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    For More Information, Contact:Pongsak Vadhanasindhu, Ph.D.HeadDepartment of Landscape ArchitectureChulalongkorn UniversityPhyathai Road, PatumwanBangkok Thailand 10330Tel (66-2) 218-4405Fax (66-2) 218-4407


    Program IdentificationFaculty of ArchitectureChulalongkorn UniversityCurrent program enrollment ~190(Graduate level : opened in year 2000)

    Full departmental address :Department of Landscape ArchitectureFaculty of ArchitectureChulalongkorn UniversityPayathai Road,Bangkok 10330

    Contact for further informationName: Pongsak Vadhanasindhu, PhDTitle : Head DepartmentPhone : 662 - 218-4405Fax : 662 - 218-4407E-mail :

    Degree informationTitle of degree granted: Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (B.L.A.) Year initiated : 1978: Master of Landscape Architecture (M.L.A.) Year initiated : 1999 Average number of yearly graduates ( past threeyears ) 25CELA affiliated - no

    AdmissionAdmission requirementsUndergraduate: High - school graduates who pass the entranceexamination organised by Ministry of UniversityAffairsApplication deadline : FebruaryApplication fee : VaryGraduate: Bachelor of Architecture orBachelor of landscape ArchitectureCandidates for a Master's Degree have to pass awritten and oral exam organised by the GraduateSchool and the Department.

    CurriculumThe over all philosophy and major emphasis ofour program:The program philosophy is to aim at strong and

    broad fundamental design processes in the first fouryears and let students pursue their own interest in depthin their final year through the landscape thesis. Theprogram is also emphasizing on tropical and local prob-lems.Apart from course work in the classroom, candidatesmay have to undertake special field trip for their projectsand training in government ministries and department,state enterprises or private companies before startingtheir thesis.Areas of specialization available.: Landscape design , site planning , landscape tech-nology.

    Graduation requirementsUndergraduate: Completion of at least 177 credits.Typical length of program (years) : 5 years , full timeGraduate: Core Courses 15 credits, Electives 9 credits,Thesis12 credits

    Special facilities: Computer lab , simulation lab , media resource cen-tre , internet system

    Financial InformationAnnual tuition and feesUndergraduate: 18,000 baht ( us $ 500 )Graduate: 30,000 baht ( us $ 850)

    Financial aid availableA number of aid programs and scholarships are avail-able for the students who need financial support.

    Department of Landscape Architecture

  • Landscape Architecture 2

    DECHA BOONKHAM Asso. Prof/Dean, B.ARCH ( Chula) , MLA (Harvard ) .Landscape Planning , Landscape Technology,Environmental PreservationE-mail :

    CHAMREE ARAYANIMITSKUL Asst. Prof. , B. ARCH ( Chula ) ,MLA ( U. of Michigan ) .Plant and Design , Site Planning , Urban Landscape

    PORNPUN FUTRAKUL Asst. Prof , B.ARCH ( Chula ) , MLA (Harvard ) , MA ( Cornell ) ,Ph.D. ( Cornell ) .History in Landscape, Art in Landscape, Historic and Culture Preservation

    NILUBOL KLONGVESSA Asst. Prof. , B. ARCH ( Chula ) , MLA (Iowa State U. ).Park and Recreation Planning and Design ,Human Behaviour in Outdoor Space , Commu-nity LifeE-mail :

    KEE KHANITTANAN , B. ARCH ( Chula ) , M. ARCH ( U. of Illinois ).Site Planning , Landscape Technology , Architecture and Landscape

    KANOK VIENRAVEE , BS ( Hort ), MS ( Hort ) ( U. of Missouri ) .Plant Material , Plant and Design , Horticulture

    PONGSAK VADHANASINDHU , B.ARCH ( Chula ) , MLA ( U.of Michigan) , Ph.D. ( U. ofBritish Columbia ).Site Planning ,Landscape Architecture Design and Technology , Community Participation,Resource Planning and Imapact AssessmentE-mail :

