Keppel Land's Environmentally Friendly Programs

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  • Annex 2

    1 Insulated Glazing Units 1 Reduce solar heat transmission

    ie Curtain Wall Faade into interior of building

    2 Plasterboard Shaft Wall 2 Dispense need for scaffold

    System inside the shaft

    3 Acoustic Treatment 3 Reduce Noise from the large

    utilizing steel plate DSC cooling towers located

    dampeners next to office space


    1 Energy-saving lamp / 1 Promote Energy-efficiency

    Electronic Ballast

    2 Intelligent Passenger Lift 2 Reduce waiting and travelling

    System time to optimize energy usage

    3 Air Flushing System 3 Discharge foul air from enclosed

    workspace to the external space

    4 Energy Wheel as a heat 4 Decrease fresh air temperature

    exchanger before supplying to the AHUs

    thereby conserving energy

    5 Variable Air Volume 5 Ensures optimum control of

    (VAV) air conditioning to the building

    Singapore Environmental Achievement Award 2005

    Environmental Initiatives Environmental Benefits

    One Raffles Quay


    Keppel Land's Environmentally Friendly Programs

    Energy Conservation

    and Efficient Material


    Reduced Flow Rate and Flusing

    Volume from the inclusion of

    thimbles provided by PUB


    Estimated 5% monthly reduction in

    water usage


    Ocean Building /

    Ocean Towers

    National Water


    Project Name No Awards / Innovations

    Commercial Projects in Singapore



  • 6 Variable Speed Drive in 6 Reduce fan speed & energy

    AHU consumption for the air

    conditioning whenever the

    system is running part load

    7 Air Return Slots in 7 Allow airflow through the

    luminaire housing luminaire, removing heat from

    fluorescent lamps at source

    8 Motion detectors in 8 Reduces the speed of system

    escalators & travellators if sensors cannot detect any

    usage for energy-efficient

    9 Motion Sensors 9 Ensure lights are turned on only

    when movement is detected,

    thereby reducing energy


    10 Recycling of 10 Irrigation Use

    condensated water

    C&S C&S C&S

    Innovative hybrid structural 1 Optimize design of the slender This structural solution is

    system comprising 50-storey North Tower probably adopted for the first

    concrete core, perimeter 2 Address building sway at time in the world for a building

    concrete-filled steel tube undesirable acceleration of such proporations and height

    columns, two levels of levels leading to human

    outrigger trusses & floors discomfort The shape and configuration

    acting as diaphragms 3 Minimize building weight of this mega transfer

    (ie efficient material use) structure is resulted in the

    4 Minimize movements achievement of the final

    considering that the tower unique aesthetic expression

    straddles across live MRT of North Tower Lobby


    Commercial Projects in Singapore

    2 One Raffles Quay

    Energy Conservation

    and Efficient Material


    Awards / InnovationsNo Project NameEnvironmental

    LeadershipEnvironmental Initiatives Environmental Benefits

  • 3 Prudential Tower 1 Green Landscaping 1 A refreshing green haven 1 Lavish landscape park to shield Won FIABCI Prix d'Excellence

    midst quaint shelters the tropical heat & provide 2004 for the office / industry

    delighted with a green relief to the tenants industry

    combination of hard in the bustling CBD

    landscaping of polished 2 Maximum views and Minimum

    granite planter boxes thermal heat load in tropical

    and flamed finished Singapore

    granite for all walkways

    and soft landscaping of

    wide canopy & palm


    2 Building and 2 Oriented-designed

    Orientation Design building and cladding

    with low-e glass to

    save energy

    4 Keppel Bay / 1 Water Features 1 Sea Frontage, Reflection 1 Reduce solar heat into the BCA Construction Excellence

    Harbour Front Pools and Sprouting building and aesthetically Award 2004 in commercial /

    Towers Fountains, Sun Shading appealing mixed development

    Fins at Building Faade 2 Good working environment building category

    2 Energy Saving 2 Low glare energy and energy saving

    Lighting efficient flourescent

    light fitting with less


    1 Recycle, Reuse, 1 Used toner and ink Proceeds from recycling efforts 2003: Anti-Sars Measures

    Reduce Wastage & cartridges, 10 cartons of are donated to social 1 Daily compulsory monitoring

