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  • 1. Kids Olympic ArtwOrK

2. Olympic GAmEs This experience is developing in a PrimarySchool with bilingual section for the third cycle of Primary Educaction (10 -12 yearsold)We have choosen this topic because lastsummer the host city for the Olympic gameswas London, and the topic is very motivating for children at this age. 3. AimsTo know the differences between the Uk andEngland.To locate the capital of EnglandTo find out the history about Olympic gamesTo compare facts between the ancient andthe modern Olympic gamesTo learn vocabulary (sport, Olympic symbols,)To develop interest and creativity.To consider the importance of learningEnglish. 4. BASIC COMPETENCESInteration with the physica world,Digital,Social and civic,Linguistic,Mathematics,Learning to learnCultural and art. 5. CONTENTS1. Listening, speaking and conversation Listening for general and specificinformation Giving verbal and no verbal responses Asociation words and images Asking for information 6. CONTENTS2. Reading and writingProducing coherent textUndestanding short written textsMatching words with picturesCreating word puzzles 7. CONTENTS3. Language in use:a) Linguistic knowledge b) Learning awareness Vocabulary related toOlympic Games (countries, Storing informationsports, medals, torch,rings ...) Categorising words New structures: Present Checking errorsSimple Observing word formation Pronunciation: Stress,patternsRhythm and intonation 8. CONTENTS4. Socio cultural and intercultural awaranessShowing respect and interest in foreignlanguage learningCollaborating and cooperating with othersLocalitation of London in the map of UkPresentation of the history and meaning ofthe Olympic games. 9. ACTIVITIES Video to introduce the The Olympic worksheet:differences between UK summer olympic games, ancient and modern olympicand Great Britain. Great games, Olympic diagramBritain map Olympic crafts: Olympic Complete a table about rings, Olympic torch,British Isles. Olympic medals Olympic Games in P.E. Video about the main Design the mascots for thebuildings of London. miniolympic games in Las Buildings map of Eras schoolLondon. Design the emblem for Madrid Olympic Games Colour the Uk flag.2020 Miniolympic Games in the school 10. Worksheets ACtIVItIes 11. Worksheets ACTIVITIES 12. Worksheets ACTIVITIES