    ANGSANA BOONYOBHAS, BS ( Hort ), MS ( Ageco ), MLA ( Texas A&M), D. Env. Design( Texas A&M ). Visual Resource Assessment and Management , Geographic InformationSystems, Resource PlanningE-mail :

    DANAI THAITAKOO , BLA ( Chula ) , MLA ( Harvard ), Ph.D (UC Berkeley) .Landscape Ecology, Geographic Information Science,Spatial Analysis and Modeling /Pattern Recognition, Landscape Modeling and Characterization, Environmental Modelingand Assessment, Landscape and Environmental Planning, Historical Landscape andLandscape Evolution.E-mail :

    ARIYA ARUNINTA , BLA ( Chula ) , MLA ( U. of Colorado ). , Dip. in Env. Planning &Management (IHS, Rotterdam).Urban Landscape , Microcomputer aided Landscape Planning and DesignE-mail :

    TAWATCHAI KOBKAIKIT , BLA ( Chula ) , MLA ( U. of Illinois ).Human Behaviour in Outdoor Space , Art Application toandscapeE-mail :

    CHAMAWONG SURIYACHAN , BLA ( Chula ), MLA ( U. of Pennsylvania).Landscape Planning and Design ,Microcomputer aided Landscape Planning and Design

    PAVINEE INCHOMPOO, BLA ( Chula )., MLAUD (Harvard)Landscape design and Planning, Landscape drawing and painting, Urban Design andplanning, Urban Ecology

    NAVANATH OSIRI, BLA ( Chula )., MLA (Harvard)Art in Landscape, Vernacular Landscape, Landscape Drawing TechniqueE-mail :


  • 3 Landscape Architecture

    2504231 LA CONSTRUCT I 3(1-4-4) Land-scape Architectural Construction I CONDI-TION : PRER 2501235 Basic landscape ar-chitectural construction and working drawing, working drawing, working drawings forL build-ing project ; i.e. two-story residenttial buildingor three story public building using reinforcedconcrete frames, water , sanitary, and electri-cal systems, construction details of paths,plaza, and light structures used in landscapedesign.

    2504243 HIST LA I 3(3-0-6) History of Land-scape Architecture I A historical analysis ofthe evolution of landscape architecture, withemphasis on development in the west fromancient to the twentith century.

    2504251 LA PRESENT TECH 2(0-4-2) Land-scape Architectural Presentation TechniqueMethods and techniques in landscape archi-tectural graphics and presentation; methodsofsketching, perspective drawing and modelmaking in landscape architecture.

    2504270 PLANT MATERIALS I 3(2-3-4)Plant Materials I Basic botanical science con-cerning classification nomenclature and iden-tification of plants in landscape, with em-phasis on trees and shrubs.

    2504271 PLANT MATERIALS II 3(2-3-4)Plant Materials II CONDITION : PRER2504270 Study of classification and identifi-cation of plants in landscape, with emphasison climbers and ground covers.

    2504290 LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURALDESIGN I4(0-8-4) CONDITION : PRER2501216 Studio work in the application of ba-sic design theory and plant selection in thesmall scale design process: home garden,approach area, small public plaza, as appro-priate to their function and aesthetic value.

    2504291 LA SKETCH DSGN I 1(0-3-0)Landscape Architectural Sketch Design ICONDITION : PRER 2501217 Studio work inthe application of art theory in small scalelandscape architectural sketch design : homegarden, entrance garden; the design of land-scape architectural elements: gateway, namesign, paaving pattern; expressingthepreliminary design idea into a graphic pre-sentation within limited time.

    2504301 LA COST ESTIMATE 2(2-0-4)Landscape Architectural Cost Estimate AStudy of cost estimating in landscape archi-tectural woek, breaking down to price itemsand quantity of materials, labor and miscella-


    FFEREDneous expenses in construction; effects ofconstruction methods on cost.

