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<ul><li><p>..ttlf@!il ;', ' '",</p><p>ll!l-</p><p>tti',( ...:</p><p>pttcl il nrl" .:.,:,ii' , </p><p>. i ! iit i: ii;;itti,,.,'ii'i</p><p>::4, t'</p><p>a. - ;</p><p>,tt--- r''-i j</p><p>' ,.:.::-::-</p><p>rii" tl,-ilil e?rlr-e [.felrt?]</p><p>t:\\ i ,r\s\</p><p>SJE</p><p>: g</p><p>. . : {,-=c-'"'' ':'</p><p>!,.ttr=:liftl</p><p>rr nli f l l r</p></li><li><p>G Wwlisten ondonswer.He[[o, I'm Trevon Look otnumber four. Who's he?</p><p>e Ask ond onswer.</p><p>Suzg Simon Stella Mr Stor Mrs Stor Grondpo Stor Grondmo StortrA/hot's Uour nome? How old ore goul Who's he / she?</p></li><li><p># ** Listen ond poinr. chonr.</p><p>rrrI</p><p>rl"lf</p><p>t -</p><p>I</p><p>t</p><p>w J-</p></li><li><p># o order the colours.</p></li><li><p>?n</p><p>A sod cct in o block bcg.Adom ont</p><p>@ff Sou ond onswer.</p><p>Pt\ h</p></li><li><p>Listen to the storg.</p><p>WWW Listen ond sou the number.a</p></li><li><p>",.t'' k. ,rf f i</p><p>W W Listen cnd point.</p><p>Ift',{</p><p>T</p><p>I.</p><p>l</p></li><li><p>d-ka fl'\ f^*"q , .YG MW Listen ond point. Chont.</p><p>Schoot, schoot. This is the11 Eteven desl</p></li><li><p>@@ Listen ond point.</p><p>This is mg clcssroom. How monu desl</p></li><li><p>Listen and point. Sing.</p><p>There ore pencils in the clossroom, ges there ore.There's o cupboord on the pencils, ges there is.There's o ruler on the cupboord,There's o bookcose on the ruler,There's o teocher on the bookcose, ges there is ...</p><p>#* *_ ,</p><p>@t</p></li><li><p>Ingrid insect</p><p>W SoU ond correct.</p><p>Six big pink f ish sitt ingin the kitchen.</p><p>No. there cren't.There ore 16 pencils.</p><p>JI</p></li><li><p>ff iWW Listen ond sou 'ues' or'no'.@ r g t .</p></li><li><p>irl',', fif' , i</p><p>;: i1,: </p><p>-,-,1rrii ',.</p><p>'".,</p><p>* " 1 - - ' ' " " ' - </p><p>r , ,</p><p>:jI</p><p>4</p><p>c D 1</p><p>t :l : : : , , , . 1 : : . : : : : , , : : </p><p>. : 1 , 1 , " : , ; . , ; : , . . , . : , . :</p><p>II</p><p>t -Ltscen f n-t m#HffiE"$i</p><p>d</p><p>;.', *n. ! i lli:rti::iilll*n" i: 1tll :1i+</p><p>t': :" '</p><p>. , i</p><p>" l il</p><p>s"* . . - 'eiF</p><p>F i .E</p><p>, 9 ,*</p><p>fjw</p><p>.,. 'l</p><p>, " i/ / .</p><p>r".,/</p><p>," i'</p><p>,,"' ,"'' /</p><p>n ' ' t ' ' ' ' ' ' l /</p><p>", </p><p>,r,i ,,,</p><p>', .'t" </p><p>.," ,k{-,i,r: </p><p>:ffi,!\\li </p><p>,ti .)|'</p><p>il i</p><p>r^,r\ tr'if\f I,l !r.# L/ \./ {.</p><p>Listern, pffifrffit ffimC repefit." i</p><p>ry6xi t</p><p>l,n-r;r1,1, TEeOmPuter gcmeI I \ ' \ -</p><p>- { / \ \ , ' " t ' , ,</p></li><li><p>WwwListen, point ond sou the number.ffia]r)-2--t- -\t ffi(a2/- -\t</p><p>W WW Listen ond sau 'U"s 'or 'no' .</p><p>cFmera computer gome l</p></li><li><p>flbr ,:. c</p><p>flp @@ Listen ond point.\aF &amp;$:</p><p>Listen, point ond repect.</p><p>Whose is this? Whose ore these?</p><p>Whose is it?ls it Suzg's?</p><p>No, it isnt.It's Ste[[o's.</p><p>f f i@@ICW *ilr</p><p>\ .</p></li><li><p>Listen and point. Sing.