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KHAITAN PUBLIC SCHOOL HOLIDAY HOMEWORK SESSION: 2016-2017 CLASS-XI PHYSICS 1. Working model according to CBSE norms. 2. Assignments for chapters-Physical world and measurement & Kinematics 3. Extra questions for each topic (HOTS) CHEMISTRY 1. A copy of this assignment should be pasted in the classwork register. 2. All the multiple choice questions should be solved in the register and the answers should be marked in the assignment sheet. 3. Revise the chapters 1, 2 4. You have to come prepared with a hands on activity which can be built to an investigatory project for class 12 ASSIGNMENT ON QUANTUM NUMBERS (L-2) Q1. True or False a). n has integral values from 1 to . b). l has values from 1 to . c). ml has values from - l to + l. d). ms has values from +1/2 to 1/2. e) The n=3 energy level has no f orbitals. f) The 2p orbitals can have a maximum of 6 electrons. g) The s orbital has a spherical shape. h) The n=4 energy level has three sublevels Q2. Which of the following sets of quantum numbers is NOT permissible? And why? a. n = 1, l = 0, ml = 0, ms = + b. n = 4, l = 0, ml = 0, ms = + c. n = 3, l = 3, ml = -3, ms = - d. n = 2, l = 1, ml = 1, ms = - e. n = 2, l = 1, ml = 2, ms = + Q3. Answer the following a. What is the value of l for a 4f electron? b. What is the orbital designation for an electron in the M shell and p subshell? c. What are the possible values of ml for a 5d electron? d. What is the maximum number of electrons in the 3rd energy level? e. How many orbitals in an atom have the following quantum numbers: n = 4, l = 2, ml = -2? f. How many electrons have the following quantum numbers: n =4, l = 2, ml = -2 ? g. How many electrons have the following quantum numbers: n =3 & l = 2 ? h. How many electrons have the following quantum numbers: n =5 &ms = -1/2 ? Q4 Which of the following orbitals can not exist?1s , 3p , 1p , 7d , 3f , 4s , 2d , 8g Q5. Name the orbitals described by the following quantum numbers a) n = 3, l = 0 b) n = 3, l = 2 c) n = 3, l = 3 d) n = 5, l = 0 e) n = 3, l = 1 Q6. Place the following orbitals in order of increasing energy: by ( n+L) value 3s, 6s, 3d, 4f, 3p, 7s, 5d, 5p Q7. Fill in the blanks with the correct response: a. The number of orbitals with the quantum numbers n=3, l=1 and ml = 0 is _________. b. The subshell with the quantum numbers n=4, l=3 is designated as _________. c. The total number of ml values for a d orbital are ________________________. d. The allowed values of l for the shell with n=2 are _________. e. The lowest value of l for the shell is _________. f. The number of orbitals in a shell with n=4 is _________. g. The number of electrons with n=3 and l=1 is _________. h. The maximum number of electrons with quantum numbers with n=3 and l=2 is _________. i. When n=2, l can be _________. j. When n=2, the possible values for ml are _________. k. The number of electrons with n=4, l=1 is _________. l. The subshell with n=3 and l=1 is designated as the __________ subshell. m. The lowest value of n for which a d subshell can occur is n=_________. n. The number of electrons with n=4, ml=3 ,ms=+1/2 is _________. Q8. Match the quantum numbers with the information provided by these. Quantum number Information provided (i) Principal quantum number (a) orientation of the orbital (ii) Azimuthal quantum number (b) energy and size of orbital (iii) Magnetic quantum number (c) spin of electron (iv) Spin quantum number (d) shape of the orbital Q9Match the following rules with their statements : Rules Statements (i) Hunds Rule (a) No two electrons in an atom can have the same set of four quantum numbers. (ii) Aufbau Principle (b) Half-filled and completely filled orbitals have extra stablity. (iii) Pauli Exclusion Principle (c) Pairing of electrons in the orbitals belonging to the same subshell does not take place until each orbital is singly occupied. (iv) Heisenbergs Uncertainty Principle (d) It is impossible to determine the exact position and exact momentum of a subatomic particle simultaneously. (e) In the ground state of atoms, orbitals are filled in the order of their increasing energies. Q10. Calculate the wave length of a golf ball weighing 100 g and moving with velocity as 20 % of the speed of light. Q11.Fill in the blanks with the correct response: (i)The number of orbitals with the quantum numbers n=3, l=2 and ml = 0 is _________ (ii) The number of valence electrons in the outermost p subshell of a sulfur atom is ____. (iii) The number of unpaired electrons in a Mn2+ ion is _________. (iv) The subshell with the quantum numbers n=4, l=2 is _________. (v) The ml values for a d orbital are ________________________ (vi) The allowed values of l for the shell with n=2 are _________. BIOLOGY 1. Prepare your project-1. Plant a tree 2. Perform its nomenclature. 