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  • Glass Bonding

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    This is Bohle.

    The Bohle private brandsDuring the more than 80-year history of the company, numerous product brand names originated under the company name Bohle. Today the brand names Silberschnitt, Veribor, Diamantor and Verifix represent entire product types within their areas of application.

    The Bohle Group is Europe's leading manufacturer and supplier of tools, machinery, fittings and consumables for glass processing andglass finishing. The family business, founded in 1923, is now represented by over 300 employees at 14 locations in Germany and abroad.Divided into the product divisions Handling, Glass Cutting, Glass Bonding, Glazing, Tools, Machinery, Fittings and Surface Protection, thetotal product range is precisely tailored to the respective customer groups from trade, industry and retail. Quality is the leading principle atBohle - in every area. To live up to this standard, the company develops and manufactures many products themselves. A modern logisticscentre quickly dispatches the ordered goods to the customer.

    Bohle is close to the customer

    Bohle is an international company - with German roots. The products are exported to almost every country in the world; exports accountfor over 60% of business. In order to best recognize requirements which vary from market to market, Bohle is close to the customer: with two German locations, twelve foreign subsidiaries and over 100 agents worldwide.

    You can find Bohle offices in Germany, Estonia, England, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Russia, Spain, South Africa, Sweden and the USA.

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  • Innovations

    An innovative technology is setting trends: Bonding glass parts has become more popu-lar than ever. In the past, however, bonding glass was a time-consuming and delicatejob: from positioning the glass parts precisely to difficult application of the adhesiveand troublesome holding by hand. The result back then: high processing costs, unfavou-rable price/ benefit ratio for the customer, lost orders.

    Bohle offers you everything you need for perfect bonding. Not only the know-how fromtwenty years of experience in glass bonding, but also the world's largest range of pro-ducts related to this technology. The advantages for your business are clear: practicallyunlimited design possibilities, for example in the construction of glass furniture, by invi-sible bonds and extraordinarily high bonding strength, very short processing times andlow investment requirements for equipment.

    What is glass bonding?


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    Why bond instead of using screws?

    Bonding in general is increasingly gaining importance in all areas of production.

    The advantages of glass bonding at a glance:

    Distribution of forces over a surface, thus avoiding punctual loads (e.g. by mechanical fixations)No weakening of the glass by drill holes or cut-outs, for exampleCrystal clear bonds, no adverse effects to the appearanceNew, previously impossible design variationsExtremely high bonding strengths in static and dynamic bondsVery short processing and curing timesLow investment in equipment required


    Bonding glass parts has become morepopular than ever

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    Only with an absolutely clean surface is it possible to achieve optimal bonding results. Therefore, a thorough pre-cleaningand possible pre-treatment of the glass is very important. All bonding surfaces must be dry, clean and grease-free.Following you will find products suitable for surface cleaning. Please remember: Not every commercially available cleaningagent removes the actual types of dirt and contaminants that are on the surfaces of the bonding parts.On the contrary:"anti-spotting" additives form additional layers.

    Bohle Special CleanerIdeal for cleaning prior to glass bonding or sealing. The Bohle special cleaner cleansand degreases glass, metal, ceramic and rubber. The special composition of the cleanerensures a very thorough cleaning.

    BO 51 079 10 250 mlBO 51 079 11 1l

    BO 51 079 12 Bohle Special Cleaner Refill ContainerContents: 27 litres for BO 51 079 10

    BO 51 078 00 Bohle Professional Glass CleanerIdeal for windows, mirrors, windscreens and other glass surfaces prevents freshsmudging no streaking in spray bottles without propellants with the purchase ofone sales unit of 12 bottles, 3 spray heads included biologically degradable Pleasenote: Not suitable for pre-cleaning prior to UV-bonding

    BO 51 078 10 Spray Head for Glass CleanerFor Art. No. BO 51 078 00

    BO 51 079 00 Bohle Glass CleanerSuitable for glass, smooth plastic surfaces, mirrors, car windows, tiles, for workshopand home, showcases and display windows no streaking environmentally friendlypropellent spray bottle of 624 gPlease note: Only suitable for cleaning after bonding, not for pre-cleaning priorto bonding.

