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KONE Alta The high rise elevator system for the 21st century

KONE Alta - Ascensori Scale Tappeti mobili Porte per ... · KONE innovation for high altitudes KONE´s rise to a leading global elevator and escalator company derives from a succession

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Text of KONE Alta - Ascensori Scale Tappeti mobili Porte per ... · KONE innovation for high altitudes...

  • KONE AltaThe high rise elevator system for the 21st century

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  • KONE innovation for high altitudes

    KONEs rise to a leading global elevator and

    escalator company derives from a succession

    of industry firsts and technological

    innovations. Each new achievement has lifted

    us higher, bringing our visions of ultimate

    vertical transportation systems closer to


    KONE Alta began as such a vision. Drawing

    upon the global resources of the recognised

    innovator. Raising elevator technology to new


    KONE Alta is the ultimate high-performance

    elevator system dedicated the worlds tallest

    buildings, offering a unique combination of

    intelligence, speed, ride comfort, reliability,

    safety, and space and energy efficiency.

    The KONE Alta blends advanced technology

    with design flexibility, backed up by our

    global project planning and implementation


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  • K O N E A l t a

    The maximum load/speed capabilities of the Alta:

    Duty Load Speed kg lb m/s fpm

    Single-deck 2 000 4 400 17 3 400

    Double-deck 5 000 11 000 10 2 000

    Freight 10 000 22 000 4 800

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  • K O N E A l t a

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  • KONE Alta elevator system features advanced sub-systems and components,conceived, developed and engineered to meet the highest standards required forbuilding heights of up to 500 meters (1 600 ft).

    Energy- and space-efficientEcoDisc hoisting machines

    Silent CarTM technology for ultimateride comfort, streamlined for veryhigh speeds

    Online safety, security and operationalsupervision of elevators and escalators

    Car interiors and landing elements can betailored for each individual project

    The KONE Alta completes the range of our EcoSystem elevators. KONE is the firstelevator company to offer high-quality gearless elevators for all types of buildings. In tall buildings, this means 100% consistency throughout the building same-generation elevator technology for low-, mid- and high-rise applications alike.

    One elevator technology throughout the building

    Single- and double-decker cars

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  • Power to soar, performance to admire

    KONE Alta high performance specification

    features the new generation EcoDisc

    hoisting machines based on PMSM

    (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor)

    technology to replace conventional AC

    gearless machines. The advanced group

    control system takes advantage of the vast

    memory capacity and processing speed of

    modern computers. The specification is

    enhanced by a PMSM-powered door

    system and expertly designed single- and

    double-deck elevator cars that minimize

    noise and vibration, ensuring outstanding

    ride comfort.

    The sum of the parts equals state-of-the-art

    technology, a truly extraordinary elevator


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  • K O N E A l t a

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  • K O N E A l t a

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  • KONE Alta innovations include aride that is tuned for comfort.Vibrations, sway and noise areminimized for impressively smoothtravel to and from each stop.

    Optional information screens in thecars may be used display elevator,building or advertising messages totenants and visitors.

    The KONE Alta door systemcontributes to user comfort andconvenience. It provides fast andintelligent operation for maximumtraffic performance while alsoserving as architectural elementsboth in the cars and on landings.

    KONE E-link monitoring systemlinks all elevators and escalatorsto the facility managementsystem of the building.

    KONE Alta accommodates a broadrange of decorative treatments toallow extension of chosenarchitectural design themes into theelevators.

    The Alta system sets a new benchmark in elevatoring major buildings,combining advanced technology with architectural innovation.

    Minimum passenger waiting andflight times are ensured by theTraffic Master 9900 GA controlsystem. Its Genetic Algorithmfeatures multi-target-optimizingcapability. Artificial Intelligence andFuzzy Logic are applied to performsupport tasks.

    KONE Alta combines design and technology

    The powerful double-rotor EcoDisc machines are amazinglyefficient and compact. They feature twice the power-to-weightratio of equivalent conventional AC gearless machines.

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  • The heart of a giant

    The high speed KONE Alta elevators

    are powered by double-rotor versions

    of the KONE EcoDisc hoisting

    machine coupled with an optimized

    vector-controlled V3F drive system.

    Since their launch in 1996, the

    superior characteristics of these

    revolutionary synchronous, permanent

    magnet power units have been

    proven in thousands of installations

    worldwide. The high-speed EcoDisc

    units offer up to 35% better energy

    efficiency than conventional AC or DC

    gearless machines while delivering

    outstanding performance and an

    extraordinarily smooth and quiet ride.

