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<p>ttulo de la presentacin</p> <p>LACNIC UPDATEARIN 32OCTOBER 2013</p> <p>Elisa</p> <p>TopicsMembership UpdateResources UpdateIPv4 &amp; IPv6 Allocation/AssignmentsResource Certification (RPKI)Frida ProgramAyiticCertiv6Previous &amp; Upcoming Meetings</p> <p>Membership UpdateActualizada al 1/10/20133</p> <p>Resources UpdateIPv4 Pool Status (Sept 20th, 2013)32,208,128 Free IPv4 addresses (1,92/8s) &amp; IPv6 Allocated/AssignedAlloc y assign ipv4+ipv65IPv4 Allocated &amp; Assigned in /8September 2012 September 2013IPv6 Allocated &amp; AssignedLACNIC Members- 3212 LACNIC Members with IPv6 alloc&amp;assig- 1847Percentage - 57,50 %</p> <p>Alloc &amp; Assig IPv6 in 2012- 578Alloc &amp; Assig IPv6 in 2013 (so far)- 461</p> <p>actualizado7Resource CertificationSource: Signed Prefix Count IPv4 Space Covered by ROAs (In % of announced space)Actualizada al dia 17/09/20138RPKI deployment in</p> <p>Number of prefixes signed: 277 after the event in </p> <p>FRIDA PROGRAMAn initiative of LACNIC.Three sides:- Frida Awards+ (For Existing Projects) Frida Grants (For Further Research). Frida Escalating Projects (Contribute to the growth and replication of projects in the region) Since February 2012 FRIDA is part of the Seed AllianceJoint initiative of (APNIC Program), FRIDA (LACNIC Program) and FIRE (AfriNIC Program) for extended efforts.</p> <p>Ayitic Program specificaly for Haitis needsCreated by LACNIC to directly contribute to building capacity for Haitian technicians and professionals in the field of ICTs.Seeks to build capacity and expand knowledge networks2013 Workshop edition: Port-au-Prince, August 12th -16th100 attendees</p> <p>No hay resultados medidos todavia quizas el lunes11</p> <p>http://www.ayitic.netLACNIC develops Certiv6 to promote IPv6 adoption in the region.Methodology to be used by software testing and Internet technology experts to certify that a software application runs properly over the new IPv6 protocol.Launchings:Uruguay April 16Colombia May 10Argentina September 4For more information visit: or contact:</p> <p>Previous Meetings</p> <p>LACNIC 19 5th May 10 May 2013Medellin, Colombia.LACTLD</p> <p>Public Policy forum 3 proposals 1 reached consensusLAC-2012-13v2 Modifying requirements for ASO AC nominees Already in LACNICs Policy ManualASO/AC member ElectionMr. Jorge Villa was elected</p> <p>Upcoming MeetingsLACNIC 20Curaao28/10 01/11</p> <p>Upcoming MeetingsLACNOGGreat Speakers and Tutorials IPV6, DNSSEC, RPKI, Security and morePolicy Forum5 proposals to be discussedLAC-2012-01v3 Eliminate the use of the term dial-up(A workgroup has been implemented to review this proposal)LAC-2012-08v3 Inter-RIR IPv4 Address TransfersLAC-2013-01 Publishing information on reassigned IP address blocks via FTPLAC-2013-02 Principles Governing the distribution of Number ResourcesLAC-2013-03 Adapting the allocation/assignment policy for IPv4 exhaustion16</p>