed invoices are to be sent to not an OCJP contact.
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  • Invoicing Requirements Subrecipients should invoice monthly. Subrecipients must invoice quarterly. Subrecipients should only invoice for equipment they can provide proof for having physically received.
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  • Common Invoice Questions Q: As my agency must have paid for and received equipment in order to invoice does this mean that my agency must pay for all purchases in advance? A: Yes. Your agency will pay for all purchases and invoice the state for the actual amount paid. Your agency will be reimbursed for 75% of that amount. Q: Why did my agency only get reimbursed for 75% of the amount I submitted? A: The grant is setup with a 25% match. The unpaid amount if considered to be your match.
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  • Contacts Jeremiah Morton (615) 532-2988 Tom Pitt (615) 741- 9954 Thomas Scollon (615) 253-1984 Email:
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  • OCJP Contacts Jeremiah Morton / Tom Pitt, Program Managers should be contacted for any questions you have concerning your grant. If you have any problems let one of them know as soon as possible. Tom Scollon, Auditor will be calling and e-mailing periodically for status updates to assure that programs are on-track with their submitted timeline and reporting. Reports should be e-mailed to:
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  • Contacts Jeremiah Morton (615) 532-2988 Tom Pitt (615) 741- 9954 Thomas Scollon (615) 253-1984 Email:


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