Laos Tour Packages Suit Luxury Travelers

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Luxury Travel Vietnam, LTD. Experience a high end Laos tour PackagesTraveling in a luxury concept is not limited with the single word, it’s about to prove it, Luxury Travel Vietnam was found in 2004 by CEO Pham Ha with the main goal to offer ultra luxury tours and travel options within the Indochina peninsula, Plan your Laos tour packages and or combine it with the most enigmatic tourist attractions in Vietnam and Cambodia, check us more at:

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  • Laos Tour Packages suit Luxury Travelers

    The art of Luxury is something that is touched by hearts of most sophisticated travelers, Laos

    tour packages are comes in different length and style throughout the country. Almost all the

    travelers will visit Vientine and Luang Prabang as they are cities with international airports

    where you can receive your visa on arrival and start your journey toward your planned

    destinations. However, Luxury Travel to Laos is on demands of holiday makes as well where

    there are luxury spas, resorts and deluxe and five star hotels were upgraded and waiting to

    receive a like-minded traveler like you. The other luxury services which could makes your

    vacation more thrilled would be travel through the Mekong River on a Luxury Cruise, Laos, is

    one of the South-East Asias most exciting destinations which receive millions of tourist every

    year, the tourism and specially luxury services are booming and nowadays luxury holiday

    makers will find the better and easier services in regards to their demand.

    When one speak about Laos, it should be considering about the Land of the millions elephants,

    the most sophisticated Buddhist land where the most ancient religions traditions are still kept

    alive, the early morning alms giving to the Monks are still preserved in Luang Prabang, the

    UNESCO world heritage city that has a lot more than just a Buddhist ceremonies to offer.

    There is no beach and coastline in Laos unlike its neighboring countries Vietnam, Cambodia

    and or Thailand, this is a landlocked country where there are several unlimited activities to do,

    the local are very welcoming with warm smile which makes you feel a home from home, the

    northern mountains of Laos is home to the local Akha tribes where a large numbers of ethnic

    minorities living in their own way for life, the main job of those tribal people is farming and living

    in the rice fields together with their own tribes in different small hamlets, visiting the local ethnic

    minorities will require a bit of working and planning to get the best of what you are looking for to

    visit when in the northern areas of Laos.

  • Trekking that should be on your Laos tour packages

    Once in Muang Sing, you can start a small trek and experience the encounter with people.

    Immediately you will perceive their different approach to life: every gesture is friendly and

    welcoming and is always accompanied by a reassuring smile. It's like doing a leap into a past

    where everything was in harmony. The atmosphere is still impressive. We sleep in piles in the

    village that we reached with hard trekking; we eat their food and drink their lao beer, distilled

    rice. At dawn the trek resumes amid scenic landscapes in the abundant vegetation. We come

    back to Muang Sing and enjoyed a well-deserved shower, before we start to Oudomaxai and

    then to Phongsali. We descend along the Nam Ou River: navigation is relaxing and take

    advantage of a vantage point to observe the rural life that grows on its banks, which are also

    visible from the hills and verdant forests. We arrive in Pak Nam ou where we experience living

    the Mekong Delta: the mixture of water creates different shades of color are always new. We

    reach Luang Prabang, nestled in a nostalgic atmosphere for the presence of colonial buildings

    decadent, wat, dirt roads are crowded with many monks wrapped in the guise of a vibrant

    orange: time seems to stand still here. We complete the Laos travel and tour packages of the

    city by climbing on top of Mount Phousi and visiting the holy stupa. The sunset on the Mekong is

    an exciting show: the light has rich colors with warm of the waters of the river. At dawn we were

    fascinated by an endless procession of monks, with large empty bowls, they receive alms that

    the traditional search for food in return for prayers and blessing. Everyone, young and old, with

    humble dignity, barefoot and concentrated look pledged to carry out the ritual, repeating the

    same gestures timeless. The atmosphere is made magic once again by a simple action: the

    giving to another. Laos is a country where still clash past and future, tradition and technology.

  • Plan your Laos tour packages

    The climate is tropical-monsoon, with heat and humidity and heavy rainfall between the months

    of August and October, and with milder temperatures between November and February.

    However, the best and most recommended time to travel to Laos is during the February to May

    where the temperature is just perfect, there is less rain, if you are traveling the northern Laos be

    notified to take a few light jacket and sweater, the temperature in Luang Prabang, Vientiane and

    Pakse are just perfect, be noted to book your Laos tour packages well in a head of time in order

    to prevent the fully booking conditions through the peak seasons.

    Ecotourism in Laos is soaring and many tourists who choose to organize holidays in the lush

    nature with plenty of outdoor activities in one of the most pristine ecosystems in the Indochina

    peninsula. Laos will soon become a world famous destination also specialized in sustainable

    tourism through cooperation and the preservation of the inestimable cultural heritage.

    5 recommended things to add to your Laos Tour Packages

    1) The beautiful limestone formations of Phongsali and Hill Tribes in Northern Laos

    2) The procession of monks receiving offers in Luang Prabang

    3) Siphandone and 4,000 islands with its rare river dolphins known as Irrawaddy

    4) A thrilling kayaking down the Nam Song River

    5) A tour to Tham Kong, a 7km long cave only accessible by boat with spectacular limestone

    formations, underground waterfalls and small rocky beaches.

    UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Laos are the city of Luang Prabang which has been

    registered in the year 1995 and the Temple complex of Vat Phou that has been registered in

  • 2001. However, The Plain of Jars in Xieng Khouang Province and the sacred Pha That Luang in

    Vientiane are still considered to be listed as another two preserved sites in UNESCO.

    Laos for women travelers, the female find Laos a very safe destination to holiday to, you can

    freely tour the country but the advice is to dress modest, do not enter the religions sanctuaries

    with the bared foot and short jeans, top tanks are not accepted if you visiting the temples, do the

    same thing if you are traveling to the remote area.

    Disabled travelers; Laos doesnt have good options for the travelers with disabilities, most of the

    roads outside the cities are not paved well and this makes it difficult to travel through the

    country, however, if you still in love with this beautiful country the only advice will be to holiday

    with a reputable Laos tour packages which enables you the better facilities, luxury services

    and the cruising down the mighty Mekong River, from my point of view this is far better than

    temple tourism as the sightseeing and activities are well arranged, you travel on the water while

    enjoy the maximum benefit of a luxury traveling.

    Stay in Luxury Accommodation in Laos

    Luang Prabang and Vientiane have got a numbers of luxury villas, resorts and accommodation

    that are just a part of the luxury travel to Laos , the Mekong River cruise is another offer that is

    traveling through the mighty river from the different destinations not only in Laos but in Vietnam

    and the Cambodia, the Luxury Accommodation in Laos are still growing and the classed and

    style of them are a bit different from those in more developed cities like in Bangkok and Ho Chi

    Minh City.

    Luxury Travel Vietnam, LTD. Experience a high end Laos tour Packages

    Traveling in a luxury concept is not limited with the single word, its about to prove it, Luxury

    Travel Vietnam was found in 2004 by CEO Pham Ha with the main goal to offer ultra luxury

  • tours and travel options within the Indochina peninsula, Plan your Laos tour packages and or

    combine it with the most enigmatic tourist attractions in Vietnam and Cambodia, check us more