    2504314 PLANTS/DESIGN 2(2-0-4) Plantsand Design Study of plant materials to developand acquire skill in aesthetics and spatial de-sign by utilization of plants; an exploration ofnatural and social impacts upon energy con-scious design consideration; case studymaterials to acquaint students with methodol-ogy and perceptibility.

    2504315 LA DSGN THEORY 2(2-0-4) Land-scape Architectural Design Theory Study oflandscape design compsenents; humanphysical and mental responses to the envi-ronment; the expression and quality of land-scape elements in conjunction with the adap-tive use of art elements and design guide-lines; the menthodologies and analytical pro-cesses in landscape planning.

    2504321 SITE PLANNING 2(2-0-4) SitePlanning Principles of site planning; problemsand techniques in planning residential, com-mercial, and industrial areas,institutions,universities, universities, and trans-portation facilities.

    2504331 LA CONSTRUCT II 3(1-4-4) Land-scape Architcetural Construction II CONDI-TION : PRER 2504231 Construction designand working drawing of site planing : gradingwodk,surface drawing and subsurfacedrianage systems.

    25043332 LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURECONSTRUCTION III 3(1-4-4) CONDITION :PRER 2504331 Site improvement and devel-opment planning; constraction design sportfields, road alignment and utility sysstems :water supply and sewage.

    2504343 HIST LA II 2(2-0-4) History of Land-scape Architecture II A historical analysis ofthe evolution of landscape architecture, withemphasis on development in the east fromancient times to the twentieth century.

  • Landscape Architecture 4

    2504370 LANDSCAPE HORT 3(2-3-4)Landscape Horticulture CONDITION : PRER2504270 Basic botanical science concerninggeneral plant from maintenance of plant life,relationship with environvent, techniques ofplanting and maintenance, transplanting andplant propagation for landscape horticulture.

    2504371 INTRO LA 2(2-0-4) Introduction toLandscape Architecture Brief history of land-scape architecture; man-nade and naturallandscape chdracterisstecs; basic design cri-teria; out-door spatial design; plant materialsand structures in landscape architecture.

    2504372 ORNAMENT PLANT MAT 2(2-0-4) Ornamental Plant Materials Study ofbeauty, character of growth, and nature of or-namental plants, emphasizing flowering plantsand folliage plants for landscape design pur-poses; planting technigres for certain groupsof plants,including ferns,orchids, orcheds, andwater plants.

    2504390 LA DSGN II 4(0-8-4) Landscape Ar-chitectural Design II CONDITION : PRER2504290 Studio work in site planning, build-ing orientation and the landscape architecturaldesign process for residential projects on flstland and rolling topography.

    2504391 LA SKETCH DSGN II 1(0-3-0)Landscape Architectural Sketch Design IICONDITION : PRER 2504291 Studio work inthe sketch design of small scale site planning,circulation design and landscape architecturaldesign for special needs, expressing the pre-liminary design idea into a graphic presenta-tion within limited time.

    2504392 LA DSGN III 4(0-8-4) LandscapeArchitectural Design III CONDITION : PRER2504390 Studio work in large scale site plan-ning for public use : sprot complexes zoos,and preservation of historic monuments andhistoric sites.

    2504393 LA SKETCH DSGN III 1(0-3-0)Landscape Architeclural Sketch Design IIICONDITION : 2504391 Studio work in thesketch design of simple structures and largescale site planning for public use, expressingthe preliminary design idea into a graphicpresentation within limited time.

    2504410 LA FIELD TRIP 1(0-3-0) Land-scape Architectural Field Trip Exploration ofthe changed environment in different parts ofthe country; lifestyle corresponding to physi-cal environment; observation on land andlandscape development projects.

    2504431 LA CONSTRUCT IV 3(1-4-4) Land-scape Architectural Construction IV Construc-tion design for swimming pools, decoratingpools, fountains, fountains, waterfalls, and roofgardens landscape; desegn of irrigation, elec-tricity and outdoor lighting construction; con-struction design of site planning covering therelated systems.

    2504461 MAN/ECOLOGY 3(3-0-6) Man andEcology Study of ecology, balance of nature,use of natural resources, and effects of hu-man development on nature and ecology.

