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The Legend of José Gaspar

The Vessels of Gasparilla

Which Fashion Icon will Win this Year’s British Style Award

Smith & Associates is Bringing London to Beach Drive on December 4th

Tour the Gardens of Beautiful South Tampa Homes

Stage Your Entryway to Sell Your Home

Just in Time for Spring Cleaning, Everyday Items that Double as Cleaning Tools

Gardening Inside Your Tampa Bay Condominium

Smith & Associates Real Estate’s Dave Traynor Talks About 31 Potential Tampa Bay Condo Developments

Decorating Your Tampa Bay Home with Pantone’s Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid

Interior Design Trends Predicted for 2014

Social Media Strategy

Press Release: Smith & Associates Real Estate Offers One of Tampa Bay’s Grandest Properties, 16629 Villarreal de Avila, for Sale

Maritime Mischief and Merriment


Katherine Dobbins

















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I am Katherine Dobbins, a writer who can design, and who has a mind for strategy. In this portfolio, you will find a souvenir handout distributed by the Henry B. Plant Museum, blog articles originally written for a local real estate company and redesigned as magazine articles, and an example of a social media strategy I created.

When you are ready to talk about the work I can do for you, please contact me at [email protected]


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[email protected] 3

+ =I also came up with the event’s name, Maritime Mischief and Merriment.

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Every year Pantone Inc. brings the world’s leading color experts together to choose the color of the year. The color is said to con-nect with the spirit of the times. The color of the year for 2014 is radiant orchid. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, calls the color, “An enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, radiant orchid inspires confi-dence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivat-ing purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.” If you like being on point when it comes to fashion, you’re in luck. Because radiant orchid is made of warm and cool tones, most people will find it to be a flattering color. At Smith & Associates Real Estate, we’re most interested in how our clients can deco-rate with radiant orchid. First, we wanted to see what colors went best with 2014’s color of the year. We plugged ra-diant orchid into Adobe’s Kuler. After seeing what the color wheel had to say, we went to work finding inspiration from designers who are ahead of the curve on this trend. We’ve pinned some great interior de-sign pictures to our Pinterst board, Decorating with the Col-or of the Year, Radiant Orchid. Rather than seeing a strictly radiant orchid trend, we’re see-

ing a lot more purple. Interior designers aren’t shy about us-ing this color. They are saturat-ing rooms in various shades. If you’re getting ready to sell a home in Tampa Bay, your best bet for bringing more purple into your life is to add a pop of it here and there. For instance, radiant orchid curtains really freshen up a room. Or, rather than change the interior of your Tampa Bay home for sale, head to your local garden shop and ask them what purple flow-ers will grow best in your yard. Interestingly, while looking at our Pinterest board, Decorat-ing with the Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid, a few of our agents said they were reminded of the show Gossip Girl. It’s not surprising, that in a show about New York royalty, you’d find the color of royalty incorporated into characters’ home decor. We want to hear what you think. Do you like Pantone’s color of the year, radiant orchid? Will you take a page from the Wal-dorfs and the Van Der Wood-sens and decorate with purple this year? Tell us on Facebook.

Image sources: Gossip Girl

screenshot via Netflix

Color palettes via Adobe Color CC

Decorating Your Tampa

Bay Home with Pantone’s

Color of the Year,

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Radiant Orchid

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In a recent post, Smith & Associates Real Estate’s Jane Gowarty talked about using radiant orchid, Pantone’s color of the year, in your home’s interior design.

Since that post ran, clients of our Tampa Bay real estate agents have been asking us what else will be hot in home decor in 2014.

We’ve combed through some of our favorite blogs, and created a Pinterest board showing the interior design trends we’re seeing predicted for 2014. Here are some of our favorites:

Interior Design TrendsPredicted for 2014

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[email protected] 7

Saturated Shades of Bright BluesDesigners say we’ll be seeing bold colors in home interiors, and that shades of blue will be at the front of this trend.

Using blue in interior design is certainly not a new trend, but it is one that designers are predicting will become even bigger in 2014. Turquoise and cobalt will be dominant, rather than secondary or accent, in design schemes.

Navy as a NeutralYour favorite pair of dark denim jeans goes with every top in your closet. Any color tie looks great with a navy suit. This deep blue hue has been used as a neutral color in fashions for several years, and interior designers are predicting this trend will really take hold in 2014.

Bold Geometric PatternsLike colors, patterns will be bold. Look for geometrically patterned dhurrie rugs to become more and more popular.

