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we will work for you in optimizing your web site for top rankings on Google, MSN, Yahoo, AOL and other major Search Engines.


<ul><li><p>Latest SEO Strategy </p><p> You should focus on quality link building and relevant back links. </p><p> Use only Do follow + High PR sites. (Do not use 0 PR + No follow sites) </p><p> Submission should be done in Indexed websites. You should also check that the website </p><p> in which you are submitting that sites must be indexed in Google. </p><p> There are some restrictions on Submissions techniques. That you should follow. Just </p><p>like </p><p> 1: Every Submission Must Have Unique Content. </p><p> 2: You must use Blog Syndication techniques. </p><p> 3: If it is possible then you can also use Link Trundle Techniques in blog post. </p><p> 4: You should use following Proportions: </p><p> 20% Main targeted keyword (Exact Keyword) </p><p> 35% Branded Anchor Texts </p><p> 25% Semantically Related Keywords (Variation Keyword ) </p><p> 20% Other generic keywords </p><p>5: Be careful to Submit Meta description in Directory and Social Bookmarking sites. Most </p><p> of the people just copy and paste Meta description in every submission. I suggest you </p><p> that you should keep Meta Description content Unique in Every Submission. </p><p> While Submission we should choose only related websites. It means If you are working </p><p>on shopping sites then you should choose the websites which are related to shopping </p><p>only. </p></li><li><p> SEO activities must not be restricted to bookmarking and directory submissions only. It </p><p>may not yield desired output. Google prioritizes the website which is getting links from </p><p>various sources like blog, guest blogging, profile creation, press release, etc </p><p> Here are the activities that you should follow. </p><p>Off-Page Activities </p><p>High PR Directory Submission with Partial / Exact match anchor Text </p><p>Blog Creation / Content Post </p><p>Info graphic Creation if it is required </p><p>Blog Syndication Technique </p><p>Link Trundle Technique </p><p>Guest Blogging </p><p>Content post back links Social Bookmarking </p><p>Directory Back links Social Bookmarking </p><p>High PR Site Bookmarking with Partial / Exact match anchor text </p><p>High Authority Link Bookmark </p><p>Niche Profile Creation with Partial / Exact match anchor Text </p><p>Niche Profile Creation with Brand Name / Company Name / Website URL </p><p>General Profile Creation on Brand Name / Company Name / Website URL </p><p>General Profile Creation with Partial / Exact match anchor Text </p><p>Profile Creation with Guest Blogging / Content post Back links </p><p>Social Profile Creation (Kind of business profiles) </p><p>Gov and .Edu link creation with natural keywords </p><p>Video Creation &amp; Posting - SMO </p><p>Video Links Bookmarking - SMO </p><p>Product Submission (For product based websites) </p><p>Press Release Submission </p><p>Competitors back links analysis and links creation </p></li></ul>