Kaunas In Kaunas Airport is located in the central part of the country. Last year Kaunas Airport was

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Text of Kaunas In Kaunas Airport is located in the central part of the country. Last year Kaunas Airport was

  • Kaunas In Business


  • Kaunas Airport is located in the central part of the country. Last year Kaunas Airport was visited

    by 740 thousand of passengers approximately.

    The Airport provides direct flights to 17 destinations. The main destinations include cities of

    United Kingdom, Ireland and Norway, also Denmark and The Netherlands. I

    All about the location

    Fastest growing airport in the Baltic States

    Second largest airport in Lithuania

    Carried 740,540 passengers in 2016

  • Kaunas is located on the crossroads of two major international transport corridors. Kaunas enjoys

    perfect international transport solutions offered by the fast growing Kaunas International Airport

    and perfect geographic location, which is considered in the middle of Lithuania.

    Most intensive rails by load in Lithuania

    Crossroad of Vilnius - Kaunas - Klaipėda

    Just 200 km away from Klaipėda sea port

    Developed Infrastructure

  • Industrial development area offering:

    Free Trade Zone

    Prepared infrastructure Convenient location Rapid process of establishing a company

    Tax incentives

    0% 50% 0% 0% Profit tax

    (first 6 years) Reduction on Profit tax

    (10 more years) Property

    tax Tax on


  • Key Sectors International companies acknowledge the competence base of Kaunas and therefore decide to

    establish and expand their business in Kaunas.

    MRO Sector Automotive SectorMedTech Sector ICT Sector

  • ● 15 institutions of higher education;

    ● 3 science and technology parks for the needs of students and companies;

    ● Strong competence base reinforced by graduates each year;

    ● Adjusted to conform with the needs of the labour market.

    Student Pool

    7 Universities

    8 Colleges

    18 Vocational Schools

  • Substantial growth in business centers and residential real estate

    Salaries and rent prices in Kaunas are 15-25% lower than in Vilnius.

    Business Centers with a total leasable area of 60 k. sq. m. are to be

    opened in 2017-2018

    Real estate development

  • Magnum business centre, opening in two years, will be characterised not

    only by its unique location, but also comfortable working environment

    and minimum maintenance needs. The smart office building will be

    managed by an automatic BMS system, choosing the best microclimate

    for the employees, using renewable energy sources, benefiting from

    cost-conscious LED lighting and enabling independent autonomous

    management of the office costs.

    Magnum business centre

    A class office building due to open this year is all about connecting with

    nature - from the architectural details to well planned out natural daylight

    inside. Kauno Dokas is also economic - it uses Neris river water for green

    and economic ventilation system.

    Kauno Dokas

  • During the period of 2014 - 2020 more than 70 public projects will be developed. The overall

    investment in these projects is more than 170 M Euros. Most investments will be made to

    these projects:

    ● Museum reconstruction

    ● Modernisation of theaters and libraries

    ● Advancement of infrastructure

    ● Installation and modernisation of sport’s areas

    ● Bicycle infrastructure

    ● Construction and modernisation of educational facilities

    ● M. K. Čiurlinis Concert Centre

    ● Science Island

    ● S. Darius & S. Girėnas stadium reconstruction

    ● Laisvės avenue reconstruction


    Science Island

    M. K. Čiurlionis concert centre

    Darius and Girenas stadium

  • The National Science and Innovation Centre

    will be established in the very city centre, on the

    Nemunas Island.

    The first interactive science popularization


    Research laboratories adapted for pupils, a

    planetarium, and conference centre.

    Žalgiris Arena is one of the largest sports and entertainment venues

    in the Baltic states.

    Science Island’s perspective on three interrelated scientific themes, the Human, the Machine

    and Nature/Ecology, will be framed by the future: the most likely outcomes for the world,

    alternative scenarios, and the extent to which each of us is part of that unfolding process.

    The project’s overall aim is to foster and advance the development of science and culture in

    Kaunas, and in Lithuania as a whole. The project is being developed in cooperation with all

    Lithuanian universities and many leading experts in their respective fields of study.

    Science Island

  • The building – circa 11,750m2 with an additional 8,600m2

    underground parking garage

    A new public square related to the entrance

    of the building

    A new public park with outdoor performance and audience space

    Žalgiris Arena is one of the largest sports and entertainment venues

    in the Baltic states.

    The Centre will meet Kaunas’ pressing need for a world-class modern concert venue while

    also providing multi-functional spaces for conferences, congresses and symposia. The new

    Centre will host musical events of national and international significance and will strengthen

    the city’s network of spaces dedicated to music. The flexible mix of additional spaces is

    intended to inspire. This will contribute to shaping the Centre’s use as a place of ‘knowledge’

    – providing a platform for events, meetings, conferences, congresses and symposia.

    M. K. Čiurlionis Concert Centre

  • Stadium reconstruction will enlarge the main building to up to 20.000 sq.m. and bring it up to

    standard to all international requirements for the most important sports events to take place

    in it. Reconstruction also includes the surrounding areas in Ąžuolynas park. After the

    renovation it will become a multifunctional sports and recreational complex including track

    and field athletic manee and a recreational arena known in Kaunas as Dainų Slėnis.

    The stadium itself will include special spaces for NGO and local community including a cafe,

    coworking and a sport’s centre.

    15000 seats in the renovated stadium

    Up to the highest standards for

    international events

    Space for NGOs and community

    Darius & Girėnas Stadium

  • Cultural heritage: architectural monuments,

    museums, theatres, art galleries and churches.

    A thriving night life scene catering to a

    range of tastes.

    A range of sports and leisure activities, and

    great access to nature.

    Žalgiris Arena is one of the largest sports and entertainment venues

    in the Baltic states.

    From amazing architecture to galleries and theatres - Kaunas is truly full of culture. The city

    which has mostly preserved the national character of the country, it offers plenty of activities

    for everyone. Visit the hearth of Lithuania and experience it’s unique atmosphere. Visit the

    remarkable Old Town which is a collection of ancient architectural monuments: the remnants

    of the 14th century with remains of Kaunas castle, the buildings of the Middle Ages in the

    Gothic and the Art Deco styles.


  • 112 Cultural projects

    In Kaunas

    169 Organizational and personal partners

    1054 Community


    We are happy to announce that Kaunas has officially been designated the European Capital

    of Culture 2022. The official slogan for the city is: “KAUNAS 2022: FROM TEMPORARY TO


    Kaunas of Lithuania seeks to become a changing force for a local community as well as for

    the communities with similar problems and issues all over Europe.

    European Capital of Culture

  • 60 museums And galleries

    Wide range of festival and fairs

    Modernist and Art-deco architecture

    Žalgiris Arena is one of the largest sports and entertainment venues

    in the Baltic states.

    Kaunas intends to make its rich legacy a steppingstone to foster a modern, creative and

    inclusive city. A wide cultural offering is provided through the city’s 60 museums and

    galleries, as well as festivals and fairs such as the Kaunas Architecture Festival (KAFe), the

    Design Week and the Kaunas Biennial. As the architecture of buildings and streets retains

    the city’s cultural identity while emphasizing collective memory, the municipality has

    dedicated a large area of the old town to cultural and creative events.

    UNESCO design city

  • The home of Žalgiris Kaunas team

    Up to 20 000 spectators

    A great place for concerts and events

    Žalgirio Arena is the biggest multifunctional arena in the Baltic region. Many different events

    can take place here, starting from basketball, handball, volleyball, fitness competitions, ice

    skating to big concerts, theatrical events, expos or private functions. Furthermore, it is home

    for Žalgiris Kaunas, the legendary basketball team. The pride of the city is play