Klang Valley Water Crisis

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  • 1.PUBLIC MANAGEMENT Group Case Study :The Wet Valley CrisisLOGOWater Crisis in Klang Valley Present by : o Mohd. Amar Bin AzizIzaan Shazwan Bin Sharif Norhasila Binti Jamil Junriana Raja Abumanshur Matridi Aeksalo Shahril Budiman20 MAY 2012

2. Contents Klang Valley Water CrisisCASE STUDY1 General Overview2 Case Analysis3 Approach4 Strategic PlanGROUP DISCUSS | THE WET VALLEY CRISIS 3. GENERAL OVERVIEW1998 KLANG VALLEYWATER CRISIS Selangor and the Federal Territoryof Kuala Lumpur, particularly a largesection of the Klang Valleyexperienced a serious watershortage in 1998 This water shortage, neverexperienced to such an extent since1982, actually resulted in a crisissituation involving practically thewhole water supply system Some 1.8 million consumers in 665areas and housing estates in theKlang Valley were affected by thewater shortage to the extent ofdisrupting their daily lives andaffecting them emotionally www.themegallery.com 4. Chronology of the Klang ValleyWater Crisis El Nino PeriodJuly 1997(Drought) GROUP DISCUSS | THE WET VALLEY CRISISContinue 5. Chronology of the Klang Valley Water CrisisEl Nino PeriodAugust 1998 (Drought) GROUP DISCUSS | THE WET VALLEY CRISIS 6. Analyzing Klang Valley Water CrisisAnalysis CasesInternalExternalProblem ProblemOrganizationEnvironment Factor andGlobalization GROUP DISCUSS | THE WET VALLEY CRISIS 7. Internal Causes(Organization Factor) Intergovernmental RelationshipPrivatization of water distribution Weakness of Law ProvisionRisk Management Decision makingLack of clear information,system and employer GROUP DISCUSS | THE WET VALLEY CRISIS 8. External CausesNatural disaster : El-NinoGlobalization causes : Industrial development Rapid growth population Water wasteEnvironmental cause : River Pollution Illegal Logging GROUP DISCUSS | THE WET VALLEY CRISIS 9. Klang Valley Water Crisis Analysis Diagram Problems Approach - Strategic ROSENBLOOM APPROACHProblem Long-term Strategy Plan Intergovernmental Relationship ORGANIZATIONAL Coordination Privatization ofSTRUCTUREMonitoring &waterControl Rule of Lawdistribution DECISIONMAKING Holding discussion Weakness of TechnologyLaw SupervisionCOGNITIVE Management Risk APPROACH Computerizing ofManagement:water distributionDecision Making GOVERNMENT Cooperation with FUNCTION Lack of clearother Public Officerinformation, City Planningsystem and managementemployer system ReforestationPOLITICAL APPROACH 10. Public Management LOGO PUBLIC MANAGEMENTGroup Case Study :The Wet Valley CrisisWater Crisis in Klang Valley Present by :o Mohd. Amar Bin Aziz Izaan Shazwan Bin Sharif Norhasila Binti JamilJunrianaRaja Abumanshur Matridi AeksaloThank You!!!Shahril Budiman