Keyboard Shortcuts for Outlook

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Keyboard Shortcuts for Outlook


3/27/2015 KeyboardshortcutsforOutlookdata:text/htmlcharset=utf8,%3Ch1%20style%3D%22color%3A%20rgb(54%2C%2054%2C%2054)%3B%20fontsize%3A%202.4em%3B%20margintop%3 1/19Keyboard shortcuts for OutlookSome of the content in this topic may not be applicable to some languages.To print this topic, press the TAB key to selectShow Allat the top of the topic, press ENTER, and then pressCTRL+P.Microsoft Office Outlook keyboard shortcutsBasic navigationTo do this PressSwitch to Mail. CTRL+1Switch to Calendar. CTRL+2Switch to Contacts. CTRL+3Switch to Tasks. CTRL+4Switch to Notes. CTRL+5Switch to Folder List inNavigationPane.CTRL+6Switch to Shortcuts. CTRL+7Switch to next message withmessage open.CTRL+PERIODSwitch to previous message withmessage open.CTRL+COMMAMove between theNavigationPane, the main Outlook window,theReading Pane, and theToDoBar.F6 orCTRL+SHIFT+TABMove between the Outlookwindow, the smaller panes intheNavigation Pane, theReadingPane, and the sections in theToDo Bar.TABMove around withintheNavigation Pane.Arrow keysGo to a different folder. CTRL+YGo to theSearchbox. F3 or CTRL+E3/27/2015 KeyboardshortcutsforOutlookdata:text/htmlcharset=utf8,%3Ch1%20style%3D%22color%3A%20rgb(54%2C%2054%2C%2054)%3B%20fontsize%3A%202.4em%3B%20margintop%3 2/19In theReading Pane, go to theprevious message.ALT+UP ARROWor CTRL+COMMAor ALT+PAGE UPIn theReading Pane, page downthrough text.SPACEBARIn theReading Pane, page upthrough text.SHIFT+SPACEBARExpand or collapse a group with agroup selected in theNavigationPane.SHIFT+PLUSSIGN or MINUSSIGN, respectivelyCollapse or expand a group in theemail message list.LEFT ARROW orRIGHT ARROW,respectivelyMove to next field inReadingPane.SHIFT+TABMove to previous field inReadingPane.CTRL+TABGo back to previous view in mainOutlook window.ALT+B, ALT+LEFTARROW, orALT+BACKSPACEGo forward to next view in mainOutlook window.ALT+RIGHTARROWSelect theInfoBarand, if available,show the menu of commands.CTRL+SHIFT+WSearchTo do this PressFind a message or other item. CTRL+EClear the search results. ESCExpand the search to includeAll MailItems,All Calendar Items, orAllContact Items, depending on themodule you are in.CTRL+ALT+AExpand the Search Query Builder. CTRL+ALT+WUseAdvanced Find. CTRL+SHIFT+FCreate a new Search Folder. CTRL+SHIFT+PSearch for text within a message orother item.F4Find next during text search within amessage or other item.SHIFT+F43/27/2015 KeyboardshortcutsforOutlookdata:text/htmlcharset=utf8,%3Ch1%20style%3D%22color%3A%20rgb(54%2C%2054%2C%2054)%3B%20fontsize%3A%202.4em%3B%20margintop%3 3/19Find and replace text, symbols, orsome formatting commands withinopen items. Works in theReadingPaneon an open item.CTRL+HExpand search to include the desktop. CTRL+ALT+KFlagsTo do this PressOpen theFlag for Follow Updialogbox to assign a flag.CTRL+SHIFT+GColor CategoriesTo do this PressDelete the selected category from the list intheColor Categoriesdialog box.ALT+DCreate an item or fileTo do this PressCreate an appointment. CTRL+SHIFT+ACreate a contact. CTRL+SHIFT+CCreate a distribution list. CTRL+SHIFT+LCreate a fax. CTRL+SHIFT+XCreate a folder. CTRL+SHIFT+ECreate a Journal entry. CTRL+SHIFT+JCreate a meeting request. CTRL+SHIFT+QCreate a message. CTRL+SHIFT+MCreate a note. CTRL+SHIFT+NCreate a new Microsoft Officedocument.CTRL+SHIFT+HPost to this folder. CTRL+SHIFT+SPost a reply in this folder. CTRL+TCreate a Search