Kenya Network Information Centre (KENIC)

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Kenya Network Information Centre (KENIC). Introduction. KENIC is the registry for the .KE ccTLD. Local and non-profit organization Mandate is to Manage & operate the .KE ccTLD. Public Private Partnership. Staff. 3 Permanent Employees Administrative Manager, Accountant, Systems Engineer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Kenya Network Information Centre(KENIC)

  • Introduction

    KENIC is the registry for the .KE ccTLD.

    Local and non-profit organization

    Mandate is to Manage & operate the .KE ccTLD.

    Public Private Partnership

  • Staff3 Permanent EmployeesAdministrative Manager,Accountant,Systems Engineer

    2 Interns (3 month periodrotational basis)System AdministrationCustomer SupportFinance and Administration

  • Organisation Structure

  • Challenges!!High cost of the Internet

    Link availability.

    Working towards acquiring another link from our local TELCO (increase availability)....

  • How Registrations Arrive ..We have adopted a Public-sector Private-sector Partnership (PPP) model for the .KE Registry.

    Defined application process which includes the signing of an MOU between the Registry and the successful Registrar.

    Public(), Private()..

  • What KENIC does!maintain the Registry System, Database and .KE root serverrespond to customer enquiries (registrars and domain name owners) regarding the .KE name space.

    What the Registrars do!.usually ISPs and who are close to the customers, deal with the actual registration of the domain names.

  • How Registration Policies are Implemented?We have Domain Registration Procedures which define among other things:How to register a DomainUser Identification RegistrationDomain and Entity Registration RightsHow to become a RegistrarHow to create an Entity (Owner-ID) Administrative Entity ContactsDomain Administrative ContactsDomain Technical ContactsDomain Billing ContactsDNS DelegationsAdministrative Entity IDSupporting Documentsfor, & .go.keBilling billing is done

  • Registration PoliciescontdWe also have defined Transfer and Cancellation Procedures which define procedures for:Changing Administrative Entity Contact IDTransfer of Domain Contacts..Domain transfer to new entity (owner)Change of DNS DelegationDomain DeletionUser ID deletion

  • Registry Data StoreThe registrys data is stored in a single DB

    Zone files and whois data generated by the registry system during domain name registration

    the registry system requires that you provide certain information before you register a domain name.

  • DNS ServiceAuthoritative name serversSystem requires that you define at least twoName Servers for each domain name thatyou want to register (Master, Slave)..

    DNS Software usedDepends on the Registrar and persons providingthe Name Servers but mostly BIND..

  • whois Service

    We use the Brazillian Registry System

    The whois server that we use is custom made for the Brazillian Registry System

  • Boxes

    All Workstations run on Linux

    Servers run on FreeBSD

  • ServersWe own and maintain all our servers: Root Server for the .KE domain name spacea DNS servera Web servera Mail servera Monitoring servera PBX Server running Asterisk..

  • Monitoring / ReliabilityMRTGto monitor the traffic load on network-links (Bandwidth Monitoring)NAGIOSto monitor host, service and network statusWebalizerto monitor access to our website (pages visited frequently, points of entry/exit, number of hits..) fast, free web server log file analysis program

  • Projects2005..installed NTP Server at our IXP(KIXP)

    in the process of installing a mirror of the F Root Server at the IXP

    We are planning on doing test beds on DNSSec and IPV6

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