    2504462 FOREST/FORESTRY 2(2-0-4) For-est and Forestry Forest ecology, forest typesand benefits; forest fire as a function of anecosystem and forest fire protection; conser-vation of forests, national parks and forest re-serves; rorest plantation and reforestation;wildlife management and planning of forestrecreation areas.

    2504473 APPLN ARTS LA 2(2-0-4) Appli-cation of Arts to Landscape Architecture Astudy of artistic concepts in painting and sculp-ture and their applications to landscape ar-chitectural and environmental design.

    2504474 PL/PLTG TECH ARCH 2(2-0-4)Plants and planing Techniques for ArchitectsStudy of plant materials used in architectureand landscape architecture; planting tech-niques for and uses of indoor/outdoor plantsand roof gardens; soil types and soil amend-ments; fertilizers and fertilization; environmen-tal influences on plant growth; environmentalmnipulating techniques; pruning and caringmethods.

    2504475 COMP LANDSCAP PROJ 2(1-2-3) Computer For Landscape Projects Com-puter usage for landscape design project in-cluding site analysis terrain modeling, plantmaterial 3 dimensional visualization, land-scape construction, and cost estimation. Clickhere to link to... 2504475 COMP LAND-SCAPE PROJ

  • 5 Landscape Architecture

    2504490 LA DSGN IV 4(0-8-4) LandscapeArchitectural Design IV CONDITION : PRER2504392 Studio work tn the design processof large scale site planning with concern forsocial, economic and other community fac-tors: streetscape, public park, urban plaza withintensive use.

    2504491 LA SKETCH DSGN IV 1(0-3-0)Landscape Architectural Sketch Design IVCONDITION : PRER 2504393 Studio work inthe sketch design of open space for recre-ation and development of urban landscape,expressing the preliminary design idea into agraphic preliminary design idea into a graphicpresentation within limited time.

    2504492 LA DSGN V 4(0-8-0) LandscapeArchitectural Design V CONDITION : 2504490Studio work in the design process of masterplan and large scale site planning : resorts,institutes and campuses, with emphasis onteamwork organization process.

    2504493 LA DSGN STUDIO VI 1(0-3-0)Landscape Architectural Sketch Design VCONDITION : 2504491 Studio work in thesketch design for the preservation of the natu-ral environmenmt, historic monument andhistoric sites, expressing the preliminary de-sign idea into a graphic presentation withinlimited time.

    2504512 LA PROF PRACTICE 2(2-0-4)Landscape Architectural ProfessionalPreactice A study of professional morale andoffice management; proposals,reports, billsof quantity, and contract writing; working draw-ing symbols and preparation; project cost es-timation and feasibility study.

    2504513 PARK REC PLAN/DSGN 3(2-2-5)Park, Recreation Planning and Design Studyof the recreational pattern of Thai people; meth-ods and techniques in surveying recreationdemand through guestionnaires, interviews,observation, and other techniques; importantclues in designing places and facilities for rec-reation.

    2504515 LA RESEARCH 1(1-0-2) Land-scape Architectural Research Researchmethodology : criteria in program selection,working process of data inventory analysis andsynthesis to write landscape architectural de-sign programs.

    2504516 PRAC LA TRAINING 2(0-0-6) Prac-tical Landscape Architectural Traning Practi-cal training in landscape architectural officein terms of drafting design, construction draw-ing and /or site supervision study ofproffessional practice in either public or pri-vate sector minimum time requirement is 200hours without service fee with report of thetrainning in details.

    2504580 LA SEMINAR 2(2-0-4) LandscapeArchitectural Seminar Seminar of generalproblems related to landscape architectur.

    2504581 THESIS 12(0-24-12) Thesis Finallandscape architectural design project; includ-ing feasibility study, socioeconomic impact,planning, design, and landscape engineer-ing with specific details.