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  • The largest EcoDiscMX 100 machinecan generate a top speed of 17 meters a second (3 400 fpm). Thanks to itsunique axial design its weight is still onlyhalf that of conventional AC or DC units.

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  • K O N E A l t a

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  • ..are compact and feature a very high power-to-weight ratio. They offer flexibility for machineroom layouts and save up to 30 tons of weight(high-speed 8-car group), reducing structuralsupport requirements.

    Elimination of slip andmagnetizing losses, 92% efficiencyand 0.95 power factor combine toreduce energy and make asignificant contribution towards a buildings environmentalperformance. Low thermal lossesminimize the need for machineroom air conditioning. Low peakcurrent means lower-duty risersand fuses, and reduced cost ofemergency power equipment. All these shrink the up-frontinvestment, and also join the directand indirect long-term advantagesthat all KONE elevators Poweredby EcoDisc provides.

    The KONE Alta single-wrap ropingarrangement not only helps achievea higher standard of ride comfort,it also extends rope life to two tothree times over the traditionaldouble-wrap alternative.

    Permanent magnets are afundamental feature of allEcoDisc motors.


    KONE EcoDisc machines

    Compact EcoDisc dimensions save spaceand accelerates installation

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  • Symphony of movement

    KONE Traffic Master 9900 GA group control

    system is the nerve center working within a

    high-speed serial communication network to

    create an interactive symphony of

    movement throughout the building.

    The system derives its superior traffic

    performance from the parallel use of several

    soft computing methods. The dispatch

    function is based on the advanced, high-

    speed Genetic Algorithm (GA) which selects

    the best possible routing of the elevators for

    the most effective passenger service in all

    traffic situations.

    Performance is further enhanced by the

    application of Artificial Intelligence and Fuzzy

    Logic for statistical traffic forecasting and

    traffic pattern recognition tasks.

    The KONE Alta system moves more people

    efficiently, comfortably, and with shorter

    waits and travel time.

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  • K O N E A l t a

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  • The high-speed TMS9900 GA call allocation processconsists of four stages: First, the passenger flows arerecorded, identified and measured for short term anddaily traffic statistics. The TMS9900 GA uses ArtificialIntelligence to learn the traffic and to generateforecasts for each weekday. Using short- and long-term forecasts based on this knowledge, a FuzzyLogic module generates detailed models of theprevailing traffic patterns. The measured traffic dataand the momentary prevailing traffic patterns,together with actual drive time and stop time data,are then processed by the Genetic Algorithm. The result is optimized dispatching decisions andlanding call allocations in all traffic situations,including the most complex and demanding mixedtraffic which includes incoming, outgoing and inter-floor traffic components.

    The TMS9900GA employs aSerTrans local area network toensure Alta elevator systemsoperate reliably and efficiently. A comprehensive array ofalternative and optional controlfuntions and features ensure perfectmatch with specific individualbuilding needs.

    The group controller uses the fastGenetic Algorithm protocol thatgenerates best dispatchingsolutions in all traffic situations.

    KONE Alta brain power




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  • Smooth, swift and quiet

    Creating perfect ride comfort in high-speed

    elevators is a science, requiring complete

    understanding of the complex forces and

    elements involved and how to control them

    to always maintain passengers well within

    their physiological comfort zone.

    KONE Alta technology masters all these

    areas; the elevators are designed, engineered,

    installed and verified to deliver a truly

    exceptional, comfortable ride. Vibrations

    and sways are barely perceptible. Machine,

    rope, guiderail and wind noises are

    dramatically reduced.

    The motion perceived by passengers is

    controlled thanks to acceleration and

    deceleration rates tuned to customer

    preferences. Efficient traffic management

    reduces crowding in the cars and speeds

    call response. It is performance that is finely

    tuned to enhance your building.

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  • K O N E A l t a

    K O N E A l t a

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  • For very high-speedsaerodynamic deflectionshrouds are added toreduce air turbulenceand noise.

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  • The main ride comfort relatedcomponents are the guide rails, carstructure and sling, door, rollerguides. Sound attenuators help sealoff machine room noise. Hoistwayconstruction and layout are alsosignificant factors.

    Each building project presents its ownspecial ride comfort challenges. Projectplanning includes correct componentselection, calculating the static anddynamic balance of the elevator cars,and the preparation of carefully detailedgeneral arrangement drawings.

