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  • Kellett School Pok Fu Lam Campus Extra-Curricular Activities January 2018 March 2018

    Monday ____________________________________________

    Knitting Club Year Group: 4 to 6 Time: Lunch Time

    Knitting for Beginners a relaxing after lunch activity, learning how to knit one, purl one and more maybe a scarf Girls and Boys all welcome.

    Art Club

    Year Group: 3 to 6 Time: 3.15pm 4.30pm

    During Art Club children experiment with a variety of materials and processes. They work in both 2D and 3D form and explore clay, mod-roc, paint, textile materials and much more to create their own pieces of art work. Over the course of the club children will normally make three or four projects per term based around a distinctive theme which sufficiently challenges their creative skills. Happy making!

    Chess Year Group: 2 to 6

    Time: 3.15pm 4.30pm We are the PIONEER in developing childrens chess in Hong Kong Highest quality coaches, curriculum and tournaments. We create a healthy platform for children to compete from less formal mini quad to large scale scholastic tournaments. Led by International Master and experienced top level FIDE ranked coaches, students will learn chess tactics, strategy, etiquette and good sportsmanship. This will help children develop strategic planning and decision making, nurture perseverance and patience and foster self-sufficiency and confidence. Children will enjoy a good game of chess and develop their character through chess!

  • Chinese Quizlet Club Year Group: 3 to 6

    Time: 3.15pm 4.30pm

    Students will be doing a series of Chinese games and self-assessing tests to revise their language skills in listening, speaking and reading.

    Gymnastics Year Group: 3 to 4

    Time: 3.15pm 4.30pm Why walk when you can cartwheel? Gymnastics is an exciting and challenging sport. You will amaze yourself at the new skills you will learn!

    Lion Dance Year Group: 4 to 6

    Time: 3.15pm 4.30pm Ha Kwok Cheung Dragon & Lion Dance Team was established in 1924 .The team has run for four generations. We have accomplished the World Grand Champions 10 times. Students can learn how to coordinate with others and learn through traditional Chinese culture through lion dance.

    Ballet Year Group: 1 to 2

    Time: 3.15pm 4.30pm Calling all Princesss and Princess's! This class is an introduction to the world of ballet, helping to develop physical skills and encourage creativity, expression and musicality. Conducted in a non competitive fun environment, with chance to dance & show your talents at the school Fair.

  • Nuvo Clarinet Year Group: 3 to 4

    Time: 3.15pm 4.30pm This ECA consists of a series of group lessons for beginners on the Clarineo. This is a smaller, lightweight version of the clarinet and is ideal for those wishing to progress to either the clarinet or the saxophone once they are big enough. Learning as part of a large group in this way is an excellent opportunity to have fun playing as part of an ensemble and to develop overall musicianship skills alongside their peers. There will also be opportunities to perform as part of the pre-orchestra later on in the year. Instruments will be provided through the school as part of the Project (the hire fee is included in the cost of the Project) and must be taken home after each lesson in order for the students to practice.



    Year Group: 1 to 4 Time: 3.15pm 4.30pm

    This Ensemble gives all students who have started an orchestral instrument immediate experience of playing in a group. (This does not include piano, drums, recorder or guitar). From Year 1 Year 4, whether youve been playing for a term or a couple of weeks, as soon as they can play a few notes on their instrument they are very welcome to join the preorchestra (this ensemble is not by audition). This group will meet in the upper music room each week at the same time as orchestra, to allow students to easily progress into the main orchestra when they reach an appropriate level.

    Netball Year Group: 5 to 6

    Time: 3.15pm 4.30pm

    Children will continue to develop their basic ball skills, movement skills and positional play around the court. Specific skills such as passing, shooting, finding space will be a focus. Lots of opportunity to play games and experience different playing positions.

    Fobisia Training Year Group: (Selected Team Only)

    Time: 3.15pm 4.30pm For selected team only, please refer to the P.E. Department. Dates are to be arranged.