3. Study its leaves ,its venation and succession. 4. Study its floral structure and details in later stages 5. Assignments for chapters-Plant reproduction and Animal reproduction 6. Complete all the practicals discussed in class 7. Revision of Unit-I ACCOUNTANCY Students are required to make a project keeping in mind the following: - 1. Collection of Source Documents for at least 10 transactions of any business. 2. Preparation of Vouchers from the above collected Source Documents. 3. Presentation of Project Work on A4 size (interleaf): a) Page 1 Name of the student b) Page 2 Index of Project File c) Page 3 Certificate d) Page 4 Acknowledge e) Page 5 - Subject Matter f) Page 6 Data required g) Page 7 onwards Presentation of information in the form of Vouchers. 4. Students can take an idea from Project 2 given in their book. 5. In case of any query contact Ms. Sapna at 9873333141 or BUSINESS STUDIES Write a Short note on the following terms: Q1: If a person sells his/ her domestic T.V. set at a profit, will it be considered as a business? Also, explain the characteristics of business which is being stressed upon in the above said example. Q2: Define service. Name the service which is related to the following cases: a) The service which helps in removing hindrance of knowledge. b) The service which helps in removing hindrance of place. mailto:sapna.malhotra@khaitanpublicschool.comc) The service which helps in removing hindrance of time. d) The service which helps in removing hindrance of risk. Q3: One man control is best in the world if that one man is big enough to manage everything. Explain the statement. Q4: Compare the status of a minor in a joint Hindu family business with that in a partnership firm. Q5: Which form of business is suitable for following types of business and why? a) Beauty parlour b) Small retail outlet c) Hotels d) Shopping malls e) Medium size trading concern Project Work: The objective of introducing this project among students is to give a first hand experience to them regarding the different types of business units operating in their surroundings, to observe their features and activities and relate them to the theoretical knowledge given in their text books. Prepare a project related to important Multinational and Joint stock companies along with their product details and business objectives. Note: You have to prepare your project on the objectives/products available of different business units. You can take any four business units of your choice. ECONOMICS Assignment sheet Chapter 1& 2: Statistics for Economics & Collection of data Q1: Problem of choice is unavoidable is the ordinary business of life. How? Q2: Explain how scarcity is the undercurrent of Economics. Q3: Distinguish between Qualitative and Quantitative data, and give some examples of both. Q4: Name the stages of statistical study and statistical tools for presentation of data. Q5: Statistical methods are dangerous weapons in unqualified person. Explain Q6: What are the main methods of collecting primary data? Q7: What precautions are necessary to use secondary data? Q8: Statistical tables giving district wise birth and death rates are obtained from publications of the census of India 2011. Would you call them primary or secondary data? Give two reasons in support of your answer. Q9: List any five Schemes Launched by Prime minister of India during last two years for the economic development of the country. Project work: You have to prepare Project Report on Consumer Awareness among Households regarding different type of products like consumable, Durable and capital goods , they areusing. Do not confuse consumer awareness with product awareness. Consumer awareness is a much broader and wider concept. It covers the following questions: i) Are the consumer aware that the product they are using