    The insulated, double-wall Alta carenclosure eliminates up to 25dB(A)of hoistway noise and featurestuned ventilation. The door panelsare fully insulated. Sealed doorpanel edges prevent air leaks andnoise. The heavy-duty dooroperator uses the same PMSMtechnology as the hoisting units.

    Specially developed KONE high-riseinstallation methods, tools and trainedspecialists are essential for achieving theTriple-A ride comfort class.

    Adjustable acceleration and decelerationparameters of the V3F drive system alongwith the highly controllable synchronousEcoDisc machines, allow you to select yourlevel of performance, from brisk efficiency(solid line) to silky smooth (dotted line) take-offs and landings.

    Precision instruments are used toensure that the measured ridecomfort parameters match thetargeted specification.

    A perfect elevator ride, the KONE AAA comfort class is standard in Alta elevators.It is achieved through:

    KONE Alta Triple-A ride

    Well-designed componentry

    Thorough planning

    Expert installation

    Verification of the ride comfort specification.

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  • Put your vision in motion

    Your building is a statement about your goals

    and accomplishments. KONE Alta cars and

    landing elements allow you to extend your

    design visions to the elevators.

    Car technology options include a re-

    programmable flat colour screen to display

    elevator data, general or floor specific building

    messages, emergency announcements, tenant

    information or advertising.

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  • K O N E A l t a

    Passenger perception of a buildingselevators starts from total confidence intheir safety; However a variety of elementscombine to make each ride a pleasantexperience: Easy-to-use interfaces; speedyresponse and travel; polite doors;comfortable and airy cars, and, of course,precise, and smooth starts, runs and stops.

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  • K O N E A l t a

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  • Detail is everything ... in creating desired design effects and atmosphere.

    3D modeling speeds up theapproval process by providing photo-realistic illustrations of theproposed car designs and detailsbefore they are built.

    Coordinated user interfaces,entrances and car finishes areoffered as alternatives to individualcustom designs.

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  • KONE an investment in the future

    The life-cycle of a building consists of five

    stages: Project planning, construction,

    interior finishing, long-term usage and

    eventual renewal. Our aim is to

    contribute to successful completion of

    each critical step. Project services are an

    integral part of our products, designed to

    achieve the same standard of excellence.

    Ensuring the performance, cost-effectiveness and space-efficiency of the proposed elevator and escalator solutions

    Helping define the architectural specifications

    Planning and implementing on-time installation

    Maintaining equipment to ensure reliable service and maximum availability

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  • K O N E A l t a

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  • K O N E A l t a

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  • Operation

    We aim to maintain the highestdegree of user satisfaction in yourbuilding. This is guaranteed by theinherent quality and reliability ofour products, protected by ourpurpose-designed preventivemaintenance programs,maintained by the skills anddedication of our people andcontinually updated in line withinevitable future technologicaladvancements.


    Involving us in the early conceptualdesign process of the building givesyou access to KONEs worldwideelevator and escalator experienceand expertise. As standardprocedure, any proposed outlinespecifications the groups, carsizes, speeds and overall spacerequirements are run throughadvanced KONE simulation andanalysis systems that help optimizetraffic performance, and space andcost aspects of your initialinvestment.


    Early completion of the buildingproject is our mutual goal. Besidesdirect support by global specialistresources, our contributions includeprofessional project management,well-planned logistics, andsystematic, efficient installation byteams trained in special KONEhigh-rise installation methods andtools. Our support services includeworld leading jump lift andtrailing deck technology to provideelevator service during constructiontime to boost site productivity.

    KONE E-Link monitoring systemallows constant monitoring andverification of the performance ofall elevators and escalators in thebuilding.

    The KONE way: Project partnership

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  • KONE. The heart of tall buildings worldwide

    1000 De la Gauchetiere,Montreal, Canada

    Oslo Plaza, Oslo, Norway

    Melbourne Central, Melbourne, Australia

    Gazprom Building, Moscow, Russia

    Rembrandt Tower, Amsterdam, Netherlands

    La Grande Arche, Paris, France

    City Point, London England

    77 Wacker, Chicago

    Oxford House, Hong Kong

    MLC Center, Sydney, Australia

    88 Phillip St., Sydney, Australia

    City Group, London

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  • This publication is for general informational purposes and we reserve the right at any time to alter the product design and specifications. Nostatement it contains should be construed as warranty or condition, express or implied, as to any product, its fitness for any particular purpose orquality, or any modification or representation of the terms of any purchase agreement.


    2000 KONE Corporation1400Printed in Finland by Painokiila Oy

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