    Refill scrap paper, old organizations annually of body temperature of all

    newspaperss & magazines staff, stakeholders and

    are sold to the recycling contractors. They were fed

    agency monthly Vit. C supplements to boost

    immunity system

    Keppel Land Limited



    Commercial Projects in Singapore

    No Project NameEnvironmental

    LeadershipEnvironmental Initiatives Environmental Benefits Awards / Innovations

  • 2 Designated recycling bins 2 KLL & Keppel Corporation

    are allocated throughout to donate 2 thermal imaging

    the office to collect scanners and 4 ventilators to

    disposed scrap paper, Vietnam under auspices of

    old newspapers & Temasek Holdings.

    2 Energy-Saving and magazines. Refurbished 3 Go Green, Go Global

    Water Conservation old PCs sold to staff for Campaign was adopted by

    Program a nominal sum. the Group's projects for

    File Binders are reused. landscaping and waste

    minimization for all local and

    overseas projects

    6 Parco Bugis 1 Interactive 1 Purifies and recycles 1 Provides cool relief and - May 2005

    Junction Fountain Water Minimize wastage Public Utilities Board awarded

    2 Glass Covered 2 Traverses natural light 2 Enhance shopping the property management of

    Atrium experience Bugis Junction Tower a

    3 Water Conservation 3 Installation of water 3 Reduction in water usage certificate for conserving water

    saving devices in the taps and the tower known as Water

    of all restrooms Efficient Building

    - May 2003

    Awarded COOL Singapore

    Certificate for best practices in

    the prevention, recovery and

    risk management of SARS

    1) I Feel Good anti-SARS

    campaign for managing

    shopper's fear of pandemic

    2) 4/2003: Singapore Food

    Festival's Gourmet Paradise

    anti-SARS campaign

    promotes the personal

    Awards / Innovations

    Keppel Land Limited


    Commercial Projects in Singapore


    No Project NameEnvironmental

    LeadershipEnvironmental Initiatives Environmental Benefits

  • 6 Parco Bugis hygiene and eradicate viral

    Junction by sponsoring eight $4000

    handwash booths for both

    vendors and visitors,

    accompanied with

    displayed posters to

    educate the public the

    correct way to wash hands.

    - 10/2003: I Feel Good anti-SARS

    campaign was lauded at the

    internationally acclaimed

    MAXI Awards in Las Vegas

    - Awarded Merit Award under

    Community Service for

    Shopping Centres (ISCS)

    for successful retail

    marketing program

    7 Intercontinental 1 Water and Energy 1 Heat pump technology 1 Energy Savings (4 refrigeration - 1998: Green Globe Distinction

    Hotel Conservation produces hot water for tons per unit of heat pump) Award by the World Travel

    2 Linen Program guests rooms; taps heat 2 Energy-saving fluorescent and Tourism Council

    3 Use if Bio- from the environment and bulbs are used - 1999: Green Leaf Award

    degradable produces cold air to and Green Globe Certificate

    cleaning agents cool internal space, eg of Achievement by the Travel

    4 Active recycling lowers temperature of and Tourism Council

    program current laundry space - 11/2003: Participation in

    5 Staff Training on 2 Timer Switches are National Clean and Green

    good installed for lights to be Week, hotel staff cleaned

    environmental turned off when not in the beach and neighbouring

    practices use areas in Pulau Ubin

    - 2000: Partnership with

    Awards / Innovations

    Commercial Projects in Singapore

    No Project NameEnvironmental

    LeadershipEnvironmental Initiatives Environmental Benefits

  • 7 World Wildlife Fund to

    conserve endangered wildlife

    in a campaign called

    "Sleep well, you just saved

    a life" - hotel guests are

    given the option to donate

    local currency equivalent of

    US$1 by adding to bills

    - 2003: Cool Singapore

    Certificate awarded by SPRING

    Singapore for close monitoring

    and placing precautions in line

    with the Ministry of Health's

    recommendations to ensure

    safety and well-being of

    guests and employees

    during SARS outbreak

    -> Higher doses of

    disinfectant were added to

    laundry wash and cleaning

    contact surfaces, daily

    temperature checks of all

    employees, contractors


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