</p><p>Whose is this jocket? . ..Whot? Thot block jocket?Yes, this block jocket.Whose is this jocket?It 's John's.oh!Whose ore these shoes? ...Whot? Those blue shoes?Yes, these blue shoes.Whose ore these shoes?Theg're Sheilo's.oh!Whose is this skirt? ...Whot? Thot purple skirt?Yes, this purple skirt.Whose is this skirt?It's Sue's.oh!</p><p>Whose ore these trousers? ...Whot? Those brown trousers?Yes, these brown trousers.Whose ore these trousers?Theg're Tom's.oh!</p><p>f f i ' d . ,I</p><p>6 ' Ask ond onswer.</p><p>tgr" rE</p></li><li><p>9$Ju-tdGruGGli* mbffr,Ci</p><p>Wendg wholeWhere's the womonwith the white wotch?</p><p>W Ask and cnswer.</p><p>.-._</p><p>a</p><p>, t ,</p><p>,</p><p>@:tear:t:j%</p><p>11. Whoseis this nose?</p><p>12. Whose orethese eges?</p><p>b</p><p>t -</p></li><li><p>Whose is thisrobot?</p><p>@WAct out the storu.</p></li><li><p>&amp; ;!'F i#</p><p>*@ry F ;&amp;-</p><p>- d . ' " -^,i</p><p>,t:'tI--.,.c,: </p><p>' cDl</p><p>Listen qnd point.</p><p>_'r : \C qJ-</p><p>2cD1</p><p>(</p><p>mirror</p><p>f6- clocl(#</p><p>Listen, point cnd repeot.</p></li><li><p>Qs9 'lml @l - l</p><p>---t-l , t t '</p><p>:</p><p>Lfrstem ffiffid megmlt. Chffir'Ec.</p><p>lfhere's o min.ron in the'hclLliLrcom,And o phone ln ttle llloil". / r S l r - - t n e i l v [ . g - ] J I l n ,</p><p>A e,toek cn the wol,t.lfihere's o lcrnp cn the telble,Anc[ eL rnot ne:et to the lbedi.iilnere's o bcct l.inL ttlhe lbotlll,,l\nLdl tlllae ibcot ls ned"</p><p>Ltstemr ffi mC c@n-n^ect,,</p><p>r e Locfl&lt; Lomp rnct nninnor pl"lome so1f,s</p></li><li><p>@@ t-isten and poinr.</p><p>No, thegoren't mint</p><p>Are those blue socksgours, Simon?</p><p>a = * = z '</p><p>r-f-f*]</p><p>rXw( Y . t W f h \ G &gt; \ l . . . Iu 6# $R,.?W Listen, point and repeot.t|r* &amp;re \r rt -r{a\ lmi</p><p>w ' f f i</p><p>I t 's mine / gours.</p></li><li><p>tfi=,,J</p><p># W Ask ond onswer.</p><p>WW Listen ond point. Sing. '</p><p>Look ot this!Look ot this!</p><p>\\-hose ore these shoes? ...Stello! Are theg gours? ...\o, theg oren't mine! ...Hmm. Which shoes ore Simon's?\\-hich, which, which, which?\\-hich shoes ore Simon's?The greg ones ore his ...Hmm. Which shoes ore Suzg's? ...\\-hich, which, which, which?\\-hich shoes ore Suzg's?The red ones ore hers ...</p><p>SOI Whose shoes ore those? ...\\-hose, whose, whose, whose?\\'hose shoes ore those?Those ore Grondpo's .. .Grondpo's?</p><p>GRANDPA!</p><p>@</p></li><li><p>Ettie etephontSeven pets in seven beds.Ten elephonts with big hecds.|ui,,</p><p>l l</p><p>7I5,</p><p>AlF</p><p>W Find Uour portner.Are these trousers</p><p>Uours or mine?</p></li><li><p>Listen to the storu..l*prrt</p><p>I e f ' c n l n r r h i r l e</p><p>cnd seel</p></li><li><p>Our woWWW W Listen ond point.</p><p>W Motch the text.o Hello. Mg nome's Shori. I'm nine. I'm from Conodo. I'm o Conodion</p><p>Inuit. Here's o photo of me.b Our house is smoll. It's got o holl, two bedrooms ond o bothroom.</p><p>There's o kitchen ond o living room.c This is o photo of the living room. There's o sofo ond o toble. We con</p><p>wotch TV here.d This is mg bedroom. There ore two beds ond o smoll choir. I've got o</p><p>cupboord in mg bedroom.e Mg grondfother con moke o house with snow. 