    2504590 LA DSGN VI 4(0-8-4) LandscapeArchitectural Design VI CONDITION : PRER2504492 Studio work in the design processof master plan and large scale site planningwith concern for social and economic factors,regulations and city planning : design and de-velopment of housing projects and industrialestates.

    2504591 LA SKETCH DSGN VI 1(0-3-0)Landscape Architectural Sketch Design VICONDITION : PRER 2504493 Studio work inthe sketch design for special areas: interiorlandscape roof garden, gighway and streetlandscape; expressing the preliminary designidea into a graphic presentation within limitedtime.

    2504101 LA APPRECIATION 3(3-0-6) Intro-duction to Landscape Architecture: historicalbackground, basic components, concepts inlandscape designing and planning at differ-ent scales, and analysis of LandscapeArchitecture's value enhancing the physicalenvironment and quality of life.

    2504376 INTRO GIS LA 2(2-0-4) Introduc-tion to Geographic Information System inLandscape Architecture - Structure of Geo-graphic Information System including hard-

  • Landscape Architecture 6

    Master of Landscape ArchitectureProgram

    Master of Landscape ArchitectureM.L.A.

    Core Courses 15 Credits

    2504601 Intermediate Landscape Architec-tural Design Studio 32504602 Advanced Landscape ArchitecturalDesign Studio 32504611 Principles of Landscape Architec-tural Planning, Design and Construction I 32504612 Principles of Landscape Architec-tural Planning, Design and Construction II 32504613 Research Methods in LandscapeArchitecture 3

    Electives 9 Credits

    2501621 Man-Environment Systems 32501639 Environmental Impact Studies 32501643 Environmental Psychology 32501651 Thai Architectural and Cultural Heri-tage 32503671 Urbanization and Social Change

    32504631 Natural Systems and LandscapeArchitecture 32504632 Regional Landscape ArchitecturalPlanning 32504633 Landscape Architectural PlanningFor Recreation 32504634 Landscape Architectural Manage-ment 32504635 Landscape Architectural Conserva-tion 32504636 Computer Applications in Land-scape Architectural Planning and Design 32504637 Visual Quality Analysis and Assess-ment 32504650 Individual Study 32504670 Urban Landscape 3

    Thesis 12 Credits2504811 Thesis 12

    1st year 1st Semester

    2504601 Intermediate Landscape Architec-tural Design Studio 32504611 Principles of Landscape Architec-tural Planning, Design and Construction 32504613 Research Methods in LandscapeArchitecture 3

    Total 9

    1st year 2nd Semester

    2504602 Advanced Landscape ArchitecturalDesign Studio 32504612 Principles of Landscape Architec-tural Planning, Design and Construction II3

    Elective 3

    Total 9

    2nd year 1st Semester

    2504811 Thesis 3Elective 6

    Total 9

    2nd year 2nd Semester

    2504811 Thesis 9

    Total 9

    Course Descriptions

    2501621 Man-Environment Systems3(3-0-9)

    MAN ENVIRON SYSTEMStudy of problems and significant changes inmodern society together with new conceptsin coping with these problems. Investigationof environmental design and planning failuresdue to lack of concern in human elements inthe environmental context. The course fo-cuses on the analysis of human system, en-vironmental system and the man-environ-ment interaction system. The influences ofphysical environment on human behavior andvice versa will be discussed.2501639 Environmental Impact Studies3(3-0-9)

    ENV IMPACT STUDIESAnalytical methods of environmental impactassessment from the large constructionproject. Comparing the cost benefits of theproject not only in term of economic but alsoin term of other environmental aspects. Tech-niques of report preparation of the environ-mental impact studies.

    2501643 Environmental Psychology3(3-0-9)

    ENVIRON PSYCHOLOGYThe course is concerned with the psychologi-cal processes involved in the interaction be-tween man and his physical setting: percep-tion; cognition and spatial behavior. A studyof the psychological factors involved in envi-ronmental design of varying scales from aroom to a community or city will be discussed. G







  • 7 Landscape Architecture

    2501651 Thai Architectural and CulturalHeritage 3(3-0-9)

    THAI ARCH CUL HERIStudy on the evolution of Thai identity throughthe morphology of Thai architecture, arts, andother cultural heritage. The social change incontemporary Thai society and its impacts toarts and architecture.