Black WallsMuch like with navy as a neutral, interior designers are taking a cue from fashion. Ask anyone what they think the five most iconic outfits of all time are, and chances are Audrey Hepburn in her black dress and sunglasses in Breakfast at Tiffany’s will be on their list. Black on walls can be as sophisticated and stylish.

While whites, beiges, and grays will never be out of style, Smith & Associates Real Estate loves black walled rooms. The rich, saturated colors and bold patterns we will be seeing more and more of pop against dark walls.

For those wary of painting a room all black, a single black accent wall contrasted by white walls is very chic!

Light-Tone Woods in Natural FinishesMove over mahogany. Light tone woods are making a come back. Honey hued maples, oaks, and pines add warmth and elegance to any room.

When it comes to wood in 2014, the natural look is in. Interior designers are saying to let the grain show.

At Smith & Associates Real Estate, we’re loving live-edge wood furniture. When making this furniture, carpenters incorporate the natural edge of the wood into the design, making every piece an original.

MacrameThe thought of macrame decor may bring your imagination back to the 1970’s, but actually this art form was at its most popular in the Victorian era. The macrame we are seeing these days has a modern bohemian feel. Check out the work of Sally England for inspiration.

Hair-on Hide FurnitureHair-on hide will make its way from the floor to the furniture. Cowhide rugs have been on-trend for the last couple of years. Now, we’ll be seeing more of this luxurious leather on sofas, chairs, and ottomans.

Which of these trends do you absolutely love? Are there any you could do without? Tell us your thoughts on Facebook!

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8 [email protected]

The Legend of José Gaspar

The trumpets sounded, and a jester announced that King Gasparilla C, Philip R. Carroll was ready for his King’s Dinner to commence. The night’s feast and the dancing that followed celebrated the 100th royal court of the Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla. To commemorate this centennial milestone, Smith & Associates Real Estate presents our 10 part series, 100 Things You Need to Know About Gasparilla.

Interestingly, although this is the 100th royal court, this is not the 100th Gasparilla. That milestone took place in 2004. Back then, Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla published Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla: The First One Hundred Years. This book is a great source of information for anyone who wants to delve deeper into Tampa’s celebrated tradition.We can’t think of a better place to start our 10 part series, “100 Things You Need to Know About Gasparilla” than with the legend of Tampa’s favorite pirate, José Gaspar.

1| Before becoming a pirate, José Gaspar was a lieutenant in the Spanish Royal Navy. In 1783, defeat of the Spanish fleet by the British prompted Gaspar to lead a mutiny.

2| José Gaspar grew up as a member of the Spanish aristocracy. He was very well dressed and well mannered, especially for a pirate.

3| After the mutiny, he changed the ship’s name from Florida Blanca to Gasparilla, and began calling himself by that same name.

4| Gasparilla and his crew settled among a group of small islands at the mouth of Charlotte Harbor. Gasparilla named one of these barrier islands for himself. Captiva Island was so called because that was where Gasparilla and his crew kept their captives.

5| Gasparilla named Sanibel Island in honor of the girlfriend of his friend and first-mate Roderigo Lopez. When Lopez expressed desire to return to Spain to be with his love, Gasparilla supplied a boat, and sent a number of men to help Lopez make the journey home.

6| Gasparilla named one of the barrier islands after one of his captive mistresses. Her name was Joseffa. The name of her island became anglicized and is now known as Useppa Island.

7| Gasparilla proposed to a captive English woman named Ann Jeffery. She fearfully confessed to being in love with Batista, the youngest and bravest of the pirates of Gasparilla. The pirates and their captives expected Gasparilla would put Ann and Batista to death in some horrible manner. Instead, Gasparilla seized a merchant ship and agreed to set her free, with passengers and cargo unharmed under one condition – Ann and Batista be given passage back to England.

8| The piracy of Gasparilla and his crew was brought to an end by Captain Lawrence Kearney. Captain Kearney fooled Gasparilla into thinking his ship was a merchant ship, when she in fact was the USS Enterprise.

9| Gasparilla refused to be taken alive. He leapt overboard shouting, “Gasparilla dies by his own hand, not the enemy’s!”

10| The twelve pirates who were captured swore that they and their captain had fully intended to retire from their wicked ways the next day. All except a cabin boy named Juan Gomez were executed. Later in life, Juan Gomez claimed he was never a mere cabin boy, but in fact, the Pirate Captain Gasparilla.

What stories of this famed Pirate Captain have you heard? Let us know in the comments below!

Later in life, Juan

Gomez claimed he was

never a mere cabin boy,

but in fact, the Pirate

Captain Gasparilla.

