Kings Of Leon - Album Advert Analysis

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An analysis of the album advert created for the kings of leon album


<ul><li> 1. Bold image and font show the main features of the band that they want people to pay attention to and they have all been placed over a black background so that it stands out and is easily noticeable.Green sepia tone on the imagery, highlights shading and dark tones, making the front image stand out as the main feature of the advert. Also the colour makes it look like night vision also relating to the album name and making it stand out to those viewing it. The name of the album and the release date including information saying that is a new album and a couple of songs that it includes. Makes it easier for fans to notice and gives information to the audience about what sort of things they will be getting and when they will be able to get it.Band name in bold font and in capital letters at the top of the advert, spread from one side to another, in front of a black background, easily noticeable by fans and anyone viewing the advert.Imagery on the front of the advert includes the band mixed with owls. The name of the album is only by night and the owls are animals seen mainly at night. So it relates to the album title as well as being bold and the main focus of the advert to attract the attention of the people who see it Information included on the bottom of the advert such as the website for the record company and the band and logos and signs that represent the bands and those who have helped create it.</li></ul>