is a certified product, their expiry date, manufacturing date and nutritional value etc ? It should be certified as ISI, AGMARK, ISO-9002 etc. ii) Draft a questionnaire each of consumer & capital goods. Learn & write Statistical Formulas from Ch 15 of class X. Informatics Practices Learn and Revise DBMS Concepts Write a SQL command to do the following:- Create the following emp table. EMPNO INTEGER ,ENAME VARCHAR(10), JOB VARCHAR(9) ,MGR INTEGER ,HIREDATE DATE SAL DECIMAL(7,2), COMM DECIMAL(7,2), DEPTNO INTEGER 1. Write a statement to show the structure of the table emp. 2. To create a table DEPT30 to hold the all information of employees with deptno 30 3. Display names of all employee whose name include either of the substring TH or LL 4. Display data for all CLERKS who earn between 1000 and 2000; 5. Find the employees who have no manager. 6. Display the names of the employee who earns the salary less than 20000. 7. Write a SQL statement to list empno, empname, deptno for all the employees. The information should be sorted on empname; 8. Display names of employees of department number 10,30 and 40. 9. Display deptno without repetition. 10. To display deptno, job, empname in reverse order of salary from emp. 11. Show details of employees who have joined before 1992-01-01. 12. Display names of all employee whose name is at least 4 characters long; 18. Display the current system date. 13. Display the current system time; Try following commands in MySQL CREATE TABLE Student( Rollno INTEGER, Name VARCHAR(25), Gender CHAR(1), Marks1 DECIMAL(4,1)); INSERT INTO Student VALUES (1,'Siddharth Sehgal','M',93); INSERT INTO Student VALUES (2,'Gurpreet Kaur','F',91); INSERT INTO Student VALUES (3,'Monica Rana','F',93); INSERT INTO Student VALUES (4,'Jatinder Sen','M',78); INSERT INTO Student VALUES (5,'George Jacob','M',76); INSERT INTO Student VALUES (6,'Deepa Bhandari','F',77); INSERT INTO Student VALUES (7,'Akshay Nath','M',65); ALTER TABLE Student ADD Games VARCHAR(20); DESCRIBE Student; SELECT * FROM Student; SELECT Rollno FROM Student; SELECT Name,Rollno FROM Student; SELECT DISTINCT Marks1 FROM Student; SELECT Name,Marks1+0.05*Marks1 FROM Student ; SELECT Name,Marks1-10 FROM Student ; SELECT Name,Marks1/2 FROM Student ; SELECT Marks1 AS "Marks Secured" FROM Student; SELECT Rollno,Name,'has secured marks',marks1 FROM student; SELECT Name,Marks1 FROM Student WHERE Marks1 > 80; SELECT Name,Marks1+5 FROM Student WHERE marks1 70 AND Marks1 < 80; SELECT Rollno,Name,Marks1 FROM Student WHERE Marks1 BETWEEN 70 AND 80; SELECT Rollno, Name, Marks1 FROM Student WHERE Marks1 IN (68,76,78); MATHEMATICS WORKSHEETS CHAPTER 1 TO 3 1. Write the set {1,4,9,100} in set builder form. 2. Write {x: x is a 2-digit number having sum of digits as 8} in raster form. Write down all the subsets of . 3. If , B . Write and as intervals. 4. Let and . Find 5. Let A={ } and B={ }then find A . 6. Q9. Prove that =7. Prove that: =1 8. Find the domain of the function f(x)= 9. Solve: 10. Find the value of cos1050 11. Find the value of tan . 12. In a group of 50 students, the number of students studying French,English,Sanskrit were found to be as follows: French =17,English=17,Sanskrit =15,French and English=9,English and Sanskrit=4,French and Sanskrit=5,English,French and Sanskrit=3.Find the number of students who study- 1)French only 2)English and Sanskrit but not French 3)At least one of the three languages 4)none of the three languages 13. Prove that: cos3A+cos5A+cos7A+cos15A=4cos4Acos5Acos6A 14. Prove that: = 15. 16. Solve : 17. If cos(A+B)sin(C-D)=cos(A-B)sin(C+D), then show that tanAtanBtanC+tanD=0 18. Prove that: cosAcos2Acos4Acos8A= 19. Prove that: =2cosA 20. Find the domain of the following functions:1) 21. 2) 3) [ ] 22. If , prove that: 23. If , prove that: 24. Prove that: 25. Prove that: 26. Find the range of the function: 27. Find the values of x for which the functions and are equal. 28. Let 29. Find f+g,f-g,2f,f/g. 30. Find the range of the function f(x)= PSYCHOLOGY Q.1 Relate Psychology with the following fields: Cooking Journalism Movie making Medical Defense services Q.2 Educational Visit to the clinical setting and meeting the clinical psychologist and psychiatrist. (Asking their experiences) Make a report. HISTORY 1. 1 .Make a project file on any one topic of the given in the syllabus. 