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[email protected] 9

The Vessels of GasparillaJanuary is here, and that means the pirates of Gasparilla are gearing up to invade Tampa Bay. So far in Smith & Associates Real Estate’s 10 part series, 100 Things You Need to Know About Gasparilla, we’ve talked about important times and dates to remember this year, how the parade got started, and the legend of José Gaspar.

Now, what would pirates be without their ships? Here are 10 Fun Facts about the Vessels of Gasparilla:

1| In 1783 Britain brought defeat to the Spanish fleet and crushed Lieutenant Gaspar’s hopes of rising in the ranks of the Spanish Royal Navy. It was then that the lieutenant led a mutiny and seized control of the Florida Blanca. He renamed and the ship after himself, making this the first ship of Gasparilla.

2| In what is believed to be José Gasparilla’s diary, he brags about capturing 36 ships in his first year of pirating. If 36 ships seem like a lot, consider that was just in one year. Gasparilla and his men pirated for nearly four decades!

3| Pirates aren’t known for playing catch-and-release on the high seas, but Gasparilla did famously release one merchant ship.

When English captive Ann Jeffery refused Gasparilla’s marriage proposal because she and another pirate, Batista, were in love, the pirates and their captives expected the worst. Instead, Gasparilla seized a merchant ship and made a deal with that ship’s captain: passengers and cargo would be unharmed, if the captain agreed to give Ann and Batista safe passage back to England.

4| Gasparilla and his pirates were bested on December 21, 1821 by the crew of the USS Enterprise, under the command of Captain Lawrence Kearney.

5| For years the Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla would borrow ships, for their

invasion, and not know until days before the parade whether one would be available at all. That changed when the Krewe purchased the Bisbee in October of 1936.

The ship that became the José Gasparilla I was a three-masted, oak-beamed schooner that had sailed the Atlantic Coast, and made voyages to Madagascar and South America.

The ship was used in every Gasparilla invasion parade until 1952, when she was declared unseaworthy. The ship caught on fire and sank into the Hillsborough River on February 6, 1956.

6| With the José Gasparilla I decommissioned, YMKG borrowed four ships for the 1953 Gasparilla Invasion: the Joseito, the Goldfield – renamed the Buccaneer’s Bride for the occasion – the Shark, and the Sea Wolf. The Joseito, a two-masted, schooner-rigged vessel, was to be the flagship of that year’s Invasion. However, the ship was unable to make it past Lafayette Street Bridge (now the Kennedy Blvd. Bridge). Fortunately, the people of Tampa Bay have a history of working together, and King Gasparilla Gilvie L. Reeves was spirited to Plant Park by another vessel. The pirates who were riding the Buccaneer’s Bride were welcomed aboard a landing barge.

For their part, Queen Patricia Lowry, her royal maids and

candidates rode aboard the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Nemesis. They did not have any problems completing their journey.

7| 1954 marked the 50th Anniversary of the Gasparilla Invasion and was the first year the José Gasparilla II sailed. Queen Suzanne Lowry christened the new ship with a bottle of Jamaican rum and Captain James W. Warren and first Lieutenant Richard McKay raised the ship’s first Jolly Roger. King Carlton C. Cone presided over the ceremony.

8| In 1975, the José Gasparilla II sailed up the Hillsborough River for the last time. The next year, and every year thereafter, the ships masts were too tall to pass under the newly completed Crosstown Expressway Bridge (now known as the Leroy Selmon Expressway).

9| In 1976, YMKG borrowed the Captain Anderson from St. Pete, and rechristened her Ye Royal Barge. For the first time, Gasparilla’s royalty invaded Tampa Bay together.

10| While the Krewe selects a new captain every few years from among its ranks, the José Gasparilla II is actually captained by Captain John Timmel, a master mariner, Tampa Bay resident, and YMKG pirate.

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10 [email protected]


Which Fashion Icon will Win this Year’s


At Smith & Associates Real Estate, we like to pay attention to what’s happening in the in the fashion world. Being well-dressed as agents helps us put forth your home’s best image. Like most of the world, we often look to London for inspiration. We even have a Pinterest board dedicated to the fashions of and inspired by London, one of the world’s fashion capitals. Naturally, our love of London means our offices are abuzz with talk of the British Fashion Awards, which will be held on Monday December 2nd at The London Coliseum. The main question on our minds is, who will be the style icon that wins this year’s British Style Award?

