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Text of Lake Sands Distr 2007 Cub Scout Express... · Achievements Tiger Cub Achievements: Ach. #1G – If

  • Lake Sands District

    Cub Scout Roundtable August 2007

    Cub Scout Express


    History of Railroads and Maps:


    Railroad Timeline:

    Railway History:

    Baloos Bugle:

    Program Helps:


    Candy Train Craft:

    Large Train:

    Cardboard Train:

    Train Costume:

    Pow Wow 2006:


    Opening Ceremony:

    Closing Ceremony:

  • Achievements

    Tiger Cub Achievements:

    Ach. #1G If you go and see a railroad museum or station.

    Tiger Cub Electives:

    Elect. #17 If you make a model of a train engine or car Elect. #21 If your den puts on a skit or puppet show about railroads Elect. #41 If you visit a train station Elect. #48 If you go for a ride on public transportation

    Wolf Achievements:

    Ach. #5d If you practice laying rail Ach. #9d, e If you learn about and practice safety around railroad tracks Ach. #10c If you plan a walk along an old railway path

    Wolf Electives:

    Elect. #2 If your den puts on a skit about railroads Elect. #5g,h,I If you make a model of a train or train car Elec. #6b If you read a book about trains Elec. #11c- If you learn a train song Elect. #12d If you make scenery for a skit or for the Pack Meeting Elec. #18d If you help lay out an obstacle race about the Transcontinental Railroad (see Pack & Den Ideas)

    Bear Achievements:

    Ach. #3 b,d If you choose people or places that have to do with railroads Ach. #4 - If you learn about the Casey Jones tall tale Ach. #6g If you help clean up a railroad path that is used for hiking or biking Ach. #8e If you study the history of railroads in your community Ach. #10a If you go on a day trip on a train with your family Ach. #19 If you earn the Whittling chip and carve a train whistle Ach. 24a If you help a boy join Cub Scouts during fall recruiting

    Bear Electives: Elec. #11 Take pictures of trains that go through your area or as you travel on a train. Photography was used to sell the Transcontinental Railroad, with many photos of the West and scenery seen from the train Ach. #23e If you make a map showing a place you can visit by rail

  • Belt Loops of the Month


    Complete these three requirements:

    1. Draw a map of your neighborhood. Show natural and manmade features. Include a key or legend of map symbols.

    2. Learn about the physical geography of your community. Identify the major landforms within 100 miles. Discuss with an adult what you learned.

    3. Use a world globe or map to locate the continents, the oceans, the equator, and the northern and southern hemispheres. Learn how longitude and latitude lines are used to locate a site.


    Complete these three requirements:

    1. Explain the rules of soccer to your leader or adult partner. 2. Spend at least 30 minutes practicing soccer skills. 3. Play a game of soccer.

  • Applauses:

    Train Applause: Divide the pack into two groups. Have each group clap once

    when you point to their side. Begin slowly pointing and alternately to each side.

    Gradually increase speed as "train' approaches. When "train" is going fast, point

    to the same side twice to end the applause.

    Locomotive Applause: Begin by slapping your left arm slowly with your right

    hand. Gradually increase the speed, working down over the left palm to the ends

    of your fingers. Then place your right hand over your eyes as if peering into the

    distance. Imitate a train whistle, "Whooo-whoo, Whoo-whoo".


    CUB SCOUT EXPRESS This is a game for 8 for more players. Divide the group into teams. Teams line up

    for relay. Establish a destination (turning point). The first Cub Scout in each line

    runs to the destination and comes back and touches the next player, who hitches

    on to the first player. Then they both run to the destination and return. The third

    boy hitches on and so forth. The last player is the caboose. He must hitch on


    Runaway Train:

    This can be a den or pack tag game. It may be played by individual dens or the pack. Designate one Cub Scout as the locomotive. He will be "it." The rest of the boys will be runaway cars. The object of the game is for the locomotive to catch runaway cars. When caught, they hook on behind the locomotive. The game continues until the train is completed.

  • Gathering Activity:

    All Aboard

    Ahead of time, cut strips of plain paper and make ticket books.

    Each ticket book should contain about 20 tickets

    Make a cover to the book which says All aboard the Cub Scout Express Number (pack number).

    Staple together.

    As people arrive, give each person a pencil and a ticket book.

    Direct them to go around and ask people to write their name once on each ticket.

    Later, tell people that the names on the tickets are their destinations and they (the person whose book it is) are the conductors of the station.

    Now the conductors y must find the stations and give that person their ticket.

    Cheer those who re-distribute their tickets quickest with an appropriate cheer.

    Transcontinental Obstacle Course:

    Before the pack meeting, set up various obstacles or required games to represent those the builders of the transcontinental railroad had to overcome: mountains, deep gullies to be bridged, not enough workers, bad weather, delays in getting supplies, bridges burned down, explosions that blocked tunnels, not enough money. Have families divided into either Central Pacific, who have to start from Sacramento on one end of the room or location, or Union Pacific, who have to start from Omaha at the opposite end of the room. You might also include a map, or have them delayed while a surveyor makes a map of some area. Use some of the games or facts in the packet to help lay out your course. Have Promontory Point in the center of the room all must wait till everyone arrives, and then have an opening ceremony based on the Driving of the Golden Spike. This would be a lot of fun in an outdoor location. You can add to the drama and fun by having everyone come in costume, and assigning boys to certain roles for the opening ceremony.

  • RAILROAD CROSSING NECKERCHIEF SLIDE SLIDE 1 Material: A metal juice can lid; Scrap paper (yellow, black); Black marker; 1/2 PVC pipe; Glue (Tacky glue works best. Glue gun doesnt work well on metal) 1. Trace the lid on yellow paper. Cut out the circle. Glue the circle on the lid. Optionally, if you have paint that sticks to metal, paint the lid yellow. 2. Cut two strips of black paper. Glue on the yellow circle. 3. Write Rs as shown. 4. Glue a section of PVC pipe on the back.

    SLIDE 2 Material: Two large craft sticks (tongue depressors); White acrylic paint; Black permanent marker; Glue; 1/2 PVC pipe 1. Cut the craft sticks to about 3. 2. Glue them like an X. 3. Paint the X white. Let dry. 4. With the permanent marker, write RAILROAD and CROSSING as shown. 5. Attach a section of PVC pipe on the back.

  • Animal Cracker Circus Train


    Animal cracker box

    A drinking straw

    Scrap cardboard

    Two round toothpicks



    1. Cut off the lid and top flaps at the folding line.

    2. Draw four circles about 1 1/4 diameter out of scrap cardboard.

    3. Make a small hole in the center of each wheel.

    4. Cut the 2 pieces of straw about 1 1/2 long.

    5. Tape the straw pieces to the bottom of the box.

    6. Put a toothpick through the straw. Attach wheels.



    School Night Roundup

    Scheduled Training

    Commissioners Closing Remarks: Stay on the Right Track

  • Audience Participation:

    THE TRANSCONTINENTAL TRAIN TRAIN: Toot! Toot! CONDUCTOR: All Aboard! NEW YORK DOCTOR: New York City! PENN STEEL WORKER: Man of Steel! SOUTHERN BELLE: Hi, Yall! TEXAN: Remember the Alamo! KANSAS FARMER: The Worlds Breadbasket! Just before the transcontinental TRAIN was ready to pull out of Grand Central Station, the CONDUCTOR held the door for one more passenger, a NEW YORK DOCTOR who hurried aboard. The TRAIN moved slowly between the tall buildings, out of New York, through New Jersey an