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    What if? MetropolisOGR Part 1

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    Angie Lewin Summary

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  • Angie Lewin

    Angie Lewin is a printmaker, painter and designer. She and her husband wanted to escape from the exhausting

    and active life in the big city so they decided to buy a holiday home on the coast in Weybourne where they would

    take a breathe. Eventually they both moved full-time to the house, both in love with the place and the peaceful

    nature surrounding it. Angie studied horticulture after moving to Norfolk where she found her inspiration for

    printmaking again. This decision helped her develop in her carrer.

    Inspired by both the clifftops and saltmarshes of the North Norfolk coast and the Scottish Highlands, I depict

    these contrasting environments and their native flora in wood engraving, linocut, silkscreen, lithograph and

    collage. These landscapes are often glimpsed through intricately detailed plantforms., explains Angie. She would

    focus on certain detail such the little eggs of bugs on the plant or the way they ate parts of a leaf in perfect circle.

    She often collects different materials such as seedpods, grasses, flints and dried seaweed, from her walks, which

    she uses for her collages.

    She is attracted by sweeping, desolate places like Norfolk clifftops, salt marshes, beaches, Highland rivers, hill

    lochs, west-coast seascapes. One of the artists who inspired her into her work is Alan Reynolds.

    What she is mainly interested into showing through her art are the insignificant, about to bloom flowers, who are

    often passed by, or considered to be weeds. She looks for the best possible way to depict their structure and

    character, which she doesnt want to show absolutely accurate, but by capturing its essence and what makes it


  • Influence maps

  • TravelogueOnce upon a time, there was a beautiful young girl living in a big city Not quite. She was an ordinary girl, not so pretty, nor smart, living in asmall flat with her mother. This family was a simple and ordinary one, just like any other in the city gray and silent. Why gray and silent youmight ask? Well that is simple! Because all the colours the city had was everything from white to black. You would not be able to see pastyour nose even on a sunny day when the fog was not as thick as usual. The people that inhabited it were a reflection of this city. Since theplace had a rule of no colours, the emotions one could express were limited as well. Nobody knew what would happen if you dared tobreak the rules, because nobody was daring enough to do it, as to be brave and bold was something forbidden as well. If someone foreignwere to visit this city, they would think that it was deserted since the locals were not allowed to talk louder or more than necessary.Everyone had their role which they fulfilled in silence in slavery to their city. Nobody dared to change their routines as they were taught inschools that this was the only way one could survive. But enough about this boring city This young girl was called Flora. She was nodifferent than any other citizen. She had straight, dark gray hair, which rested on her shoulders, pale, white skin, and gray eyes. However,looks can be deceiving, as what actually made her different was her inner self. You see, a city where no fun is allowed and where laughing ispermitted only during certain moments, may be boring for a little girl. Floras father, whom she never knew, was a brave man who dared tobreak the rules of their society and got punished for it shortly after she was born. What was his crime you might ask? His crime was that hegave his daughter a colourful name Flora. One of the rules of the city was that a persons name should not have any meaning, nor standout in any kind of way. It must be a combination of silent letters so that no one would have to raise their voice while pronouncing it. Florasmother was, as you may have figured out by now, a simple woman who had no emotions. She would show no affection nor sorrow abouther missing husband, nor display love to her little daughter.

    Flora would always spend her time in the attic, reading her fathers journals about the other worlds he used to imagine, after she hadfinished her school duties. These journals were his way to escape his dull reality, without being punished for it. Like father, like child. Shewould hide her colourful mind in secret, even from her mother. It was a world where no one was allowed to think outside the borders thatwere enforced upon them.

    One day, Flora was in the attic when she heard a noise. She stopped reading her fathers journals and listened. Fast footsteps of a creaturewith small feet flew from one side of the roof to the small window on the wall. She stood up and tried to gently open it so she could seewhat it was without scaring it a chipmunk! She had never seen one before and so she gasped in excitement.

  • The old window creaked loudly as she forced it open, as it had most likely never been opened before. Unfortunately, the noise scared the

    chipmunk away and it jumped, hiding in the trees canopy. Wait!, desperate to catch the animal, Flora tried to run after it and stumbled on

    the windows frame falling on a branch. She climbed onto it and looked around to discover something that appeared to be a small tree house,

    buried deep within the trees branches and hidden to those who may have peered up from below. Inside she found an old wooden box with

    no lock. She opened it and found a book and a key in the shape of a dandelion next to it. As she unlocked it a strong light shone from it,

    sucking Flora into its pages. The next thing she knew, she was no longer in the tree house. She found herself in a forest far from the city where

    she lived. She knew that she must have been very far away, precisely due to the fact that this place was not completely and utterly polluted

    with hues of gray. Although puzzled, she started to walk into this unfamiliar place and wondered how to get back home. But then again, why

    would she want to go back to the gray city? This was different and exciting and she liked it! She walked until she reached the edge of a cliff

    with the water of a nearby waterfall beneath her. She recalled all of the fascinating places her father used to describe in his writings and

    imagine in his drawings, but this was way beyond anything she could have ever envisioned. These were things she hadnt learnt about in

    school, as they were taught only what was necessary in order for them to become good workers. Additional knowledge was not considered


    In the distance she spotted a big structure which looked something like a white dome. It was hard to tell the purpose it served amidst the

    mountains. She started walking towards the mysterious, gigantic structure. As she got closer, it became more and more transparent. Soon she

    realised it was a greenhouse with strange shapes inside. The greenhouse was surrounded by tall mountains and infinite forests. Logically, the

    dome wouldnt receive much sunlight due to its surroundings, but somehow it seemed perfectly lit, almost shining. Soon Flora saw that it was

    not the dome that was shining, but the mirrors on one of the mountains ridges, reflecting sunlight onto it. Why had someone set up a fake sun

    just for this greenhouse? What does it contain? Is it dangerous? All of these questions started popping up inside Floras head with every step

    she took towards the greenhouse.

    Finally, Flora made it to the dome. However, she saw no door, so she stood there wondering how she could enter it. The dome seemed to be

    made out of glass. She looked inside through the glass but couldnt make out what was in there beside bushes. The puzzling structure was so

    big that she felt like an ant beside it. So fascinating and magnificent and so shiny in the reflected sunlight, it even slightly intimidated her. She

    walked around the dome on the muddy grass for almost an hour looking for an door or a gate, until she found a pile of big rocks where she

    saw a small opening, just big enough for her to squeeze in.

  • Finally, she made it inside and she was so amazed that she almost stopped breathing! She felt the edges of her mouth curl upwards in a strange

    way. What was this feeling she felt? It even made her want to run around and jump! What she found in front of her eyes was something she

    could not describe simply because she had never seen it before. She saw colours which were not gray, black or white, but different ones,

    somehow joyful and cheerful. She stood up on her feet and started walking around, exploring this intriguing place. There were strange

    structures that she recognised from her fathers drawings, flowers..., she murmured under her nose. Fascinated, she continued walking, doing

    her best to grasp the big scenery around her and being extra careful not to miss anything. Somehow she knew that this was the place her father

    talked about in his journals he called Florayle, a land of flowers..., she whispered.

    As she continued forward, she spotted a gigantic ferris wheel in the shape of dill in the distance ahead. It was slowly moving clockwise. Its

    cabins were in the shape of seeds, as if the ferris wheel had little ferris wheels all circling on their own axis. The buildings near her looked like

    seeds about to bloom into poppies. It seemed as if they were houses. They had small holes like windows and bigger ones carved into it shapes

    like doors. It was so interesting how these poppy seeds looked the same but at th