Photo courtesy of Britishfashionawards.com

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[email protected] 11

The British Style Award is the one award given during the British Fashion Awards that is voted on by the public. The website for the British Fashion Council says the winner should be, “an individual who most embodies the spirit of British fashion and is an international ambassador for London as a leading creative fashion capital.” When the nominees were announced, our agents noted that Alexa Chung was left off this year’s list of nominees. She did win the award for the past three years in row; perhaps the British Fashion Council decided it was time to give someone else a fighting chance. There is a spot for a write-in candidate, which means there is a possibility of Ms. Chung taking home the award yet again. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is a nominee this year. Back around the time of the royal wedding, a member of our Smith & Associates family would not shut up was quite expressive about how amazing Her Royal Highness’ L.K. Bennet Sledge court shoes (pumps on this side of the pond) were. Naturally, we expected her to be in Kate’s corner. Her choice of Susie Lau over nominee and editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, Anna Wintour, OBE, has gotten a few head shakes from some of our agents. “A fashion blogger over THE fashion editor? No way.” My pick for The British Style Award is Helena Bonham Carter, CBE. When iconic designer Alexander McQueen defined British fashion for the world, he told us, “British fashion is confident and fearless. It refuses to bow to commerce, thus generating a constant flow of new ideas whilst drawing in British heritage.” Helena’s style certainly embodies the traits McQueen described. Even when E Online named Helena one of 2013 Oscars’ Worst Dressed, they had to admit her, “Vivienne Westwood dress…suited her eccentric persona.” That’s what I admire about Helena’s style – it’s always about who she is, not who someone else wants her to be. Very British. Joining Duchess Catherine, Susie Lau, Anna Wintour, and Helena Bonham Carter as nominees for The British Style Award are:

Alex Turner,Ben WhishawCara DelevigneCarey MulliganDavid Beckham, OBEDavid Gandy

Dermot O’LearyFlorence WelchHarry StylesIdris ElbaJamie DornanJamie Hince

Kate MossM.I.ANaomie HarrisSusie LauTinie Tempah

Who do you think embodies the spirit of British style? Tell us on Facebook.

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12 [email protected]

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye! Smith & Associates Real Estate requests the pleasure of your company on December 4th, at our St. Petersburg office, located at 330 Beach Drive NE. On this occa-sion, we will be formally “Knighted” as we celebrate our new af-filiation with Mayfair International Realty in London. The festivi-ties shall commence at 5 p.m. and in-clude spirits, trolley rides, and all sorts of British-style fun. We began painting London orange at the be-ginning of this month. Our agents shared photos of the good times they’ve enjoyed while visiting the United Kingdom. We added Pinterest boards with British flair. We celebrated Prince Charles’ birthday with trivia about the royal family. We talked about the tributes American pop culture has paid to the BBC’s iconic television show,

Doctor Who. We shared delicious British inspired recipes. We won-dered who will be crowned Britain’s fashion icon. Our Facebook page is full of fun facts and quizzes about the United Kingdom. We had a lot of fun hand-delivering invitations to friends in the ‘Burg. Our love of London is shining, and getting

bright- er every day. We are

c e l e -brating

b e -cause o u r affili-

a t i o n w i t h

M a y f a i r I n t e r n a -

tional Realty means we have

essentially opened an office in London.

Imagine being able to take one of Tampa International Airports di-rect flights to London, and having your international real estate needs

met by a professional who will pro-vide you with the caliber of service you would expect if you were sitting in one of our Tampa Bay offices. Becoming affiliated with Mayfair International Realty makes this a reality. Furthermore, this affiliation connects us to over 450 worldwide, independent real estate companies that, like Smith & Associates Real Estate, have earned the reputation as being the most knowledgeable real estate experts in their local markets. While we love London, it’s truly our love of Tampa Bay that motivated us to take this step. Our community has a strong and growing global pres-ence. Adding Mayfair International Realty to our network gives Smith & Associates Real Estate agents an-other way to be the best in business. We’d love for you to celebrate with us on Wednesday. Join us on Beach Drive as we paint London orange.

Smith & Associates Real Estate requests the pleasure of your company on December 4th, at our St. Petersburg office, located at 330 Beach Drive NE.

Since we’ll be speaking “London English” at the event, here are 15 words and phrases you’ll want to know:1. ace – awesome2. All right? – Hello how are you? To sound like a Londoner, respond “All right?” in return.3. Allons-y – Let’s go! Okay, this is actually French. However, it was a common exclamation of the Tenth Doctor, and few things are more British than Doctor Who.4. Best of British – Good luck!5. cuppa – cup of tea

6. chips – French fries7. criss – good, sharp, new8. full of beans – full of energy9. looking left, right, and centre – searching all over10. mate – friend11. smashing – terrific12. snap – that happened to me too13. the tube – the London Underground14. watcha – hi, or what do you think of that?15. went down like a bomb – went really well

Smith & Associates is Bringing London to Beach Drive on December 4th

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I love gardens. Like most people, I think gardens provide a wonderful way for fami-lies to spend time together. I am one of the many people who greatly appreciates bees and butterflies for helping sustain Florida’s beautiful natural environment. But, those are simply reasons I think gardens are a good idea. They’re not why I love gardens.

