Kings Business Park Green News - Metropolitan Borough of ... News Final.pdf¢  Page 2 KINGS BUSINESS
Kings Business Park Green News - Metropolitan Borough of ... News Final.pdf¢  Page 2 KINGS BUSINESS

Kings Business Park Green News - Metropolitan Borough of ... News Final.pdf¢  Page 2 KINGS BUSINESS

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  • Kings Business Park Green News

    Green Office and Walk to Work Week 2013

    Over 100 people from ten businesses at Kings Business Park attended the week long event even though weather wasn’t ideal.

    The event was heavily supported by FirstArk and Merseycare NHS with kind permission from Marshalls to set up the marquee in the park.

    Activities on offer during the week included advice on walking, cycling and public transport routes, bike checks and repairs, energy saving and waste advice.

    Active Health checks, discounted gym membership, electric car demonstrations, a lunch time walk, free ‘taster’ bus passes and pedometers, bike ‘try outs’ and a survey prize draw (winners overleaf) were also available.

    Of the numbers of people who attended the event a significant number requested further information from the services on offer and Tuesday was the most popular day for requesting advice, with most advice given by Sustrans Cycling Charity representatives, who provided information on local walking and cycling routes.

    Over fifty people received advice on walking and cycling routes in Knowsley during the week which proved interesting as only 14% of people indicated that they travelled to work using sustainable methods of travel (walking, cycling, car

    sharing, bus, train or motorcycle). In contrast, 86% of survey respondents stated that they travelled to work by car.

    Following the event 74% of people said they would like to receive further personalised travel information in the future.

    First Ark and Merseycare NHS who also conducted their own Green Office Week activities, have identified individuals within their businesses to work with Knowsleys Active Travel Plan Advisor

    to implement a travel plan which can provide travel and transport support, opportunities and investments for employees and businesses in the local area.

    Travel and transport advice and support is available for all employees and businesses in Knowsley, free of charge, through the Local Sustainable Travel Fund. There is also funding available to support local infrastructure improvements.

    For further information or if you’d like to conduct similar activities or events in your own workplace contact Knowsley’s Active Travel Plan Advisor (contact details below).

    Following the success of the recent Green Office and Walk to Work Week events , Knowsley Council, working in partnership with Knowsley Chamber of Commerce and Merseytravel aim to share good practice, news stories,

    information and advice about supporting employees with their journeys to work and provide ‘green’ opportunities for businesses!

    To find out about what the

    brilliant Working Well

    programme could offer your

    company, contact Jan Tattersall,

    Working Well Co-ordinator on

    07500765201, or email Jan on

    Knowsley Council’s Active Travel Plan Advisor can provide FREE advice on workplace travel initiatives,

    including low carbon transport options, Bike to Work schemes, etc. Contact Joanne Spencer Active Travel

    Plan Advisor on 0151 443 2239 or via email at

  • Knowsley will host The Tour of Britains biggest ever individual time trial this September, as Stage Three of The Tour comes to Merseyside on Tuesday 17th September.

    Riders will face a ten mile (16 kilometer) test against the clock, starting and finishing from Knowsley Safari Park. A traditional time trialing distance in the UK, the ten mile route will also help celebrate ten years since the modern Tour of Britain was revised in 2004.

    The announcement fol- lows Knowsleys success- ful hosting of the finish of Stage Two of the 2012 Tour of Britain, run by Australian rider Leigh Howard.

    The Knowsley stage will be the fourth occasion that an individual time trial has been included on the route of Britains biggest profes- sional cycle race. Previous venues for time trials in- clude Birmingham (2005), Crystal Palace (2007) and Central London (2011).

    The 2013 Tour of Britain, the tenth edition of Britains national Tour since its re- vival by SweetSpot Group, will start at Peebles in the Scottish Borders on Sun- day 15th September, Fin- ishing eight days later in Central London on Sunday 22nd September.

    For full details on the route, please visit You can also watch the official Tour of Britain 2013 video on You Tube.

    Employers Network Membership

    £10,000 grant (available to eligible businesses) Advice and quarterly networking forums Campaign materials and resources

    Public Transport

    Free ‘taster’ bus passes Improvements to services and routes Information about routes and times of local services

    Save money

    Work alternatives to travelling (home working, tele- conferencing etc)

    Fleet, mileage and business travel advice Car Sharing groups Tax free bike scheme Signposting to ‘Smart Driving’ fuel efficiency training

    Infrastructure Improvements

    Local cycle and walking maps Footpath improvements and upgrades Better lighting New cycle and walk ways

    Further support, information and advice

    Local work based travel and transport events for staff Working Well Programme (£500 grant) ‘Dr Bike’ workplace bike checks and repairs Free adult cycle training Free bike maintenance training Connexions placement and apprenticeship advice Travel and transport activities and seminars PedalAway local cycle rides Newsletters – share your successes with staff and neighbouring businesses Advice on setting up your discounted travel pass scheme Energy efficiency and carbon reduction signposting

    Knowsley to host The Tour of Britains longest time

    trial which will pass Kings Business Park

    Active Travel Offer— a bespoke package of

    support for your business

    Contact your

    Active Travel

    Plan Advisor

    for more

    information on

    your bespoke





    Travel survey prize


    £50 High Street


    Finney (First Ark)

    Runners Up:

    Clare Tresnan (First Ark)

    Simon Sweeney (Balfour


    Stacey Kelly

    (Merseycare NHS)

    Kelly Hyde (SPI)