'House' in our longuoge</p><p>is 'igloo'. This is o photo of mg grondfother moking on igloo.</p><p>t</p><p>o \s &amp;-a</p></li><li><p>------ElE-! lEf,f;l</p><p>W Moke c book.</p><p>T f . a rI n rnK oT c</p><p>Cut out photogrcphs. L'; '</p><p>Moke ond read Uour bool</p></li><li><p>g # Listen and point.</p><p>/</p><p>I4,tII</p><p>/</p></li><li><p>Gww</p><p>Mou</p><p>Listen and onswer.</p><p>:l ' t Il \ l A l C r rn A n nnI . I v L . J \ . , t a t \ t t t t \ l:</p><p>Lenng Som</p><p>Lucg</p><p>Fro n l.9</p><p>'ffiy</p><p>..-..i1",,,,.t Listen and point. Sing.cril lr</p><p>Mg grondpo isn't wolking,He's flging mU fovourite kite.Mg grondmo's cleoning the toble,It's beoutiful ond white.Mg fother's ploging boseboll,He con cotch ond he con hit.Mg cousin's got the boll noryAnd now he's throwing it.Mg bobg sister's sleeping,She is verg smoll.Mg brother isn't jumping,He's kicking his footboll.Heg!</p><p>Mg grondpo isn't wolking,He's flging mg fovourite kite.Mg grondmo's cleoning the toble,It's beoutiful ond white.\{g mother's sitting reoding,F{er book is big ond greg.And me? I'm verg hoppu,i con run ond plog ...</p><p>.'( \'\- - l - \ / ' ' \</p><p>-\ rX \vs/1 ". r^-.-)\---*^_-\_-/</p><p>/* \^'/*</p><p>Asl&lt; ond onswer.</p></li><li><p>" </p><p>H1oth", th" "W</p><p>feothered friend</p><p>These ore their fothers,those are their mothers.Who's over there?Theg're their brothers.</p><p>What'sSimon doing?W@ Asl&lt; ond onswer.</p></li><li><p>Ooh! Whct 's he doingto those shoes, Mcrie?</p><p>H e ' q r l e n n i n n</p><p>them, Trevon</p><p>-7t\-</p><p>EA@W Listen and sou the number.U r @ r</p></li><li><p>woter</p><p>(</p></li><li><p>We're hoving breokfost with our mum.Breod ond milk, breod ond milk.It's morning, it's morning.It's lunchtime, it's lunchtime.We're hoving lunch with our friends.Egg ond chips, egg ond chips.It's lunchtime, it's lunchtime.It's ofternoon, it's ofternoon.We're hoving teo in the gorden.Chocolote coke, chocolote coke.We're hoving teo in the ofternoon.It's evening, it's evening. ."We're hoving dinner with mum ond dod.Chicken ond rice, chicken ond rice.It's evening, it's evening ...</p><p>WW Point, osk ond onswer.</p><p>bregd chicken chips eggs juice mil.k rice woter</p></li><li><p>'i':"""'::;'::i , , 1,'r. rl:" -':; : ' : r j1 i ,J'".'/ \o/'.:P-,-P,?:.:,</p><p>Listen and onswer.</p><p>-\' :":***</p><p>point ond repeot.</p><p>Con I hove some . . . ? Here Uou ore.</p></li><li><p>W P[og bingo.</p><p>@ rffi@</p><p>ffi@</p><p>WW Reod cnd onswer.Hello. Mg nome's Alex. I'm Simon's friend. It's</p><p>lunchtime ond I'm hovirg @ ond @ for lunch.</p><p>@ ittt't mg fovourite lunch. Mg fovourite is MIn the morning mg fovourite breokfqst ir W ondg6 </p><p>, ond mg fovourite dinner i, 6p ond &amp;</p><p>W Whot's his fovourite breol</p></li><li><p>a'@'</p><p>Chortie chicl</p></li><li><p>Con I hcve somecpple juice, plecse?</p><p>I 'm hcving tomctoescnc ccrrots,</p><p>ls there cngchocolcte ccke? No, there isn't, but there's</p><p>some chocolate ice crecm,</p><p>ls this oronge juiceUours, Montg?