    2504601* Intermediate Landscape Archi-tectural Design Studio 3(0-9-3)

    INTER LA DSGN STUDLandscape architectural design for projectsconcerning complicated human and socialbehavior, or projects concerning concept andperception, data processing, and decision-making process for appropriate design.

    2504602* Advanced Landscape Architec-tural Design Studio 3(0-9-3)

    ADV LA DSGN STUDPrerequisite: 2504601 INTER LA

    DSGN STUD or approval of departmentLandscape architectural design for very com-plicated projects; study and analysis of envi-ronmental impact on design work and vice-versa, as well as other conditions that land-scape architects should consider.

    2504611* Principles of Landscape Archi-tectural Planning, Design and Construc-tion I 3(3-0-9)

    PR LA DSGN/CONS IPrinciples of landscape architectural planning,design and construction in contemporaryprojects within various environments; study,analyze and research on background con-cepts of design works, their effects on envi-ronment and human beings, and appropri-ate techniques for construction.

    2504612* Principles of Landscape Archi-tectural Planning, Design and Construc-tion II 3(3-0-9)

    PR LA DSGN/CONS IIPrerequisite : 2504611 PR LA DSGN/CONS Ior approval of departmentPrinciples of advanced landscape architec-tural planning, design and construction withincomplex environment; special processes ortechniques in construction, management andmaintenance for a desired result.

    2504613* Research Methods in Land-scape Architecture 3(2-3-7)

    RES METHODS LAGeneral principles and research methods forlogical consideration process; appropriateresearch methods for landscape architecturein different approaches both qualitative and

    quantitative which support the formulation ofdesign and planning concept; evaluation ofdesign; post occupancy evaluation; socialand behavioral researches, as well as phe-nomenal researches concerning landscapearchitecture.

    2504621* Plants and Advanced Design3(3-0-9)

    PL ADV DSGNStudy of plants to develop skills in landscapearchitecture design; principles of planting de-sign for functional purposes and creating openspace and atmosphere; considerations forplant selection; processes and methods inproducing planting plans.

    2504622* Ecology for Landscape Archi-tecture 3(3-0-9)

    ECOL LAEcology, balance of nature, use of natural re-sources, and effects of human developmenton nature and ecology; ecological consider-ations for large scale landscape planning.

    2504623* Plants in Landscape Architec-ture 3(2-3-7)

    PL LABasic botanical science concerning classifi-cation, nomenclature, and identification ofplants for landscape architecture; planting andmaintenance techniques.

    2504624* Landscape Architectural Con-struction Technology 3(1-6-5)

    LA CONS TECHConstruction technology for swimming pools,fountains, roof gardens; landscape architec-tural design system for irrigation; electricalsystem, outdoor lighting, and other landscapeconstruction related systems.

  • Landscape Architecture 8

    2504631* Natural Systems and Land-scape Architecture 3(3-0-9)

    NAT SYS LANatural system and natural process affectinglandscape architecture; impacts from land-scape architectural development on ecologi-cal system, and assessment of environmen-tal impacts.

    2504632* Regional Landscape Architec-tural Planning 3(3-0-9)

    REG LA PLANPrinciples and elements of landscape archi-tectural planning; values of natural resources;management of natural resources for regionallandscape architectural planning; applicationof Geographic Information System (GIS) indata recording, management, analysis, andprocessing; presentation of regional land-scape architectural planning.

    2504633* Landscape Architectural Plan-ning for Recreation 3(2-3-7)

    LA PLAN RECLandscape architectural planning for recre-ation constraints on land use; both projectdetails and land use management, with em-phasis on both urban and natural setting; manand psychology for relaxation; different back-grounds affecting recreation activities; inter-pretation techniques and resources enhance-ment in terms of recreation; considerationsfor natural area management to avoid ad-verse effects from recreation activities.