    Pre-cleaning crucial for optimal bonding

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    BO 51 416 08 Paper Towel DispenserWhite metal tubing for paper towel rolls BO 51 416 04 roll of paper towels is notincluded also suitable for wall mounting

    BO 51 416 30 Special UV Wiping ClothCloth-like polishing and wiping cloth 70 % viscose, 30% polyester for removing liquidas well as solid substances from scratch-sensitive surfaces white 40 x 38 cm approx. 50 g/qm dispenser box of 275 cloths especially suitable for removing adhesi-ve residues after curing

    BO 51 416 09 Paper Towel DispenserFloor model with wheels, for jumbo rolls blue metal incl. 1 trash bag roll of paper towels is not included

    BO 51 416 15 Paper TowelsTriple-ply, white 1000 sheets, 37 x 38 cm (W x L) 3 x 18 g/qmorig. KIMBERLY-CLARK suitable dispenser BO 5141609

    BO 51 416 04 Paper Towels2-ply 21 cm wide 300 sheets, 38 cmorig. KIMBERLY-CLARK suitable dispenser BO 5141608

    BO 20 100 00 Scotch Brite ClothFor cleaning glass no cleaning agents required thanks to microfibres simply moisten

    Steel WoolFineness no. 00 top quality long-fibred tough good grip excellent polishing andgrinding ability, highly elastic and uniform easily divisible strands

    BO 51 416 05 Cardboard roll of 100 gBO 51 416 01 Cardboard roll of 200 gBO 51 416 02 Spool of 5 kg

    BO 51 410 00 Glass ScraperMade of metal, with blade protection plastic handle exchangeable blades spareblades BO 5141001 40 mm wide for removing hardened UV adhesive residues fromglass surfaces also for hard-to-reach corners

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    After cleaning the bonding surfaces, an invisible moisture residue still remains whichcan negatively affect the strength of the bond. To avoid this from happening, the moi-sture must be removed - quickly and reliably with a suitable hot air fan.

    Hot Air Fans and Accessories

    BO 52 100 05 Electronic Hot Air UnitIdeal for removing residual moisture when UV bonding continuously adjustable from 50- 600 C 230 V 2000 W supplied in a carrying case, with 1 knife and 3 blades, 4 nozzles, 1 paint scraper

    Electronic Hot Air UnitFor warming glass and metal parts prior to UV bonding, for peeling paint, heating, sha-ping and shrinking continuously adjustable from 20- 650 C 2600 W additional coldstage without changing the pre-set heating level

    BO 52 100 00 Electronic Hot Air UnitBO 52 100 01 Large slot nozzle, 70 x 4 mmBO 52 100 03 Metal case for hot air unit

    Surface Treatment with Hot Air Unit

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    PYROSIL Surface Pre-Treatment

    For improved long-term adhesion of challenging bonds

    The load-bearing capacity of a bond is measured by its tensile strength, which indicatesat which level of force the bond fails.Optimal effectiveness is achieved when the grea-test possible adhesion of the adhesive is attained. To make sure that bonds of proble-matic surfaces stay securely and durably bonded, e.g. when using glass treated withClearshield or glass subject to continuous stress such as humid rooms, a surface pre-treatment is essential.With the Bohle PYROSIL technology, a silicate sinter layer is brought onto the glasssurface with the help of a flame burner. In a second step, a coupling agent is applied,which reacts with the silicate sinter layer and subsequently also forms a permanentchemical bond with the adhesive when bonding. Such a pre-treated bond is durablyprotected against moisture infiltration.

    Silicate particles connect and forma densely interlaced layer on thesurface for strong adhesion of theadhesive.

    The surface is treated with the "pale blue section" of the flame. For uniform activation of the surface, theflame must be waved back and forth over the surface for at least five seconds. Leave the materials to cool,then apply the coupling agent. The cleaning and/or activating result may be negatively affected if the flameis held too close to or too far from the surface. The illustration shows the "pale blue section" of the flame.

    Both bonding surfaces must be treated.Only the combination of flame and coupling agent produces the targetedcharacteristics.The coupling agent must be applied thinly and be allowed to flash off sufficiently.All further instructions relevant to glass bonding equally applyto the silicate technology.As far as possible, bonding should be done immediately after pre-treatment.

    Important instructions for use



    0.1 mSilicate sinter Substratum

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