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  • Lake Region Union High School Board Meeting 1

    Lake Region Union High School - Orleans, Vermont 2

    June 4, 2018 3 Board Members Present: David Blodgett, Tammy Wiggett, Michael Sanville, Pat Davis, 4

    Jennifer Edlund, Jennifer McKenzie, Scott Lalime, Toni Eubanks, Linda Michniewicz, and 5

    Gerry Cahill 6

    Administrators and Staff Present: Andre Messier- Principal, Bev Davis- Superintendent, Tim 7

    Chamberlin- Director of Guidance, Rick Kelley- Technology Integration Specialist, Sally 8

    Rivard- Work-based Learning Assistant 9

    Students Present: Kaleb Hall, Ryan Cotnoir, Chad Royer, Tanner Amyot, Sierra Butts, Shelby 10

    Fortin, Ben Powers, Ella Stevens, Rileah Ball, Sarah McCartney, Brooke Watson 11

    Community Members Present: Jeff Coburn, Carin McCarthy- SNHU, Wendy Baker- SNHU, 12

    Jeff Renaud- VTVLC, Helen Beattie- UP for Learning, Cindy Swanson- CCV, Eliza Walters- 13

    CCV, Ed Barber-Newport Daily Express, Robin Smith- Orleans County Record, Michelle Hall, 14

    Shannon Hall 15

    Call to Order: After those present enjoyed refreshments provided by the Lake Region Cooking 16

    Club, Board Chair David Blodgett called the meeting to order at 6:27. 17

    Additions/ Deletions: None 18

    Privilege of the floor: None 19

    Approval of Consent Agenda Items: Pat Davis moved to approve the following items: the 20

    minutes of the May 17, 2018 board meeting, written reports, updated FY 18 financial reports, 21

    and payment of the bills. The motion was seconded by Linda Michniewicz and approved. 22

    Extended Learning Opportunities Presentation 23

    Pat Davis moved to move the Extended Learning Opportunities Presentation ahead in the 24

    meeting agenda. It was seconded by Jennifer McKenzie and approved. 25

    Mr. Chamberlin and Mrs. Rivard welcomed those in attendance and introduced a video featuring 26

    several students who had participated in extended learning opportunities this year. These 27

    opportunities include Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative (VTVLC), dual enrollment in 28

    college courses, North Country Career Center, work-based learning, and independent learning 29

    opportunities. Students shared the benefits and challenges of participating in extended learning 30

    opportunities. They answered questions from audience members regarding the program. 31

    Old Business 32

    FY 19 School Board Meeting Calendar: Linda Michniewicz moved to adopt the FY 19 board 33

    meeting calendar as presented. It was seconded by Scott Lalime and approved. 34

    Principals Contract: Michael Sanville moved to offer a 3-year contract to principal, Andre 35

    Messier. It was seconded by Linda Michniewicz and approved. 36

    Linda Michniewicz moved to enter executive session at 7:44 to discuss the principals salary. It 37

    was seconded by Jennifer Edlund and approved. The board exited executive session at 8:01. 38

  • Michael Sanville moved to approve a 4% salary increase for principal, Andre Messier, in his 39

    contract for the 2018-2019 year. It was seconded by Pat Davis and approved. 40

    New Business 41

    Spanish Teacher Hiring: Toni Eubanks moved to approve the hiring of Adrienne DOlimpio as 42

    a 1.0 FTE Spanish teacher for the 2018-2019 school year. It was seconded by Pat Davis and 43

    approved. 44

    Operations Committee Report/ Garage Repair Bid: Michael Sanville moved to accept Paul 45

    Lefebvres bid of $43,346.63 for the garage repair project, pending receipt of a waiver from the 46

    Vermont Agency of Education. (A waiver was needed because only two bids were received.) It 47

    was seconded by Pat Davis and approved. 48

    Administrative Requests and Reports 49

    End-of-Year Activities: Mr. Messier invited members of the board to attend the Lake Region 50

    UHS graduation on June 10, 2018. 51

    Executive Session: None 52

    Business of the Board 53

    Career Center RAB Report: Michael Sanville reported that the advisory board had held a 54

    meeting and toured the land lab. He mentioned that they had applied for a grant to help create a 55

    mobile maker lab. 56

    Executive Committee Report: No Report 57

    Act 46 Committee Report: Bev Davis reported that she and Amy Leroux would present the Act 58

    46 Study Committees proposed articles of agreement to the Vermont Board of Education on 59

    June 8. If approved the member towns would vote on the proposal on Election Day in November. 60

    She reported that the Interim Secretary of Education had proposed a state-wide merger plan, and 61

    that OCSU was not specifically included in the proposal in an effort not to interfere with the 62

    local discussions that are already underway. 63

    Future Agenda Items: 64

    Update on student portfolios, PLPs 65

    Community Service Presentation 66

    Upcoming Meetings 67

    Full Board Meeting: Monday, June 18, 2018 at 6:15 PM 68

    Full Board Meeting: Thursday, July 19, 2018 at 6:15 PM 69

    Adjournment: David Blodgett adjourned the meeting at 8:36. 70

    Respectfully submitted, 71

    Tammy Wiggett 72


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