  • Tuesday


    Battle of the Books Year Group: 5 to 6

    Time: 7.45am 8.30am

    Battle of the Books is a book club with an added competitive edge! The primary aim of the club is to encourage the enjoyment of reading, widen reading choices, and promote discussion of books, with the added challenge of reading 20 pre-chosen titles, representing quality literature from a variety of genres ranging from fantasy, adventure, mystery and comedy, by prominent authors in young adult literature. The club culminates in an inter-school competition in May where Hong Kong Schools compete against each other, vying to answer questions on the 20 books.


    Brass Ensemble Year Group: 3 to 6

    Time: Lunchtime

    The Brass Ensemble is for any children who are having lessons on a brass instrument- either inside or outside of school. They will work towards an informal performance before Christmas and then they will combine with the orchestra or pre-orchestra in the Spring and Summer terms as well, to prepare for the Annual concert. This ensemble will give young brass players the opportunity to flourish and meet the particular challenges of the early stages of brass instrumental technique and performance.

    Orchestra Year Group: 3 to 6 (by audition)

    Time: 3.15pm 4.30pm

    Students who take private instrumental lessons (either at school or elsewhere) are eligible to audition for our Instrumental Ensembles (Strings and Wind Band). Typically, students join after 6 12 months of lessons when they are reading music and able to play independently. Entry is available in September for performance in December. A second point of entry is in January for preparation for the Annual Concert in June. Students who are interested should come and see a member of the Music Department.

  • Nuvo Ensemble Year Group: 5 to 6

    Time: 3.15pm 4.30pm This ECA is a fantastic opportunity for any student who doesnt yet play an orchestral instrument, to begin learning a woodwind instrument. It is particularly aimed at students who would like to play something before moving up to senior school, but who dont currently have an instrument. The beauty of this project is that throughout the year students will have the opportunity to do a term each on the Dude (a Nuovo version of the clarinet), the Toot (a Nuovo version of the flute) and the J Sax (the Nuovo version of the saxophone). Throughout the year this group will be run by two woodwind specialists who will be able to offer instrumental expertise and targeted support for each instrument. At the end of the year students will then be able to choose to take up either flute, clarinet or saxophone for individual lessons. There will be the opportunity to be involved in various performances throughout the year. The rent of the instrument and sheet music materials are all included in the cost of the ECA.


    Robotics Club Year Group: 4 to 6

    Time: 3.15pm 4.30pm Bricks 4 Kidz EV3 Robotics is the cutting edge of technology with the introduction of LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Robotics. Students will be captivated as they incorporate the newest generation of motors, sensors, and software by programming their commands directly into the intelligent brick. Test their capabilities by moving an object with a robotic claw, building a robot that draws, or creating a mouse trap. Combining the versatility of the LEGO building system with the most advanced technology LEGO has ever developed, unleash the creative powers of the new LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 set to create and command robots that walk, talk, think and do anything you can imagine! 4th graders and up

    Our company will provide all the necessary equipment in the course. There is no need for students to purchase anything.

    Coding Year Group: 4 to 6

    Time: 3.15 4.30pm Students will be taken through the foundations of programming by building their own website. Using HTML/CSS and JavaScript. They will move on to create an interactive game using JavaScript and learn how to upload it online.

  • Astro Club Year Group: 1 to 6

    Time: 3.15pm 4.30pm

    Our fun and dynamic extra-curricular Astro Club is open to every year group. We differentiate to cater for all ages. This space themed course is run by Discovery Dome, Hong Kong's only English medium portable planetarium. Discovery Dome visits many schools in Hong Kong with our exciting curriculum workshops.

    Move For Life Dance Year Group: 1 to 6

    Time: 3.15pm 4.30pm (Year 1 to 3) 4:30pm 5:30pm (Year 4 to 6)

    "We empower children through dance! A team of Ballroom Dancing experts, that have combined Hip Hop with Ballroom for a new generation of people, based on popular international TV and media. We do a mixture of dances both individual and partner based with modern music and new concepts to engage students in a fun and social environment while learning some vital life skills and increase confidence. Dances achieved in the classes will include a combination Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Jive, Salsa, and more! At