Kinds of Lines

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Kinds of Lines. Straight Line (& directionality). Zigzag Line. Wavy or Curvy Line. Loopy Line. Thin Line. Thick Line. Broken Line. Artworks by Gr. 4/5 students. Tree Ornament – Line Design. Materials: Cartridge Paper (e.g. 6”x8”) Rulers &/or Circle Templates Pencils - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Kinds of Lines

  • Kinds of LinesStraight Line (& directionality)Zigzag LineWavy or Curvy LineLoopy LineThin LineThick LineBroken Line

  • Artworks by Gr. 4/5 students

  • Tree Ornament Line DesignMaterials:Cartridge Paper (e.g. 6x8)Rulers &/or Circle TemplatesPencilsBroad nib makers (e.g. Crayola)

  • Tree Ornament Line DesignCREATE:LIGHTLY draw a large ornament shape With pencil & ruler, LIGHTLY draw horizontal guide lines (vary the width between lines for thick and thin sections)Use a Crayola marker to create lines/patterns in the horizontal sections (NOTE: without outlining the ornament shape)Add a line from the top of the ornament

  • Tree Ornament Line DesignI Can SkillsExperiment with and control a marker to create a variety of linesUse lines and shapes to create an original design

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