Lareb responds to concerns about paracetamol safety in pregnancy

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Reactions 1438 - 9 Feb 2013Lareb responds to concerns aboutparacetamol safety in pregnancyIn response to concerns sparked by a study, publishedin April 2012, the Teratology Information Service of theDutch Pharmacovigilance Centre, Lareb, is reiteratingthat paracetamol remains the medicine of choice for thetreatment of pain and fever during pregnancy.1The study, conducted by researchers from theErasmus University Medical Centre, showed anincreased risk of cryptorchidism in male babies whosemothers took mild analgesics (primarily paracetamol)during the period between 14 and 22 weeks ofgestation.2The Teratology Information Service concludes that if acausal relationship exists, the associated risk is verysmall.1 No increased risk was found during the periodprior to week 14 or after week 22 of pregnancy. Whileno medicines should be taken unnecessarily,paracetamol remains the first choice for the treatment ofpain or fever during pregnancy. NSAIDs, such asibuprofen, are not a suitable alternative, particularlyduring the second half of pregnancy.1. Lareb. Paracetamol kan zo nodig in de zwangerschap wel gebruikt worden.Internet Document : 20 Dec 2012. Available from: URL: Snijder CA, et al. Intrauterine exposure to mild analgesics during pregnancy andthe occurrence of cryptorchidism and hypospadia in the offspring: theGeneration R Study. Human Reproduction 27: 1191-1201, No. 4, 1 Apr 2012.8030828841Reactions 9 Feb 2013 No. 14380114-9954/10/1438-0001/$14.95 Adis 2010 Springer International Publishing AG. All rights reserved


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