Here’s what I’ve heard

about the six gardens on

the Earthly Paradise tour:

1. Tom Hall and Ken Jewett’s Bal-last Point property features a tropi-cal and relaxing garden of pathways that wind past colorful exotic plants and outdoor art to entertaining spac-es. The homeowners are Broadway producers; I’m excited to see if this garden has a flair for the dramatic.2. The garden at Smith & Associates

Real Estate agent Ed Gunning and Patrick Kenny’s Bayshore Beautiful home provides an entertaining space amid beautiful trees and plantings. It is perfectly staged for the ultimate southern soirée. Ed Gunning is one of South Tampa’s most experienced realtors, and has an eye for beauty and perfection. His incredible home was recently featured on Houzz.3. Debbie Thomas’ Ballast Point

home belongs on the cover of Southern Living Magazine. Her garden of tropicals is blended with traditional Southern appeal. I just might pretend I’m Scar-lett O’ Hara as I walk through.4. Berdina and Tommy Morgan’s

Golfview estate is complete with several gardens, and areas for enter-taining. The French-inspired grounds overlook Palma Ceia’s golf course.5. Ken and Debbie Folkman’s

Bayshore Beautiful garden fea-tures a waterfall and koi pond sur-rounded by large oaks, palms and other native Florida plants. It is the ultimate family oasis.6. The garden at Nils and Tina

Diaz’s Beach Park home is an exquisite example of the beau-ty of symmetry. Statuaries, to-piaries and well planned path-ways, make this garden perfect for relaxing and for entertaining.

Will I see you in the gardens? Let me know on Facebook!

I love gardens because they tell me so much about the people who create and nur-ture them. Whether you have a veggie garden, an eclectic pallet of colors in-spired by the Monet gardens, or a tropical hide-a-way that stays true to Florida with na-tive plants, when you show me your garden I feel like I know you a little better.

Like everyone who works at Smith & Associ-ates Real Estate, I love getting to know you.

On Sunday April 13th, I will be touring six gar-dens of homes in South Tampa with Rose Circle Garden Club’s Earthly Paradise South Tampa Gar-den Tour. I hope you willjoin me.

Tickets are $20 in advance, or $25 at the door, and may be purchased at this link.

This year’s theme is “South-ern Gardens – Tampa Style”.

We will meet at noon at

Fred Ball Park, located at 2621 Bayshore Boulevard. From there, we will have until 5 p.m. to explore beautiful gardens that some very generous South Tampa residents will open to us.A musical tea party will be held in Fred Ball Park from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m.

Tour the Gardens of Beautiful

South Tampa Homes

Things to Do in Tampa

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14 [email protected]

Ask a potential homebuyer what three rooms matter most in a property for sale, and you’ll likely be told the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. The importance of making these three rooms feel fresh and inviting cannot be emphasized enough. Today however, I’d like to talk about another part of your home that make or break a sale – the entryway. Sophie Allsopp, who worked as an estate agent and as a relocation agent in London before becoming a presenter for HGTV, says, “Most buyers decide if they want to buy a house within the first 90 seconds.” Take a minute and a half, or 90 seconds, to think about that. It’s not a lot of time, but it is enough time for buyers to assess how your home makes them feel, and if it seems properly cared for. Staging your entryway communicates the feelings you want potential buyers to have as they walk through your home. Quick bit of expert real estate advice: Decorating is about creating a home that fits your lifestyle. Staging is about getting potential buyers to see your home for sale as fitting the lifestyle they want to live. It’s good to take a look at what other people are doing right. Here are the entryways of two homes listed by Smith & Associates Real Estate agents:

The Wall Street Journal chose this remodeled bungalow in Historic Hyde Park as a “Home Run Home” because there is so much to love. For now, let’s talk about that gorgeous front porch! The sellers highlighted this feature with rockers and a porch swing. By adding three pieces of furniture, they’ve made it easy for potential homebuyers to picture catching up with loved ones on balmy evenings.

When buyers step inside your home for sale, you want to capture their attention and give them an idea of what to expect from the rest of the house. In this entryway, Todd White’s Someone’s Pretty Baby juxtaposed with an 18th century lowboy immediately speaks of the playful elegance found throughout the rest of this home. Both homes for sale are clean and freshly painted. Yours should share these traits. A house that is cared for is a home worth caring about.

