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Lathrop Intermediate School. Program Verification / Orientation Week School Year 2014 – 15 August 18 – August 23, 2014. Be Respectful. Be Responsible. Be Safe. Lathrop Intermediate ELA 8. Welcome to 8 th grade ELA ! This year, we want your child to: Become a respons i b l e student - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lathrop Intermediate

Lathrop Intermediate School

Program Verification / Orientation WeekSchool Year 2014 15August 18 August 23, 2014

Be RespectfulBe Responsible Be SafeLathrop IntermediateELA 8Welcome to 8th grade ELA !

This year, we want your child to:Become a responsible studentDevelop into a critical thinkerHave a positive attitude about schoolSet goals for the future

Be Responsible Be SafeBe RespectfulTurn to your "elbow partner," and discuss which one goa lyou want to focus on for your child.

2Lathrop IntermediateELA 8Here is the recipe:1. Make a commitment to learningKnow and Follow the SYLLABUS for high academic achievement:

Be Responsible Be SafeBe RespectfulInsert PDF of Polydoros syllabus-for 8th grade

3Lathrop IntermediateELA 82. Set High Behavior ExpectationsC-completes all tasksO-stays on taskD-follows directionsE-engages in lessonsS-avoids social talking

Be Responsible Be SafeBe Respectful

Lathrop Intermediate:ELA 8

Be Responsible Be SafeBe Respectful

What is Class DOJO ?Lathrop IntermediateELA 83. Student and Parent CommitmentParents: We want YOU to get involved!Ask you child what he/she is learning in school.Get actively involved by asking to see your childs agenda and homework.Check your students: grades on Aeries Parent Portalbehavior on Class Dojo

Be Responsible Be SafeBe RespectfulContact the teacher to help in class or do work at home.

6Lathrop IntermediateELA 8What is Schoology?Schoology is a social media application for educators and students to promote academic conversations.Your child will be asked to create an account and join groups for each class.Assignments will be posted on Schoology.Students can communicate with teachers to get assistance and/or clarification on assignments.

Be Responsible Be SafeBe RespectfulSchoology-screenshot7Lathrop IntermediateELA 8We have reviewed:Syllabus/High academic expectationsBehavior expectationsCommitment to learningParental involvement

Be Responsible Be SafeBe RespectfulReview what we have discussed today. Set a goal! (DEFINE GOAL)Tell your elbow partner one specific action you will take to help your child this year.8