Large end suction pump range upgraded

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  • with a total head of approx. 20 m. The HS150 is suitable for flow rates up to 440 m3/hr with a total head of 30 m at 1500 rpm.

    Contact: Kestner Engineering co. Ltd, Station Road, Greenhithe Kent, DA9 9NG, UK. Tel: +44 1322 383281; Fax: +44 1322 386684.

    Large end suction pump range upgraded

    Weir Pumps Isoglide and Swallowglide ranges of end suction pumps have gained a reputation for reliable and effi- cient service in traditional dry- well pumping installations worldwide. Now Weirs experi- ence in the design and applica- tion of large end suction pumps for clean water and various solids handling applications, including sewage, has been

    applied to a major upgrading of the range.

    The result is a flexible range of high efficiency, modular- design large end suction pumps capable of a wide range of appli- cations from sewage handling through to clean water applica- tions such as water treatment backwash duties. The duty range extends to flowrates up to 6000 ml/hr and head up to 90 m. The development includes a sub- mersible sewage pump option which incorporates the design features of the dry well pump.

    Contact: Weir Group pk., 149 Newlands Road, Cathcart, Glasgow G44 4EX, Scotland. Tel: +44 141 637 7111; Fax: +44 141 637 2221.

    Full range product literature

    Sterling Fluid Systems (USA), Inc., formerly LaBour Pumps,

    has published a full line brochure that details their com- prehensive line of pumps for transfer, unloading, circulation and process applications.The lit- erature is part of a major invest- ment by the company to better inform its target industries about its comprehensive line of pump products.

    Included are a company pro- file, milestones, product infor- mation, illustrations, and perfor- mance data. The literature should prove of value to man- agement, engineering, opera- tions, maintenance and anyone else interested in the selection of ANSVASME, process, self- priming, vertical, cantilever, open and low-flow impellers and sealless magnetic drive pumps in chemical duty and other process applications.

    Under the LaBour and Taber brands, Sterling designs, engi- neers and manufactures pumps for difficult to handle pumping applications, including product and chemical transfer, tank car unloading, volatile liquid han- dling, water and waste treat- ment, lead toxins, abrasive and corrosive slurries and molten materials such as sulphur and lead. Designs encompassed by the literature include ANSI/ASME, process, self-prim- ing, vertical cantilever, open and low-flow impellers and sealless magnetic drive pumps.

    Contact: Sterling Fluid Systems (USA), Inc., PO Box 7026, Minneapolis, MN 55426 Indianapolis, IN 46207, USA.

    Split seal com- bines reliability and ease of use

    Dramatically reduced mainte- nance and downtime and assured environmental compli- ance have become more readily achievable, with John Crane Mechanical Seals new preci- sion-engineered split seal tech- nology.

    The Type 3710 Cartridge Split Seal is designed to maxi-



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