KM4Dev Addis / Ethiopia Who are we? What do/did we do? How can we all make this more useful?

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  • KM4Dev Addis / Ethiopia Who are we? What do/did we do? How can we all make this more useful?
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  • What is KM4Dev? Knowledge Management for Development (KM4Dev) is a community of international development practitioners who are interested in knowledge management and knowledge sharing issues and approaches. Our main communication forum is the KM4dev Dgroup. To join the discussion, send a blank email to:
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  • KM4Dev engagement channels Mailing list: Ning page: Wiki: Face-to-face events Other channels (unofficial): Twitter account, LinkedIn page, Facebook page Local groups And a journal!
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  • A mailing list:
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  • A Wiki:
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  • A Ning page:
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  • Face-to-face events
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  • Other channels (unofficial): LinkedIn page, Facebook page And more regional/national/city groups: Africa Burkina Faso, India, Brazil Rome, The Hague, Washington etc. Including of course our Addis Ababa/Ethiopia group!
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  • Our group Our rationale Our vision: KM as development and economic driving force for Ethiopia; Value expected from this network: better capacity, motivation, shared knowledge, attracting more people to KM; Having a group of peers: establish a professional association for KM4Dev; creating links and networking with other orgs that work on KM; bring together more KM experts; a professional network and individual contacts; face-to-face meetings; Capacity development: create capacities to build our own capacity on KM (e.g. use of social media); come up with e-learning facility on specific tools and approaches etc.; Short trainings; Knowledge sharing on ideas, tools and approaches: Sharing experiences and innovate ideas; knowledge sharing with other countries from the global KM4Dev community; sharing and learning platform on KM4Dev tools and approaches; share and have a practical experience on social media tools; Reach out a wider audience and engage local institutions in KM work; Conceptualizing KM for development; Convincing about KM for development: motivate knowledge sharing; offer a platform for advocacy on KM; Activities expected: mentoring, communicating, short trainings, socializing, meetings. Products expected: publications, websites, e-learning; discussion forum.
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  • Our engagement channels Our Ning page: To announce events (RSVP) To document them Our Facebook page To discuss/converse online Our quarterly get-togethers To bring the group together and build it To present little projects and ideas Side group work?
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  • Ning: addis-ababa-ethiopia addis-ababa-ethiopia
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  • Ning events
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  • Facebook:
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  • What weve done so far: 1 st meeting Explore and find our rationale Agree on our engagement and communication platforms Agree on our meeting routine Develop an agenda for the first real meeting Notes available on ababa-ethiopia/forum/topics/notes-from-the- first-get-together-26-january-2012 ababa-ethiopia/forum/topics/notes-from-the- first-get-together-26-january-2012
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  • What weve done so far: 2 nd meeting Discussion on What is knowledge management? Mapping of ICT/KM project Introducing social media Prepare the next agenda (later) Agree on 2-h parallel sessions Notes available on: ababa-ethiopia/forum/topics/notes-from-the- second-get-together-27-april-2012 ababa-ethiopia/forum/topics/notes-from-the- second-get-together-27-april-2012
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  • What weve done so far: 3 rd meeting Follow up on ICT/KM project mapping: idea to invite other projects more to discuss this time Case study: IFPRIs knowledge management/communication work & very interesting Q&A Review of the meeting (good KM practice)
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  • For this gathering? Intro / who is who / what is KM4Dev (AA/ET) Separate block: Peer assist about a sustainable information system Tool session: blogs Common block: Reflect on previous slot ICT-KM project mapping as common trunk? Separate block: How to engage with farmers KM at GIZ Close (reflect, review, plan)
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  • How can we make this more useful? RSVP events ;) Share Share what we discuss (in our organisation and networks) Invite people to join our group Engage Converse online (Facebook) Work in small groups Connect With other networks With KM4Dev globally?
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