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Saturday, May 7, 1842.

Dr. BRIGHT, F.R.S., in the chair.THE annual distribution of prizes awarded

to. the students of the hospital took place thisday in the anatomical theatre.Additional interest was imparted to the

meeting by the circumstance, that on this-day, was first opened to public inspection thebust of the late Sir Astley Cooper, Bart.This work has been raised to the memory ofthis distinguished surgeon by his pupils, at acost of four hundred guineas. The bust was

executed,by Mr. Towne. It was much ad-mired as a work of art, and also on accountof its being an excellent likeness of the emi-nent man to whose memory it is raised. Itis mounted on a pedestal of white marble,Sve feet in height, and embellished with afine bas relief, and has the following inscrip-tion:—" Astley Paston Cooper. AlumniGrato Animo. Hoc Marmor Posuere.1841."

The honours were awarded as follows :-

Medicine.First prize (gold medal), Mr. J. Vincent,

Bedford; second prize (silver medal), Mr.J. H. Browne, Southton.

Materia Medica.Second prize (silver medal), Mr. H. J.

Fotherby, London; certificate, Mr. J. F.Wills, Crewkerne.

Chemistry.First prize (books), Mr. George Ayton,

Kenilworth. Certificates : Mr. T. P. Ram-skill, Clapham ; Mr. J. C. Fotherby, Lon-don ; Mr. J. C. Forster, London.

Practical Chemistry.Prize Mr. Edward Garraway, Fever-

sham.Anatomy-Senior Division.

Equal prizes (instruments), Mr. H. M.Webb, Barnstaple ; Mr. H. W. Watson,Newcastle.

Anatomy-Junior Division.Equal prizes (instruments), Mr. J. T.

Caddy, Bideford ; Mr. H. A. Oldfield, Lon-don. Certificate : Mr. C. E. Pratt, Apple-dore.

Pathological Anatomy.Prize (silver medal), Mr. W. W. Kershaw,


First prize (instruments), Mr. C. A. Aiken,London. Certificates: Mr. H. W. Watson,Newcastle ; Mr. P. W. Thompson, Brent-ford.Ophthalmic Surgery.Prize (silver medal), Mr. Caleb Rose,

Swaffham.Midwifery-Senior Division.

First prize (instruments), Mr. Caleb Rose,

Swaffham. Certificate, Mr. Alfred C. Ayrres,Ramsgate., Midwifery—Junior Division.Prize (instruments), Mr. James Vincent,

Bedford. Certificate : Mr. H. W. Watson,Newcastle. ;

Practical Midwifery.Certificates: Mr. Martindale Ward, Read-

ing; Mr. W. H. Pettigrew, Woolwich.Botany.

Equal prizes (books), Mr. H. M. Webb,Barnstaple; Mr. George Ayton, Kenil-worth. ,

Medical Jurisprudence.Prize (books), Mr. Walter Clegg, London.

Certificates : Mr. J. Mills, Exeter ; Mr. W.Chapman, Tooting.

Medical Physics.Prize (silver medal), Mr. J. N. Watson,

Newcastle. The diploma of the PhysicalSociety granted to Drs. E. L. Birkett,D. J. T. Francis, J. B. Nevins, and Messrs.J. R Bedford and J. C. Parrott.

Clinical Report Society.Medical certificate, Mr. Browne, South-

ton ; surgical certificate, Mr. Alfred Poland,London. These certificates of honour areawarded to the best reporter of clinicalcases.

Pupils’ Physical Society.Prize (instruments), Mr. Waiter Clegg,

London. This prize is awarded for the bestessay on a given subject.


Friday, May 6,1842. ,

The Lord Archbishop of CANTERBURY in thechair.

Medical Scholarship (40l. a-yea)Scholar elected, Mr. George Johnson ;

prize, Mr. Inman.DIVISION I.— Medicine, Surgery, and

Midwifery.First prize, George Johnson ; second prize,

John Percival. Certificates of honour :Henry J. Hunter, Robt. Wm. Woollcombe,J. G. Grylls.

DIVISION IL-Materia Medica, andPhysiology.

First prize, Wm. Henry Parsey; secondprize, Alfred Benj. Andrews. Certificatesof honour: Samuel Hopkins Steele, thomasHawksley. -

DIVISION III.—Anatomy and Chemistry.Second prize, Benj. Lancaster Jemmett.

Certificates of honour: Caleb Barrett, R.Roberts.

, Botany.Prize, Joha Baxter Laagley. Certificates

of honour : M. S. Todd, J. H. Blount, S.H.Steele, H. S. Lyford.