Folder. CTRL+SHIFT+PCreate a task. CTRL+SHIFT+KCreate a task request. CTRL+SHIFT+UAll items3/27/2015 KeyboardshortcutsforOutlookdata:text/htmlcharset=utf8,%3Ch1%20style%3D%22color%3A%20rgb(54%2C%2054%2C%2054)%3B%20fontsize%3A%202.4em%3B%20margintop%3 4/19To do this PressSave. CTRL+S orSHIFT+F12Save and close. ALT+SSave as. F12Undo. CTRL+Z orALT+BACKSPACEDelete an item. CTRL+DPrint. CTRL+PCopy an item. CTRL+SHIFT+YMove an item. CTRL+SHIFT+VCheck names. CTRL+KCheck spelling. F7Flag for followup. CTRL+SHIFT+GForward. CTRL+FSend or post or invite all. ALT+STurn on editing in a field exceptin Icon view.F2Left align text. CTRL+LCenter text. CTRL+ERight align text. CTRL+REmailTo do this PressSwitch toInbox. CTRL+SHIFT+ISwitch toOutbox. CTRL+SHIFT+OChoose the account from whichto send a message.CTRL+TAB withfocus on theToboxand then TAB totheAccountsbuttonCheck names. CTRL+KSend. ALT+SReply to a message. CTRL+RReply all to a message. CTRL+SHIFT+RForward a message. CTRL+FMark a message as not junk. CTRL+ ALT+J3/27/2015 KeyboardshortcutsforOutlookdata:text/htmlcharset=utf8,%3Ch1%20style%3D%22color%3A%20rgb(54%2C%2054%2C%2054)%3B%20fontsize%3A%202.4em%3B%20margintop%3 5/19Display blocked external contentin a message.CTRL+SHIFT+IPost to a folder. CTRL+ SHIFT+SApply Normal style. CTRL+SHIFT+NCheck for new messages. CTRL+M or F9Go to the previous message. UP ARROWGo to the next message. DOWN ARROWCreate a new message when inMail.CTRL+NCreate a new message from anyOutlook view.CTRL+SHIFT+MOpen a received message. CTRL+OOpen the Address Book. CTRL+SHIFT+BConvert an HTML or RTFmessage to plain text.CTRL+SHIFT+OAdd a Quick Flag to anunopened message.INSERTDisplay theFlag for FollowUpdialog box.CTRL+SHIFT+GMark as read. CTRL+QMark as unread. CTRL+UShow the menu to downloadpictures, change automaticdownload settings, or add asender to the Safe Senders List.CTRL+SHIFT+WFind or replace. F4Find next. SHIFT+F4Send. CTRL+ENTERPrint. CTRL+PForward. CTRL+FForward as attachment. CTRL+ALT+FShow the properties for theselected item.ALT+ENTERMark for Download. CTRL+ALT+MClear Mark for Download. CTRL+ALT+UDisplay Send/Receive progress. CTRL+B when aSend/Receive is in3/27/2015 KeyboardshortcutsforOutlookdata:text/htmlcharset=utf8,%3Ch1%20style%3D%22color%3A%20rgb(54%2C%2054%2C%2054)%3B%20fontsize%3A%202.4em%3B%20margintop%3 6/19progressCalendarTo do this PressCreate a new appointmentwhen in Calendar.CTRL+NCreate a new appointmentin any Outlook view.CTRL+SHIFT+ACreate a new meetingrequest.CTRL+SHIFT+QForward an appointment ormeeting.CTRL+FReply to a meeting requestwith a message.CTRL+RReply All to a meetingrequest with a message.CTRL+SHIFT+RShow 10 days in thecalendar.ALT+0Show 1 day in the calendar. ALT+1Show 2 days in the calendar. ALT+2Show 3 days in the calendar. ALT+3Show 4 days in the calendar. ALT+4Show 5 days in the calendar. ALT+5Show 6 days in the calendar. ALT+6Show 7 days in the calendar. ALT+7Show 8 days in the calendar. ALT+8Show 9 days in the calendar. ALT+9Go to a date. CTRL+GSwitch to Month view. ALT+= or CTRL+ALT+4Go to the next day. CTRL+RIGHT ARROWGo to the next week. ALT+DOWN ARROWGo to the next month. ALT+PAGE DOWNGo to the previous day. CTRL+LEFT ARROWGo to the previous week. ALT+UP ARROWGo to the previous month. ALT+PAGE UPGo to the start of the week. ALT+HOME3/27/2015 KeyboardshortcutsforOutlookdata:text/htmlcharset=utf8,%3Ch1%20style%3D%22color%3A%20rgb(54%2C%2054%2C%2054)%3B%20fontsize%3A%202.4em%3B%20margintop%3 7/19Go to the end of the week. ALT+ENDSwitch