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By, John-Michael Laurel

Laurel poetry anthology

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Text of Laurel poetry anthology

  • By, John-Michael Laurel

  • A Poem

    A poem is nothing, but the true feel-

    ing of any situation

    All laid out in a way to be shared to

    all the other minds on earth

    Who are willing to do so.

  • Amusement

    Amusement is in the air

    Kids are complaining that stuff isnt fair

    Life at any amusement park is fun

    Except for the hot sun

    Life is just like an amusement park

    You can change rides, walk to attractions, eat

    different foods

    Ups and downs, swirls and twirls, everything

    Although you never have it your way

    Life is just.

  • Ridiculous

    ridiculous says Mr. Bos

    Looking through the dragon farting cave

    at a pause

    Green burgers, red hairs

    Mr. Bos just wanted to go up stairs

    Only to find the master burger being

    drowned in brown sugar

    Ridiculous says Mr. Bos

  • The last bell rung

    Kids flew out the door

    Kids big and small, smart and dumb

    All ready for whats in store

    Playing games

    Watching movies

    Hanging with friends

    Dreading to return to school again


  • The Old Man

    There was an old wino named Jack

    Who Spent most his life on his back

    He flew and tu tu too

    Just to take an old shoe

    So he made a loud clack

  • Ode To Nature Nature is beautiful when you have a heart-full Plants in all and leaves falling in fall Spring comes around and not very many people have a frown

    Winter is my favorite, and I always savor it throughout the year

    Summer heats in and for me is a bummer Nature and seasons come hand in hand each year For birds, fish, flies, and for a mammal known as as the deer

    Mother nature keeps the Earth in balance And the stature of co2 is not of any talents We pollute and destroy or earth And mother nature is not at all at mirth We all must play our part in nature So that we will not end up the in big doo doo danger