Forensie Medicine:Prize, R. P. Dodd. Certificates of lio.

nour : John Percival, Evan Thomas, C. W.Mann.

Comparative Anatomy.Prize, Alfred Charles Barker.

Medical Soct’etv’s Prizes.First prize, George Johnson ; second prize,

John Baxter Langley.Warneford Prizes.

First prize (gold medal, value 101., andbooks value 15j!.), George Johnson ; secondprize (gold medal, value 5l., and books value10l.), George P. Atkinson.

Leathes’ Prizes.First prize (quarto Bible), Frederick J.

Hensley ; second prize (quarto Prayer-book),Boughton Kingdon.

Medical Associates.George Johnson, Boughton Kingdon.


THE ANNUAL DISTRIBUTION OF PRIZES tothe pupils most distinguished for their ac-

quirements in the different branches of me-dical study during the past sessions tookplace on Monday, May 2, 1842.The Rev. G. H. BOWERS, B.D., Treasurer

of the Hospital, in the chair.SUMMER SESSION, 1841.

Botany.Silver medal, Mr. R. C. Golding, London;

certificate, Mr. Elisha Noyce.Midwifery.

Mr. R. C. Golding.WINTER SESSION, 1841-2.

Exhibition of 151. per Annum.Mr. John Terry, Bath.

Medicine.Mr. Michael Teevan, Princes-row, Ken-


Senior class, first prize, Mr. John Moore,Wickham Market, Suflblk ; second prize,Mr. Arthur Taylor, Nether Crawley, Luton,Beds. Junior class, first prize, Mr. J.Terry; second prize, Mr.Wm. M. Neale,Walworth.

Midwifery.Senior classes, students of two sessions,

1. Mr. M. Teevan; 2. Mr. R. C. Golding.Students of one session, 1. Mr. John Moore;2. Mr. W. M. Neale. Junior class, Mr. T.F. May, Butcher-row, Ratcliffe-cross.

Physiology.Senior class (equal), Mr. R. C. Golding,

Mr. John Moore. Junior class, Mr. E.Noyce.

Practical Anatomy.Senior class, first prize, Mr. James Yate,

Madeley, Salop ; second prize, Mr. John

Moore. Junior class, first prize, M!’. J.’I’erry ; second prize, Mr. G. F. Burroughs,Shepton Mallet.

Chemistry.First prize, Mr. E. Noyce; second prize,

Mr. Wm. Ackland, Stawell, Somerset.Materia Medica.

First prize, Mr. M. Teevan ; second prize,Mr. E. Noyce.

Diligence and Good Conduct.First prize, Mr. J. Terry; second prize,

Mr. G. F. Burroughs.


LIST of gentlemen admitted members onFriday, May 6, 1842 :-Francis NathanielGreene Henry Charles Curtis; ThomasGaskell ; Henry William Watson; JohnPerry ; John Alfred Carr; Henry Dixon;George Frederick Whately ; Thomas HarveyLowry; Augustus Prater ; Thomas BridgeTrowbridge ; George Taylor, Admitted

Monday, May 9, William Henry Carnegie;Samuel Nathaniel Elliot; Herbert Baillie;William Baillie; John Mills ; AugustusHardy Godby ; James Henry Reynett;Robert Dalvelle Ward ; Henry Woodward;Henry Gaskell; William Murdock; JohnSeare.

TO CORRESPONDENTS.R. H. Corbets will find a reply to his ques.

tion at THE LANCET office.Dr. Budd’s paper shall be published in an

early number, probably in our next.Mr. Beaumont’s communication has been

received.An occasional Reader will find a reply to

his question at THE LANCET office,Communications have been received from

Afr. Courtney; Mr. Roods; Mr. Hytche ;Dr. Barton; An Apothecary.

ST. TnoMAs’s HOSPITAL.—The whole ofthe medical and surgical lecturers of St.Thomas’s Hospital have resigned their chairs.The school no longer exists; and it is sup-posed that the governors will remodel it, byappointing fresh men to the hospital, whowill be competent to lecture, and therebyrevive the once far-famed school again. The

physicians and surgeons must resign their

appointments, as well as their chairs,

LECTOR.—May 5, 1842.Many correspondents wish us to objectto to

the transmission to them in England, by Dr.Martyn Payne, of Boston, U.S., of his medi-cal pamphlets, through the medium of anexpensive post, without paying the cost oftheir transmission.

Erratum.—The title of the letter of Dr,

Dick, at p. 195 of last week’s LANCET, for" Opinions of some Phrenologiats on Phre-nology," read " Opinions of some Physiolo- jgists on Phrenology." ‘’