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  • Landscape Architecture, Department of 1

    Information listed in this catalog is current as of 05/2018

    LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE,DEPARTMENT OFWilliam C. Sullivan, Head of Department101 Temple Hoyne Buell Hall, 611 East Lorado Taft Drive, ChampaignPH: (217) 333-0176

    Email: (

    101 Temple Hoyne Buell Hall611 East Lorado Taft DriveChampaign, IL 61820(217) 333-0176Fax: (217) 244-4568

    The Department of Landscape Architecture offers a four-plus-yearundergraduate curriculum, leading to the professional degree of Bachelorof Landscape Architecture as well as a minor in Landscape Studies. Thedegree is accredited by the Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board(LAAB).

    The curriculum is a balanced program of technical, design, and generaleducation courses that prepare the student with the necessary skills forentry-level professional practice in private offices or public agencies.Program requirements include design studio courses and classes inconstruction, plants, history, and design communication. Followingthe third year, students complete a professional internship to furtheradvance their knowledge of built landscapes and the practice oflandscape architecture. The curriculum also includes a minimum of 12hours of credit in supporting electives that are taken in related art andscience courses. A total of 124 semester hours of credit is required forgraduation.

    Bachelor of Landscape ArchitectureA student must have and maintain a minimum 2.00 cumulative gradepoint average.

    University of Illinois transfer applicants must have completed 30 ormore semester hours of undergraduate course work with an earnedGPA of at least 2.0 (A = 4.0). Transferstudents from other institutionsmust haveearned a GPA of at least 2.5 (A= 4.0).Prerequisite creditsin composition and pre-calculus are required. Courses in physicalgeography and plant or environmental biology are highly recommended.

    The department's administrative office, upper-level studios, facultyoffices, and classrooms are located in Temple Hoyne Buell Hall. Thesophomore studio is located in Mumford Hall.

    Curriculum in Landscape ArchitectureFor the Degree of Bachelor of Landscape ArchitectureFirst YearFirst Semester Hours

    FAA101 Arts at Illinois 1LA101 Introduction to Landscape Arch 2GEOG103,GEOL 100,or GEOL1031

    Earth's Physical Systems 3-4

    RHET105 Writing and Research 4MATH115 Preparation for Calculus 3General Education Elective or Foreign Language 3

    Semester Hours 17Second Semester

    Social/Cultural Factors in Design Elective3 3IB103 or1051

    Introduction to Plant Biology 3

    General Education Electives2 9

    Semester Hours 15

    Second YearFirst Semester

    LA233 Foundation Design Studio 5LA250 Environmental Site Analysis 3LA280 Design Communications I 3UP101 Introduction to City Planning 3General Education Elective 3

    Semester Hours 17Second Semester

    LA234 Site Design Studio 5LA241 Landform Design Construction 3LA281 Design Communications II 3LA314 History of World Landscapes 4

    Semester Hours 15

    Third YearFirst Semester

    LA335 Community Open Space Studio 5LA342 Site Engineering 4HORT301 Woody Landscape Plants I 4LA346 Professional Practice 2

    Semester Hours 15Second Semester

    LA336 Design Workshop Studio I 5LA343 Landscape Construction 4General Education Elective 3Supporting Elective4 3

    Semester Hours 15Summer Semester

    LA345 Professional Internship 5

    Semester Hours 5Fourth YearFirst Semester

    LA437 Regional Design Studio 5LA452 Natural Precedent in Planting 3Supporting elective4 3Quantitative Reasoning II 3

    Semester Hours 14Second Semester

    LA438 Design Workshop Studio II 5Supporting electives4 6

  • 2 Landscape Architecture, Department of

    Information listed in this catalog is current as of 05/2018

    Elective 2

    Semester Hours 13

    Total Hours: 126

    1 IB103orIB105and GEOG103/GEOL100, GEOL103 fulfill the naturalsciences and technology general education requirements for thiscurriculum.

    2 General Education: See current University of Illinois General Educationrequirements ( Foreign Language Requirement 0 - 12 hours: Studentsentering the University of Illinois as freshmen in fall 2000 or later needto complete the foreign language requirement in order to graduate. Tosatisfy this requirement, students must complete a third semester levelcollege foreign language course. This requirement may also be satisfiedby three years of the same foreign language in high school. Studentsentering the University of Illinois without three years of the same foreignlanguage in high school must take a foreign language placement test todetermine the courses in which to enroll.