2. Many societies have myths about floods. These are often ways of preserving memories about changes in history. Find out more about such stories. 3. MAP WORK: a) Locate important places associated with Mesopotamian civilization. b) Highlight the area of the Roman Empire and mark important cities and rivers. 4. Learn all the question answers of chapters completed. POLITICAL SCIENCE 1. Collect cartoons from various newspapers and magazines. What are the various issues that they are concerned with? Which political concept do they highlight? 2. Make a list of all the social and economic inequalities that you notice among the students of your neighborhood areas. 3. Go through the newspapers of last few days and identify cases of rights violation. What should the government and civil society do to prevent such cases? 4. Write a debate for or against: It is not appropriate for schools, or any other agencies like the army, to insist on a common uniform and to ban display of religious symbols such as the turban. 5. Learn all the question answers of chapters completed. INDIAN CLASSICAL MUSICAL Write down the brief history Dhrupad, Khayal, and its Gharana (20 pages). PHYSICAL EDUCATION Practical file need to complete during summer vacation: Topics: 1) Athletics: Middle distance race (800 mtrs or 1500 mtrs races). 2)Meaning and Importance of Yoga. 3)Asanas: Standing, Sitting & lying (three each) along with the details & diagram. 4)Skill of any one team game (Football & Basketball) 5) Benefits of Asanas. 6)Draw the neat diagram of field/court of any one game of your choice football, Volleyball, Basketball & Track & Field. Write the history, Rule and regulation, Terminologies & important tournaments. FINE ARTS All work should be done on A2 size sheet. Compositions should be done with any medium of colours on A2 sheet. 1. Pencil drawing- Two indoor study, two outdoor study, two page (A2) human figure study. 2. Composition- Visual representation of your Self. 3. Composition- My city (include at least an animal or some birds or both) PHYTHON Q1) What are tokens in python? How many types of tokens are allowed in python? Name them Q2) How are keywords different from identifiers? Q3) Name the various types of literals in python? Give examples of each. Q4) What are operators? what is their functions ? Q5) What is the difference between a statement and an expression? Q6) What are variables? How are they important for a program? Q7) What is dynamic typing? Q8) What all components can a python program contain? Q9) Enumerate the rules for naming an identifier? Q10) What is a comment line? How do you write a comment that extends beyond a single line? ENGLISH Selected articles will be uploaded on the school blog: http:// 1. Make a Book Review of The Canterville Ghost. It should be of 8-10 pages It should be printed, font size-14, font - Times New Roman Design a cover page and illustrate the summary with the help of pictures Write about the author, main characters& synopsis. 2. What is your dream about India? Write your vision in about 150-200 words as a sensible, sensitive and optimistic young Indian. Also submit a Poster on how you envisage India today! 3. Write articles on any one of the topics mentioned below: Brand Consciousness and Mindless Consumerism Tourism Boom in our Country Agonies of Old Age Students should note that the assignments will be evaluated and marks will be awarded. The outstanding compositions will find place in the School Magazine. Submission Date: 2/07/2016 HOLIDAYS HOMEWORK FOR ABILITY SECTION SCIENCE HOLIDAY HOMEWORK Make a hand written spiral project which include Cover page, Preface, Acknowledgement, Index, Introduction, Content, Conclusion, Glossary(words), Appendix(important definitions and facts), Bibliography(Reference sources), Teachers Report. The project topics are :- 1. Black Body Radiations 2. The Realms of Gravity 3. Carnot Cycle 4. Photolytic Effect & Stopping Potential Theory 5. Rocket propulsion Theory BIOLOGY 1. Prepare your project-1. Plant a tree 2. Perform its nomenclature. 3. Study its leaves ,its venation and succession. CHEMISTRY 1. You have to come prepared with a hands on activity which can be built to an investigatory project for class 12. **************************************


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