</p><p>No, i t isn' t mine.I t 's Mcrie's,</p><p>Whct cre Uou ecting,Trevor? ls it chicl</p></li><li><p>ilfrsees'n mmd p:mn,' ,-ttt</p><p>ffi%fiyl*'- ' l;\ , , f</p><p>fr,,-**.'1,\llil i\t]</p><p>, Jt,r- jl-.,#F</p><p>LF,o</p><p>f l rR\At '' E , V \</p><p>r n r - \ l - FI ' ! / ' ! l i ! .</p><p>eii.".</p><p>*!a*.i+</p><p>,:rltfl1wlyr@4tNtifr'</p><p>I</p><p>'!) l ' = - - r r i Fu t . | </p><p>- . - l l L. i</p></li><li><p>E=.</p><p>...s</p><p>3</p><p>--7-tr1-I-J</p><p>Listen ond point . Sing.</p><p>-r -i*</p><p>--r---[ )</p><p>I- ' -T*--</p><p>l--r---L_ -/</p><p>\1t r-''l</p><p>-/- \</p><p>moo moo moo*t'"r-,</p><p>Cows in the kitchen,Cows in the kitchen.There ore cows in the kitchen, moo moo moo\ \'hot con we do John Former?Sheep in the bedroom, boo boo boo ...Ducks on the ormchoir, quock quock quockFicgs in the bothroom, crook crook crook ...[hickens in the cupboord, cluck cluck cluck</p><p>l+ Asl&lt; ond cnswer.</p><p>Stuf -$l</p><p>,fiwA</p><p>tcow ducl&lt; f rog goot l izord sheep spider</p></li><li><p>WW Listen ond onswer.</p><p>W WW Listen, point and repect.</p><p>| love dogs. So do l. I don't.</p></li><li><p>G WW Listen cnd point. chcnt.</p><p>love lemon ond onions.</p><p>&amp; O Sou ond il;i fs;T)</p><p>So do I.So do I.So do I.So do I.So do I.Hmm. So do I.I don't. Goodbge.</p><p>re,tr&amp;d4@</p><p>ImnQ,D re r gE{ 3 I</p></li><li><p>n-</p><p>i,l ,i'r;l:rl'f,,'</p><p>Sqy if with Monty</p><p> sheep</p><p>- : : . : :1 ' . : ,</p><p>^ .</p><p>' t '..;#,:.</p><p>She shows shoesin the shoe shoP.</p><p>io ,, . , SoU ond Gnswer.</p><p>t-- !</p><p>#*rJ{ / \/ ,iu</p><p>;--'\</p></li><li><p>Trevorl Pssst! Aregou sleeping? Trevor! Mcskmcnl Ccn gou be</p><p>quiet, plecse? I'm trging to sleep!</p><p>WeLl, count sheep,Mcsl</p></li><li><p>tr*, lt*f </p><p>;</p><p>, t{r'Nfw </p><p>\'t':t'"" ., </p><p>j</p><p>I</p><p>shop I hogp_it_cl. 1</p><p>r{lL+ll-i"tw</p><p>Listen, point f ind</p></li><li><p>isu# ## Read ond onswer.g </p><p>v Y</p><p>Where's the womon with the bcbgrHow monu pineopples cre there?How manu cots ore there?Where's the bou with the kite?Whct colour cre the shoes in the shoe shop?Where cre the lemons?Whot colours the bus?</p><p>Yp LJ Asl&lt; and onswer. Use the words in the rs men women ch ild renbcbies pinecppLes coconuts</p><p>bil</p></li><li><p>N5 Listen ond point"</p><p>ai</p><p>d</p><p>,:q+{._t!"_</p><p>:1r_.11i</p><p>::)</p><p>Asl&lt; and cnswer"Grcndpc.</p><p>behind between in front of next to</p></li><li><p>-1 i q-_-.,, L*/ Listen o</p><p>*/t :li*i$!nd point . Sing.</p><p>%ffi</p><p>:SW Ask ond onswer.</p><p>Put two books on the toble .. .Put o pencil between the books . ..Put o pencil behind gour heod ...Put o book in front of gour nose ...Put o book under gour choir ...Put o pencil behind Uour eor . ..Put two books on gour heod ...Put them oll bock on the toble,And now now sit down.</p></li><li><p>9 cD2 Sqy if with, M'onty</p><p>Oltie octopus The clocl</p></li><li><p>Oh, no. l t ' s 'DogziLLc ' ,the monster dog,</p><p>Accgh! Montg! Lool</p></li></ul>


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