to Full Week view. ALT+MINUS SIGN orCTRL+ALT+3Switch to Work Week view. CTRL+ALT+2Go to previous appointment. CTRL+COMMA orCTRL+SHIFT+COMMAGo to next appointment. CTRL+PERIOD orCTRL+SHIFT+PERIODSet up recurrence for anappointment or task.CTRL+GSee also under Views, Calendar Day/Week/Month view, and Date NavigatorContactsTo do this PressDial a new call. CTRL+SHIFT+DFind a contact or other item. F3 or CTRL+EEnter a name in theSearchAddress Booksbox.F11In Table or List view of contacts,go to first contact that startswith a specific letter.SHIFT+letterSelect all contacts. CTRL+ACreate a new messageaddressed to selected contact.CTRL+FCreate a Journal entry for theselected contact.CTRL+JCreate a new contact when inContacts.CTRL+NCreate a new contact from anyOutlook view.CTRL+SHIFT+COpen a contact form for theselected contact.CTRL+O orCTRL+SHIFT+ENTERCreate a new distribution list. CTRL+SHIFT+LPrint. CTRL+PUpdate a list of distribution listmembers.F5Go to a different folder. CTRL+YOpen the Address Book. CTRL+SHIFT+B3/27/2015 KeyboardshortcutsforOutlookdata:text/htmlcharset=utf8,%3Ch1%20style%3D%22color%3A%20rgb(54%2C%2054%2C%2054)%3B%20fontsize%3A%202.4em%3B%20margintop%3 8/19UseAdvanced Find. CTRL+SHIFT+FIn an open contact, open thenext contact listed.CTRL+SHIFT+PERIODClose a contact. ESCOpen a Web page for theselected contact if one isincluded.CTRL+SHIFT+XOpen theCheck Addressdialogbox.ALT+DIn a contact form,underInternet, display theEmail 1information.ALT+SHIFT+1In a contact form,underInternet, display theEmail 2information.ALT+SHIFT+2In a contact form,underInternet, display theEmail 3information.ALT+SHIFT+3In the Electronic Business Cards dialog boxTo do this PressOpen theAddlist. ALT+ASelect text inLabelbox when the fieldwith a label assigned is selected.ALT+BOpen theAdd Card Picturedialog box. ALT+CPlace cursor at beginning ofEditbox. ALT+ESelect theFieldsbox. ALT+FSelect theImage Aligndropdown list. ALT+GSelect color palette for background. ALT+K,thenENTERSelectLayoutdropdown list. ALT+LRemove a selected field fromtheFieldsbox.ALT+RTasksTo do this PressShow or hide theToDo Bar. ALT+F23/27/2015 KeyboardshortcutsforOutlookdata:text/htmlcharset=utf8,%3Ch1%20style%3D%22color%3A%20rgb(54%2C%2054%2C%2054)%3B%20fontsize%3A%202.4em%3B%20margintop%3 9/19Accept a task request. ALT+CDecline a task request. ALT+DFind a task or other item. CTRL+EOpen theGo to Folderdialog box. CTRL+YCreate a new task when in Tasks. CTRL+NCreate a new task from any Outlookview.CTRL+SHIFT+KCreate a new task request. CTRL+SHIFT+UOpen selected item. CTRL+OPrint selected item. CTRL+PSelect all items. CTRL+ADelete selected item. CTRL+DForward a task as an attachment. CTRL+FSwitch between theNavigationPane,Taskslist, andToDo Bar.SHIFT+TABOpen selected item as a Journal item. CTRL+JUndo last action. CTRL+ZFlag an item or mark complete. INSERTFormat textTo do this PressDisplaytheFormatmenu.ALT+ODisplay theFontdialogbox.CTRL+SHIFT+PSwitch case with textselected.SHIFT+F3Format letters as smallcapitals.CTRL+SHIFT+KMake letters bold. CTRL+BAdd bullets. CTRL+SHIFT+LMake letters italic. CTRL+IIncrease indent. CTRL+TDecrease indent. CTRL+SHIFT+TLeft align. CTRL+LCenter. CTRL+E3/27/2015 KeyboardshortcutsforOutlookdata:text/htmlcharset=utf8,%3Ch1%20style%3D%22color%3A%20rgb(54%2C%2054%2C%2054)%3B%20fontsize%3A%202.4em%3B%20margintop%3 10/19Underline. CTRL+UIncrease font size. CTRL+] or CTRL+SHIFT+>Decrease font size. CTRL+[ or CTRL+SHIFT+


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