Decorating is about creating a home that fits your lifestyle. Staging is about getting

potential buyers to see your home for sale as fitting the lifestyle they want to live.

Stage Your Entryway to Sell Your HomeHome Selling Tips

Photos courtesy Smith & Associates

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[email protected] 15

Goodbye winter, spring has sprung. For many of us, the coming of spring comes with a desire to clean, clean, clean. If you’re getting ready to put your house on the market, deep-cleaning is imperative. If you’re staying where you are for now, a freshly dusted, scrubbed, and vacuumed home will simply feel nicer to live in. When you’re ready to get started, Martha Stewart’s Spring Cleaning 101 is a very handy check-list. Google natural cleaning, and you’ll find article after article on the uses of vinegar, baking soda, and lemon. These are three cleaning staples you should keep on hand. Everyone may know about the cleaning abilities of vinegar, baking soda, and lemon, but those aren’t the only common household items that can double as cleaners. Coffee filters make great lint-free wipes for surfaces you don’t want to scratch, like computer monitors, television screens, and porcelain stove tops. Even better, they’re inexpensive to buy in bulk. Most homes have places that are

impossible to get a dust cloth into, and moving furniture isn’t always the best option. Take care of those hard to reach places by plugging in your hair dryer, setting it to cool, and blowing that dust away! Spring cleaning isn’t the only thing that comes with this season. Smith & Associate Real Estate agents are already seeing more and more cook-outs in the Tampa Bay neighborhoods they serve. If you’re planning an outdoor get together and your citronella candles are dusty, clean them up with rubbing alcohol. Unlike water, it won’t ruin the wick. Do you have a stack of used gift cards? They make great cleaning tools. You can use them to scrape grime from crevices where other tools won’t fit. Or, when fabric softener builds up in your washer, scrape it off with an old gift card. If you’ve got teflon coated pots and pans, you can skip purchasing those little plastic scraper tools. Gift cards serve the same function. Dryer sheets are another ordinary

household item that doubles as a dust cloth. Use them on free standing fans, window unit air conditioner filters and venetian blinds. They’ll get the dust and dirt off faster than a paper towel, and prolonged use creates a protective coating that keeps the item cleaner in the first place. Have you tried any of these before? Do you know of another everyday item that doubles as a cleaning tool? Tell us about it on Facebook.

The coming of spring comes with a desire to clean, clean, clean.

Everyday Items that Double as Cleaning Tools

Just in Time for Spring Cleaning

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My favorite Friday morning tradition is to wake up with the sun, ride my bicycle to a locally owned coffee shop, order a dou-ble espresso, and catch up with the latest Smith & Associates Real Estate blog posts. I enjoyed reading our Belleair office’s broker manager, Nikki Phillips’ latest entry, Things to Do in Tampa | Tour the Gardens of Beau-tiful South Tampa Homes. Like Nikki, I am looking forward to Earthly Paradise. I can’t wait to see the garden at Smith & Associ-ates Real Estate agent Ed Gunning’s home.

I often find that when people think of gardens, they think of them grow-ing outdoors in backyards. While this is true, condo-miniums are also great places for growing gardens. Many people grow

plants in window boxes, or grow gardens on their balconies. These are great! However, I want to talk about gardens that you can grow inside of your Tampa Bay condominium. With a little creativity, you can live an ur-ban lifestyle, and cultivate your green thumb. Here are some fun ideas to help you get started:

Gardening Inside Your Tampa Bay Condominium

Image source: Upcycle That

Image source: Better Homes and Gardens

Image source: Thrifty Ninja

Cork Planters: Do-it-yourself cork plant-ers are easy to make, and making them gives you a reason to have friends over to celebrate. I’ve made the magnetic ones. They are easy to do, and are a nice way to attach favorite photographs to your refrigerator.

Terrariums in Vases: I usually have a vase of flowers in my kitchen. I think it adds a nice pop of color to my decor. This takes it to a whole new level. Instead of putting cut flowers in a vase, grow a miniature garden!

Succulent Pictures: Living pictures are smaller, more convenient versions of living walls. Living walls, also known as biowalls, ecowalls, vertical gardens, or green walls are one of my favorite things for urban dwellings. They are gorgeous to look at, improve air quality, lower temperatures, and can be a way to reuse water. They aren’t always practical though. Building or buying one that is properly irrigated and lets the roots breathe can get expensive. Living pictures made of succulents, like the one pictured from Better Homes and Gardens, only need to be taken outside to be watered once a month. It’d be neat to make a bunch of living pictures and hang them border to bor-der on a wall. Living tiles, if you will. With a little ingenuity you canbe a master gardener inside your Tampa Bay condominium.

