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  • Lightning ProtectionEarthing

    Catalogue 2011/2012

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    ctsAir-termination Masts for HVI Conductors For attachment mounting at the conductor holder forrafters Optically adjusted inside laying of the HVI conductor

    or HVI conductor light

    Sub-roof installation visually not recognizable

    Attachment mounting with only one visible tube

    DEHNiso Roof Conductor Holders Variable program of holders for the installation of

    conductors on flat roofs, for keeping the separationdistance

    Spacer bar made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP 10 mm)

    Earth Electrode and Wall Bushings Design for subsequent installation through bore

    (14 mm) or if necessary through the formworkspreading

    Pressure water tested up to 1 bar

    Ready-to-install with MV clamp

    Earth-contact components made of StSt (V4A)

    Conductor Holder for Rafters For lateral fixing of DEHNcon-H supporting tube

    (40 mm)

    HVI conductor inside the supporting tube (50 mm)

    For attachment mounting of the supporting tubes and for sub-roof installation of the HVI conductor or HVI conductor light

    Air-termination Stud For implementing air-termination systems according

    to the mesh method, for walkable and drivable flatroofs e.g. parking decks

    Material StSt

    Air-termination Rods GRP/Al Combined air-termination rods made of glass-fibre

    reinforced plastic and aluminium for keeping the separation distance

    For wedge mounted concrete base


    Connecting Set for Safety Rope System For connecting safety rope systems at roof super-

    structures with the existing air-termination system

    With mounted terminal lug for the safety rope

    With clamping frame for the air-termination system

    Tested according to EN 50164-1

    see page 90

    see page 32

    see page 50

    see page 89

    see page 52

    see page 163

    FS Clamps For connecting of air-termination rods/air-termination

    spikes with one or two conductors

    With special pressure disc for longitudinal and crossconnection

    Connection of two conductors provides better distri-bution of lightning current

    see page 185

    see page 158


    UNI Earthing Clamps For integrating the mounting systems e.g. of PV systems

    into the functional equipotential bonding/functionalearthing and lightning equipotential bonding

    With StSt contact plate for different materials (Cu, Al, St/tZn and StSt)

    For single/stranded conductors 4-50 mm2

    and Rd 8-10 mm see page 209

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    Roof Conductor Holders 99

    Conductor Holders 117

    Clamps 133

    Expansion and Bridging Components 159

    Tools and Accessories 225

    Lightning Protection for Thatched Roofs 235

    Equipotential Bonding 205

    Components for Ring Equipotential Bonding 221

    Earth Electrodes 187

    Components for Foundation Earth Electrodes 199

    Test Joints 165

    Fixed Earthing Terminals 177

    Earthing Material for Telecommunications 239

    HVI Lightning Protection 61

    Protection against Touch Voltage 95

    Isolated Lightning Protection 35

    Pipe Clamps for Explosion Hazard Areas 251

    Spark Gaps 254

    Publication No. DS427/E/0411 Valid from 1st April 2011

    This catalogue replaces the Main Catalogue published in 2009.

    We reserve the right to introduce changes in performance, configuration and tech-nology, dimensions, weights and materials in the course of technical progress.

    Misprints, errors and alterations excepted. Reproduction in any form whatsoeveris forbidden without our authorisation.

    Index 263

    General Terms of Sale 271

    Conductors 13

    Air-termination Systems and Accessories 19

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    DEHN Safety with Tradition

    At first there was the idea of divertinglightning to the ground without risk forhouse and home. This was the chal-lenge, Hans Dehn met in his companyfounded in Nuremberg in 1910. Sincethe beginning of the 1920s DEHN hasproduced lightning protection andearthing components. Over the years, adiversified product range for externallightning protection came into exis-tence.However, not only protecting systemsand buildings against the effects oflightning, but also the protection ofpeople installing and maintaining elec-trical systems became a centralrequirement.In 1952, DEHN + SHNE extended pro-duction by the safety equipment prod-uct range, i. e. safety devices for work-ing in/at electrical systems/installa-tions.The entering of electrical and electron-ic equipment in industries, administra-tions and households showed soon,that conventional lightning protectionwas not sufficient to protect thesedevices. With the experience ofdecades in the field of external light-ning protection, the necessity of surgeprotection came up. Therefore, the firstgeneration of surge protective devices

    (SPDs) of DEHN + SHNE was intro-duced to the market in 1954.For more than 100 years now DEHNhas been committed to the topic ofsafety. Our concern is the protectionagainst the consequences of the light-ning force of nature, the protectionagainst surges and the safety whenworking with electricity a triumviratein terms of safety.

    On the Neumarkt site meanwhile morethan 4000 components and devices ofthe product groups

    Surge Protection,Lightning Protection / Earthing andSafety Equipment

    are being developed, produced andmarketed. With a great deal of engi-neering competence and know-howcomponents and modules are turnedinto comprehensive and tailored pro-tection concepts and solutions.DEHN + SHNE is a booster of techno-logical progress. We do intensive,application-related research work forcustomized solutions. The performanceparameters of our impulse current testlaboratories are unique worldwide.

    With the experience in research anddevelopment, production, qualityassurance and application of compo-nents for lightning and surge protec-tion as well as safety equipment, wehave influenced national and interna-tional standardisation considerably.Trends are recognized at an earlystage. Our most important aim is tostipulate a maximum quality and safe-ty level. This has made DEHN + SHNEknown as a brand of quality far beyondthe borders of Germany.Now already under the forth genera-tion DEHN continues to be a sound andhealthy, modern, medium-sized family-owned company with approx. 1400employees and a broadly based globalsales network in more than 70 coun-tries.Regardless of how changeful and dras-tic history was, DEHN has alwayscounted on continuity in connectionwith a sense of responsibility, on highquality standards, on innovative think-ing and action, on industriousness anda sense for what is feasible.

    ...your safety is our concern.

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    DEHN Quality and Safety

    Our products protect human lives andmaterial assets. High quality require-ments and awareness in the treatmentof the environment is therefore a must.In order to ensure this and make it alsotransparent for you as our customer,the company was certified accordingto EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001.Annual examinations and completereaudits every three years show thecentral significance of quality and envi-ronmental management in the compa-ny. We cooperate intensively with inter-national and national standard com-mittees and take part in congressesworldwide. We are active members ofthe Ausschuss fur Blitz schutz undBlitzforschung (ABB) [Commission forLightning Protection and Research]and Verband Deutscher Blitzschutz -firmen (VDB) [Association of GermanLightning Protection Companies]. Thus,we foster nationally and international-ly the aims and further development oflightning protection. Our aim is to pro-vide sophisticated, customer-orientat-ed solutions to increase the economyof companies. Only those who areaccessible can be quick, flexible andefficient. We provide you with the nec-essary safety. DEHN + SHNE suppliesequipment and provides services cov-ering lightning and surge protection aswell as safety equipment worldwide.

    We have committed ourselves to con-tinuous market presence, productivity,product quality and delivery in time.Proximity to customers is an essentialprerequisite for the developement ofinnovative and market orientatedproducts. Spirit of innovation, flexibilityand short decision making processesare features of DEHN + SHNE andbeneficial to customers worldwide.Only the adjustment to regional andlocal conditions ensures success on themarket. DEHN market presence means:17 sales offices and 4 outlets inGermany, subsidiaries or representa-tives in more than 70 countries.Besides continuous participation innational and international fairs, DEHN+ SHNE offers extensive technicalsupport and customer service on site.We also organise seminars and lec-tures, provide detailed information anddesigning material, expert contribu-tions to trade publications and asteady PR work on the subject of light-ning and surge