    2504634* Landscape Architectural Man-agement 3(2-3-7)

    LA MGTProject implementation process, coordinationwith professionals in related fields, record ofworking data, control of operation timeframeand budget, and management of landscapearchitectural maintenance.

    2504635* Landscape Architectural Con-servation 3(2-3-7)

    LA CONSERVLandscape architectural environment accord-ing to timeframe changes, with contents re-lated to natural and cultural processes; land-scape architectural principles in conservationprojects within various environments; tech-niques and methods in landscape architec-tural conservation and rehabilitation, laws andorganizations concerning art and culture con-servation; analysis of case studies.

    2504636* Computer Application in Land-scape Architectural Planning and Design3(2-3-7)


    Computer application in landscape architec-tural work; application of software concerningtopography and hydrology studies; site prepa-ration, soil quantity calculation, system de-sign, layout planning, 3-dimensions simula-tion, data management, and project planning,including data sources for monitoringprogress of software used in landscape ar-chitecture.

    2504637* Visual Quality Analysis and As-sessment 3(3-0-9)

    VIS QUAL ANA/ASMAnalysis and assessment of visual quality ofthe art of representing scenery both in natu-ral and man-made conditions; basic theorieson environmental perception, and cognitionpreference methods in data collection; de-scription and evaluation of visual quality; pre-diction of visual quality from existing data;assessment of environmental impacts afterlandscape change from developmentprojects; comparison of existing differentmethods and their suitability to different cir-cumstances.

    2504650* Individual Study 3(0-0-12)IND STUDY

    Individual study on landscape architecturalproblems according to students interest.

    2504670 Urban Landscape 3(3-0-9)URBAN LANDSCAPE

    Components and visual relationships of ur-ban environment; theories of visual percep-tion and aesthetic in urban environment; prin-ciples of urban landscape planning and de-sign processes; urban landscape problemsand problems solving process with regard tophysical, economic, social and technologicalaspects.

    *New course

  • 9 Landscape Architecture




    Candidates for any Bachelor's Degree Program have to pass the national entraceexamination organized by the Ministry of University Affairs.

    Candidates for a Master's Degree have to pass a written and oral exam organisedby the Graduate School and the Department.

    Apart from course work in the classroom, candidates may have to undertakespecial field trip for their projects and training in government ministries and de-partment, state enterprises or private companies before starting their thesis.


    On the 8th floor of 10-Storey Architecture Building is located the LandscapeArchitecture design studio - workshop with the pleasure environment among the3rd-5th year landscape architecture students. In addition, there is a reservedresources corner in the faculty library consists of journals, thesis, maps, architec-tural plans, aerial photographs, cassettes and video recordings of seminars andspcial lectures. Computer center studio equipped with pesonal computers andworkstations for sketch design, graphic design, architectural and landscape ar-chitectural design, automated mapping and geographical information systems.


    The library system consists of three major libraries:1) The Main Library : The main library is part of the Academic Service Institute.The library provides large selections of textbooks, journals, CD-ROM Database,microfilms, and microfiches of various disciplines. Students can search informa-tion using Chulalinet system, which connects all databases of libraries inChulalongkorn University. Besides the main library, the Academic Service Insti-tute also provides varieties of services to support teaching and research such asslide production, video and audio recording and data searching from CD-ROM.2) The Faculty of Architecture Library : The library is located at the Faculty ofArchitecture. It consists of more than 12,000 textbooks, 5,800 books in Thai, 60journals, 570 graduate level theses and 3200 undergraduate theses of which arerelated to Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Industrial Design, Interior Archi-tecture, and Planning, database for construction industry in Thailand, and variet-ies of building codes and international standards. The library also provides ac-cess to Internet and Chulalinet for students to search for information worldwide.3) The Department of Landscape Architecture Library : The Library is locatedat the Department of Landscape Architecture. It consists of a large number oftextbooks in Landscape Architecture and other related fields, term projects, de-partment research reports. The library also provides Internet access for re-search students.



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