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we will work for you in optimizing your web site for top rankings on Google, MSN, Yahoo, AOL and other major Search Engines.


  • Latest SEO Strategy

    You should focus on quality link building and relevant back links.

    Use only Do follow + High PR sites. (Do not use 0 PR + No follow sites)

    Submission should be done in Indexed websites. You should also check that the website

    in which you are submitting that sites must be indexed in Google.

    There are some restrictions on Submissions techniques. That you should follow. Just


    1: Every Submission Must Have Unique Content.

    2: You must use Blog Syndication techniques.

    3: If it is possible then you can also use Link Trundle Techniques in blog post.

    4: You should use following Proportions:

    20% Main targeted keyword (Exact Keyword)

    35% Branded Anchor Texts

    25% Semantically Related Keywords (Variation Keyword )

    20% Other generic keywords

    5: Be careful to Submit Meta description in Directory and Social Bookmarking sites. Most

    of the people just copy and paste Meta description in every submission. I suggest you

    that you should keep Meta Description content Unique in Every Submission.

    While Submission we should choose only related websites. It means If you are working

    on shopping sites then you should choose the websites which are related to shopping


  • SEO activities must not be restricted to bookmarking and directory submissions only. It

    may not yield desired output. Google prioritizes the website which is getting links from

    various sources like blog, guest blogging, profile creation, press release, etc

    Here are the activities that you should follow.

    Off-Page Activities

    High PR Directory Submission with Partial / Exact match anchor Text

    Blog Creation / Content Post

    Info graphic Creation if it is required

    Blog Syndication Technique

    Link Trundle Technique

    Guest Blogging

    Content post back links Social Bookmarking

    Directory Back links Social Bookmarking

    High PR Site Bookmarking with Partial / Exact match anchor text

    High Authority Link Bookmark

    Niche Profile Creation with Partial / Exact match anchor Text

    Niche Profile Creation with Brand Name / Company Name / Website URL

    General Profile Creation on Brand Name / Company Name / Website URL

    General Profile Creation with Partial / Exact match anchor Text

    Profile Creation with Guest Blogging / Content post Back links

    Social Profile Creation (Kind of business profiles)

    Gov and .Edu link creation with natural keywords

    Video Creation & Posting - SMO

    Video Links Bookmarking - SMO

    Product Submission (For product based websites)

    Press Release Submission

    Competitors back links analysis and links creation