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    Inside this issue:

    November 2014

    The Keeper

    Once Upon A Dream

    The Portage Soccer Complex owned and operated by

    the Portage Soccer Club opened in 2002. None of our

    current players have ever played a home game at an-

    other venue. Heres a brief history lesson on how it came to be. . .

    PSC home games were first played at the former

    Michigan Independent Soccer League (MISLE) Soccer

    Complex now the PSC practice facility from 1985 to

    1996. In 1996, the MISLE lease expired and the property reverted to its

    owner, Pharmacia & Upjohn, L.L.C. After the closure of the MISLE com-

    plex PSC teams played its home games at River Oaks County Park.

    In September 1996, MISLE purchased the land where the Portage Soccer

    Complex is via a land contract. Its player numbers dwindled and were

    absorbed into AYSO Region 74 in early 1999. Facing a default on its land

    contract, MISLE sold the property to the PSC in May 1999. The PSC

    agreed to move forward with the development of a soccer complex receiv-

    ing site plan approval from the City of Portage in June 1999.

    Ground breaking for the Portage Soccer Complex was on May 11, 2000.

    During 2000 and 2001 construction seasons the property was mass

    graded, underground storm drainage installed, irrigation system in-

    stalled, fencing and gates (over a mile long!) installed and the fields

    seeded. In September 2001, work began on the concession and storage

    building and continued throughout the winter. A hardy band of PSC vol-

    unteers worked every weekend but one to complete the building by April


    The last step was the paving of the parking lot on April 18, 2002. The

    steam rollers were still compacting the asphalt as the first cars arrived

    for AYSO games that evening. A formal dedication of the complex fol-

    lowed on May 10th.

    The Portage Soccer Complex was just a dream in 1990 when a small

    group of volunteers began meeting to plan it. It has now been open 12

    years approximately the number of years it took to plan and build it. I

    guess dreams can come true!

  • PAGE 2 THE KEEPER November 2014

    For The Love of The Game

    Have you ever noticed whenever you turn around all you hear about are the negative stories involving

    society? Thats because the media has discovered controversy and issues sell space and boost ratings. To test my theory, I just Googled the words Soccer Coach. I then clicked on the word News and im-mediately found stories of Smokey Hill Players use slurs and then Youth Soccer Coach sent Inappro-priate texts.

    What we dont see is the true human interest stories like our very own Coach Vu Le. Many of you may not have had the good fortune to have had him as a coach, but I can guarantee you his influence has

    touched your team. As our Technical Director of Coaching, he is involved with providing guidance to

    all coaches on both tactical and technical player development. If you ever need to find him all you need

    to do is hit the practice fields where he typically is coaching anywhere from 3-5 teams each year.

    Now some people seem to think he does this because he gets paid a lot to do it. Well if this was a

    game show you would have heard the buzzer going off indicating you were wrong. Coach Vu doesnt typically take any money. In fact his Technical Director of Coach stipend is regularly donated right

    back to the club. So what's in it for him? Its simple, Coach Vu does it for the love of the game. As a parent who has had him as a coach and someone who has spent years working with him on the PSC

    board, I can honestly tell you, thats all he needs. He simply loves helping both kids, coaches and the community and to him the feeling he gets from this is truly priceless.

    In 2006, the Le family was the first family to have 4 children playing for the club, Viet, Nam An &

    Binh. At that time he was roped into coaching by our very own David Rice. That season he helped

    coach 4 teams and since then obviously he has never let up. He still spends countless hours helping

    our club, and I say countless because its true. I tried to add it up and I eventually lost count.

    Even with this incredible time commitment he still

    finds time to seek out additional training opportunities

    for himself so he can bring this education back to us.

    In 2013, he was able to attend and complete the exten-

    sive National B License training program. This pro-

    gram was a serious time commitment as he was re-

    quired to complete over 20 hours of classroom training

    along with another 48 hours of field time.

    Behind every good man is always a Great

    Women. Without the Love and support of

    Vus wife Anh, we as a club would not have been able to benefit from his time, passion

    and support he continues to give back to


    Vu and Anh continue to be positive role

    models for coaches players and parents alike. Vu thank you for all that you do

    and Anh thank you for sharing him with us! The Le family continues to support the PSC family not for

    the notoriety, income or any other reason other than simply for The Love of The Game.

  • PAGE 3 THE KEEPER November 2014


    This fall, the Portage Soccer Club added a new training opportunity for players. On Wednesday and

    Thursday evenings, goalkeepers of all ages received training specifically targeted at improving their

    technique and game management. Training topics ranged from such fundamentals as footwork,

    proper ball-catching, and diving to more advanced tactics like positioning and breakaways. Each

    training session typically had more than 20 goalkeepers participating, and coaches Brian Boukalik,

    Russ Randall, and Tom Mellinger divided the kids into smaller groups based on age.

    Going forward, coaches will be provided with some tools that incorporate their field players with

    goalkeeper training. In addition, suggested pre-game warm-ups will be developed to ensure that

    goalkeepers are prepared both mentally and physically for each match. The club is also hoping to

    put on some winter training clinics for goalkeepers.

    The NSCAA offers education clinics for coaches interested in learning more about training goalkeep-

    ers. Each year there are a few of these clinics in Michigan. Please contact Tom Mellinger if you are

    interested in attending one of these or if you would like help with goalkeeper training in the spring.

    PSC Goalkeeping Program

    Congratulations to Hannah (Vinnie) Hoffman. She plays on the Girls Portage SC 01 Green

    team. She designed the winning logo! She was one of eight players who submitted logos

    this year and was selected by the tournament board with a majority vote. To vote, the

    tournament board only get to see the designs, not who submitted them.

    For having the winning logo she receives a free Tournament

    Sweatshirt, t-shirt and a pizza

    party for her team.

    Thanks to those who submitted

    designs. Presentations will be

    made at the June club wide meet-


    2015 Portage Classic Logo Competition Winner


    The Portage Soccer Club is having a huge sale on all our old Tournament Appeal. We have items from

    this past tournament and all the way back to 2007. Prices range from $12 to $5. Prices simply cant be beat. Some quantities are limited so please be sure to order early.

    Please visit the website main page to see the items and to get more information.

  • PAGE 6 THE KEEPER November 2014

    St. Augustine Cathedral School recently constructed a soccer field and

    playground improvements at its downtown Kalamazoo campus.

    Dubbed love thy neighbor project, the improvements will be used by students during the school day and the neighborhood when school is not

    in session.

    While the soccer field was nearing complete, it was still missing soccer

    goals when school resumed. In stepped the Portage Soccer Club through an anonymous donation a set

    of U11/U12 goals were purchased. On a recent Sunday morning PSC volunteers Sean Bowser, Verne

    Genisio, David Rice and Greg Strayer assembled the goals and laid out and lined the soccer field. Can

    you imagine the excitement when the children arrived at the school on Monday morning?

    I brought my son to school this morning. He was so excited to see the goals up and the field striped...he cant wait for recess. Mike FlynnProject Architect

    Thank you very, very much. The goals are wonderful. Ill take some photos today of the kids using the field. Andra ZommersPrincipal

    Thank you very much for the PSCs significant contribution and efforts in making this happen for the k