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[email protected] 17

31Smith & Associates Real Estate’s Dave Traynor Talks About

Potential Tampa Bay Condo Developments

Back in November, when Water Club on Snell Isle com-pleted vertical con-struction, I spoke to the Tampa Bay Business Journal on behalf of Smith & Associates Real Estate, about the bright future ahead for condominium developments in Tampa Bay. When I told TBBJ that 31 potential devel-opments are be-ing talked about in the area, it sparked some curiosity. Here are some answers to the questions we’ve been getting about these potential de-velopments, and why they are need-ed in Tampa Bay:

Q: Thirty-one pos-

sible developments on the horizon is very exciting! Can you tell us where de-velopers are looking?

A: Developers are primarily look-ing in our urban cores of Tampa and St Petersburg.

Q: Why does Tampa Bay need new condominium d e v e l o p m e n t s ?

A: New develop-ments are desired because our market buyers want more of what we already have. Our inventory of urban condomin-iums is extremely low. Most of what is currently being built is apartments for rent rather than

condos for purchase. Furthermore, the major condomin-ium buildings in our urban areas only

have a few residenc-es if any for sale. Tampa Bay needs to build because de-mand is up, while supply is down!

Q: How do Tampa Bay businesses ben-efit from condomin-ium developments?

A: Condos in our urban core benefit local retail business-es by bringing more people to the area.

Condo develop-ments enable more retail, especially food and beverage businesses, to in-crease the market share that they have within urban cores.

Q: How else will the 31 potential developments ben-

efit Tampa Bay?

A: A foundation of urban dwellers will enable Tampa Bay to host more events. These events will bring in immediate revenue and shine a spotlight on our great cities, leading to more revenue from tourists and people who decide that Tampa Bay is the place they want to call home. More people in our ur-ban cores means more jobs will be created in and brought to the area.

Clearly, the 31 potential develop-ments will have a positive impact on Tampa Bay. Over the next few weeks,

we will spend more time discussing these condomini-um developments. We have also been chatting with some Tampa Bay business and community leaders who say, “It is time to build in Tampa Bay” so keep your eyes on Tam-pa Bay’s growth!

It is time to build in Tampa Bay

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18 [email protected]

Robert Glaser, President and CEO of Smith & Associates Real Estate is pleased to announce that, through Dina Sierra Smith, one of Tampa Bay’s grandest estates, 16629 Villarreal de Avila, is now being offered for sale at $6,495,000.

The estate is currently in receivership, and its new list price is a significant reduction from previous listings. 16629 Villarreal de Avila was previously offered by other agencies at price points ranging from just over $7,000,000 to $18,000,000.

16629 Villarreal de Avila is one of the grandest properties to come to the market in Tampa Bay. This estate conveys the ordered symmetry of the purest of houses. The brick and concrete block construction is filled with magnificent details: custom crafted ceilings, brick columns, marble and wood floors, granite tops, custom cabinetry, finely carved moldings and mantels, tall baseboards, and elaborate lighting. The main house encompasses approximately 22,900 square feet of beautifully designed, air conditioned, luxurious living space with six en suite bedrooms and nine full and four half baths. As you enter the main house, an elegant chandelier hangs centered above the feet of a sweeping grand staircase. The kitchen features an island, a breakfast bar and a walk-in pantry. The formal living and dining rooms are perfect for entertaining. The athletic wing includes an indoor basketball court, a racquetball court, a game room, and an exercise room. Step outside to a pool and spa set against a tropical backdrop. The home also features a theatre, library, a study, a conference room, a wine room, two laundry rooms, four fireplaces, and a three-car garage. Through out the estate, panoramic, deep-set windows and open terraces and balconies offer views of the established landscaping that gives privacy and beauty to the sweeping grounds situated on ski-sized Lake Chapman.

A fully air conditioned guesthouse of approximately 5,462 square feet is connected to the main house by a covered walkway. The guesthouse features four bedrooms, and four full and two half baths, along with a study, two kitchens, two fireplaces, a two-car garage, and a large laundry room.

This exclusive and elegant gated lakefront estate is situated on over 3.4 acres within Avila, Tampa Bay’s premier private gated country club community. Avila is a Floridian paradise encompassing over 900 acres of naturally beautiful land graced with oak, pine and cypress trees, abundant wildlife, sparkling lakes and ponds, and peaceful conservation areas. Avila property owners and their guests have exclusive use of a community park and playground. A gatehouse entry assures privacy and a personal welcome home. Avila Golf & Country Club is one of the most exclusive country clubs in America. The very private, full-service club features an intricately crafted 18-hole championship golf course designed by golf legend Jack Nicklaus and developer Bob Sierra.