    3 LA221Social/Cultural factors elective course options are LA212,LA218,LA220,LA221,LA222, LA242, LA270, and LA470.

    4 A minimum of 12 credit hours of professionally related courses selectedfrom the department's recommended list of supporting electives isrequired, with a minimum of three credit hours in each of the categoriesof history, communications, techniques, and environment.

    Landscape Studies MinorThe Minor in Landscape Studies enables students to gain considerableknowledge of the ecological, social, cultural and historical factorsthat have shaped landscapes of the western and non-western world.Students interested in integrative studies of the natural, cultural and builtenvironment, and those concerned with landscape as context for art anddesign, will develop a comprehensive theoretical framework for work intheir major field of study.

    Course RequirementsA minimum of 17 credit hours from the following three categories isrequired for completion of the minor. A minimum of 6 hours at the 300-level is required.

    Code Title HoursStudies of the Professions Engaged in Landscape InquiryLA101 Introduction to Landscape Arch 2Studies of the Professions Engaged in Landscape InquirySelect a minimum of 6 hours from the following: 6

    LA212 Water and SocietyLA250 Environmental Site AnalysisLA270 Behavioral Factors in DesignLA370 Environmental Sustainability

    Study of Historical and Cultural LandscapesSelect a minimum of 9 hours from the following: 9

    LA218 S Asian Cultural LandscapesLA220 Exploring African CitiesLA221 History of the PrisonLA222 Islamic Gardens & ArchitectureLA242 Nature and American CultureLA314 History of World LandscapesLA315 History of Modern Lndscpe Arch

    LA390 Independent StudyLA427 Amer Vernacular Cultural LandLA470 Social/Cultural Design Issues

    Students are permitted to substitute one Landscape Architecture coursefrom category 3 for one of the courses in category 2 upon the approval ofthe Undergraduate Studies Coordinator in the Department of LandscapeArchitecture.

    AdmissionUniversity of Illinois students with a minimum GPA of 2.0 and completionof the campus Composition I and Quantitative Reasoning I requirementsare eligible for admission. Applicants from other institutions must havea minimum GPA of 2.5. Students must declare their intentions and beadmitted to the program by the Academic Affairs Coordinator in theDepartment of Landscape Architecture.

    PrerequisitesStudents must comply with any prerequisite requirements of courses tobe taken under this program.

    AdvisingAdvising of students in the minor will be conducted by the AcademicAffairs Coordinator in the Department of Landscape Architecture.

    Certification of Successful CompletionCompletion of the Minor in Landscape Studies will be certified by thestudent's home college office.

    LA Class Schedule (

    CoursesLA101 Introduction to Landscape Arch credit: 2 Hours. ( to primary concepts and methods of landscape inquiry asa means to understand experiential qualities of landscape and to guidelandscape design and planning projects.

    LA199 Undergraduate Open Seminar credit: 1 to 5 Hours. ( fees may apply. See Class Schedule. May be repeated.

    LA212 Water and Society credit: 3 Hours. ( comparative investigation of built landscapes and hydraulic resourcesthrough history. Examines problems of water scarcity, abundanceand changes in ecology, human social organization, economy, law,and cultural values related to natural water conditions and humanmanagement. Comparative case studies include the ancient Near Eastand modern Middle East, ancient and modern Egypt, the Roman empire,Peru, the Netherlands, South Asia, Illinois River basin, and the AmericanWest.This course satisfies the General Education Criteria for:Humanities - Hist PhilCultural Studies - Western

  • Landscape Architecture, Department of 3

    Information listed in this catalog is current as of 05/2018

    LA218 S Asian Cultural Landscapes credit: 3 Hours. ( of Hindu, Buddist, and Islamic landscapes of South Asia.Examines urban structures, building typologies, and open space typesthrough history as influenced by concepts of the natural, sacred, political,and social. Same as ASST218.This course satisfies the General Education Criteria for:Humanities - Lit ArtsCultural Studies - Non-West

    LA220 Exploring African Cities credit: 3 Hours. ( the buildings, landscapes, and societies of pre-colonial, sub-Saharan African cities from the third century BCE until the nineteenthcentury CE. Same as ANTH223.This course satisfies the General Education Criteria for:Humanities - Hist PhilCultural Studies - Non-West