Kindergarten Orientation By : Arundathi Srinivas (Kindergarten Supervisor)

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Text of Kindergarten Orientation By : Arundathi Srinivas (Kindergarten Supervisor)

  • Kindergarten OrientationBy :Arundathi Srinivas(Kindergarten Supervisor)

  • Children are like wet cementwhatever falls on them makes an impression.

    Haim Ginott 1922 - 1973

  • Timings for the Kindergarten section

    (7.45 am 12 noon)

  • Assembly

    Prayer, National AnthemsCircle Time: Day, Date, Weather, Rhymes/Songs, A quick recap of the lessons previously learnt, General Conversation

  • Time Table

    Duration of each period: 40 MINS.

    Subjects taught: English, Math, EVS, Basic Arabic, Hindi (KG 2)

    Activities: One per day of the week


    Emphasis is laid on the personal, emotional, social and creative learning.Along with this the logic and reasoning skills are also developed.


    HOME SCHOOL PROGRAMME:Every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday

  • Materials to be sent for Classroom purposeOne neatly labeled box of bottle caps (small masafi water bottle caps) to be used as counters One post card size photo album, neatly labeled for sight words( KG 2)An extra pair of dress neatly labeled in a cover.Stationery items to be labeled and sent. The stationery set will be retained in the school.Passport size photographs of your child ( 6 In Number)

    Please send these items along with your child by 16/09/2012

  • Assessment Done on a continuous informal basis.

    Open house and report cards An open house is organized once a term. Holiday is declared for the children on that day. Report cards and the progress of the children is discussed

  • Uniform CodeChildren must be dressed in the proper uniform code as set by the institution.

    PE Uniform to be worn every Tuesday

    No gold ornaments or additional accessories for girls.( colour of ribbon, hair clips, hair bands etc should be black, or white)

  • Swimming classesSwimming kit to be sent according to the class time table schedule.

    The kit includes a swimming dress, goggles, swimming cap, lotion, comb, towel and an extra cover for wet clothes. The children would be helped to change their clothes by the bus monitors in the changing room. We have separate changing rooms for boys and girls. If your child is unwell/allergic and not able to attend the swimming class please do send in a note stating the reason .

  • Field tripsField trips which are pleasurable as well as informative are organized regularly.

    Safety of the children during such trips is our top priority

    Parents are given prior notice before each trip regarding all details.

  • Birthday Celebrations Children are allowed to come in coloured dress.

    Cake cutting is not permitted.

    Parents could contact the respective class teachers two days prior to the birthdays for any kind of assistance

  • Leave policyA child is allowed to take 2 -3 days leave based on medical grounds.

    If the period of leave due to an emergency, on medical grounds or for any other reason extends beyond a weeks time then a letter for the same should be directed to the Principal.

  • Medical An in house doctor to check the children periodically and a nurse during the school hours to attend to any medical need or emergency.

    First aid is provided as and when the situation demands.

    In case a child falls sick in the school, the parents are immediately informed of it.

    In case of emergencies if hospitalization is inevitable , the child is taken to the Med care Private hospital with consent by the school doctor.

  • Medical It is compulsory that children are vaccinated till their sixth year. Once the second booster dose is completed , the vaccination is done by the school.

    In case of communicable diseases such as chicken pox or conjunctivitis, parents are advised to refrain from sending the child to school until the quarantine period is completed. A medical fitness letter should be produced on the day the child rejoins the school

  • CommunicationYou can contact the Class teacher/Supervisor after 12.30 pm. For any assistance or clarification a message can be left at the front desk which will be followed up.Mail/ school website should be checked daily for general communication from the school. (Do crosscheck with the class teacher regarding your e mail id). Newsletters/ photographs are uploaded regularly on the website. Do read/view them.

  • Communication School website: School phone number: 04-3446419School mail Supervisor mail id:

  • Points to be noted regarding the school diaryFill in all the particular pages in the diary

    Do check the diary on a daily basis

    Do use the communication sheets in the diary to voice your ideas, suggestions and feedback

  • Role of ParentsWe invite parental involvement and value your suggestions and feedback.

    Please set aside a specific time for your child at home.

    Kindly read all the particulars in the diary.

    Participation in competitions and functions

  • Separation anxiety 1.pdf

  • Role of teachersTo touch not only the minds but the hearts of the children as well.

    Personal attention and care.

  • FAQs

    How is written work going to be done in Kg 1?

    How will my child use the wash rooms? Who would be assisting him/her?

    What will be the timings on the first day of school?

    What needs to be sent on the first day?

    On regular school days what does the child need to carry?

    What is to be packed for break time?( do remember nothing that leaks !!!!!!!)

    What is the mode of dispersal? Who would help my child to board the bus? How safe is the school transport?

  • A safe and healthy environment, the freedom to express and explore andabove all to create the feeling of A HOME AWAY FROM HOME is what we offer at the JSSPS Kindergarten to help our tiny-tots move ahead.

    Childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons- Author Unknown