16629 Villarreal de Avila is the epitome of luxury living. An estate of the magnificence would be hard to find anywhere, and nearly impossible to find at a list price under 6.5 million.


Smith & Associates Real Estate Offers One of Tampa Bay’s Grandest Properties, 16629 Villarreal de Avila, for Sale

This press release was picked up by

Tampa Bay Metro Magazine

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[email protected] 19


Email agents survey asking:

• How are you better than the competition?• What values guide you?• What are some examples of how you’ve demonstrated you are

the best choice?• What positive contributions do you make to Smith & Associates

and Tampa Bay?• How did you become the best at what you do?• Why should someone choose you instead of another agent?• What is your purpose in being a Smith & Associates realtor?• In what areas, related to real estate, would you be comfortable

providing insight?• What social media sites are you using for real estate?

Use answers to craft messages demonstrating what makes Smith & Associates agents and brokers the best choice for home buyers and sellers.

Set up RSS feeds based on answers to agent survey.

Create list of people and businesses Smith & Associates would like a greater connection with, and determine the best social media to use to connect with them.

Write connect-with-me templates.

Gather content of value to post on social media sites and decide where it will be shared.

Create a list of keywords that should be used in profiles, descriptions, and hashtags.

Draft social media editorial schedule.

• What’s going on in Tampa Bay that month?• What will people be paying attention to, and how can we relate

it to real estate?

Determine who will respond to different types of messages.

Decide guidelines for what is acceptable on social media.

Create social media PDF guides

• Introduction to, and benefits of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+.

• How to set up accounts.• Best practices


Determine what needs to be responded to, and who should respond?

Email agents • Articles of interest with summaries and hashtags• Links to outside websites where agents can show their expertise

WeeklyLook at who is tweeting, liking, pinning etc. us, and how can we make a better connection with them?

Create scripts and storyboards for videos.

Publish agent-focused social media e-zine

• Interviews with experts in fields related to real estate• Listings• Social media topic of the week, including hashtags• Favorite comments from the previous week

MonthlyCheck analytics.

Contact businesses and people about contributing content to e-zine.

Strategy created in answer to the question, “How can this company help our

agents make better use of social media?

Page 20: Katherine Dobbins Portfolio

Katherine Dobbins 813.404.3674 [email protected] linkedin.com/in/katherinedobbins

Clear and persuasive communicator with excellent balance of creative and analytical ability. Loves conquering challenges through writing and design.

Designed souvenir handoutCame up with event’s name

Graphic DesignerHenry B. Plant Museum Society, January 2015

Social Media Strategist and BloggerSmith & Associates Real Estate, June 2013 to December 2014

Educated self on real estate topics and wrote articlesHelped create company-wide social media strategyMet with real estate agents and created custom social media strategies




Public Relations AssistantSalvation Army, October 2012 to January 2013

Co-wrote and edited performance scriptWrote fundraising lettersOversaw volunteers

Public Relations and Event PlanningCatholic Campaign for Human Development, August 2010 to May 2011

Awarded national grant for an essay about social justice , and work with Council of Daughters,Planned and executed bicycle ride fundraiser, and events at schools and churches throughout Hillsborough and Pinellas CountiesSpoke publicly to groups of youths and adultsRecruited and managed volunteersNegotiated with vendors to cut costs

Social Media and Events CoordinatorThe Council of Daughters, Tampa, August 2009 to August 2010

Organized two dinners with 20+ guests, and a speakerFostered relationship with magazine editor to obtain media coverageGave public presentation at an event with 80+ attendeesWrote communications strategy used by volunteers nationwideConvinced city’s mayor to declare National Human Trafficking Aware-ness Day




Copywriter InternChappellRoberts, September 2007 to December 2007

Came up with idea to use drink coasters as a branding itemWrote and edited copy

B.A, Advertising and Public Relations, Graduated with Honors University of Tampa

President: American Advertising Federation, U.T. Chapter

Founded university’s first professional advertising associationWrote mission statement and constitutionArranged guest speaker series and media toursManaged seven committeesAwarded New Student Organization of the Year




l Ski

lls Communication StrategiesPublic SpeakingEvent PlanningBloggingPress Release WritingScript WritingEditingConstant ContactPhotoshop InDesign IllustratorHTML & CSS WordpressMicrosoft Office






ns Merry Makers Club Sponsor

Gasparilla Queen, Ye Mystic Krewe of GasparillaInterviewed for television and printPlanned event for approximately 400 attendees