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    The Reliance Group, founded by Dhirubhai H. Ambani

    (1932-2002), is India's largest private sector enterprise,with businesses in the energy and materials valuechain.

    Group's annual revenues are in excess of US$ 44


    he flagship company, Reliance IndustriesLimited, is a Fortune Global 500 company and is thelargest private sector company in India.

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    Reliance was founded by the Indian industrialistDhirubhai Ambani in 1966.

    Ambani has been a pioneer in introducing financialinstruments like fully convertible debentures to theIndian stock markets.

    Ambani was one of the first entrepreneurs to draw

    retail investors to the stock markets. Though the company's oil-related operations form the

    core of its business, it has diversified its operations inrecent years. After severe differences between the

    founder's two sons, Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani,the group was divided between them in 2006.

    In September 2008, Reliance Industries was the onlyIndian firm featured in the Forbes's list of "world's 100most respected companies

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    "Growth has no limit at Reliance. I keep

    revising my vision.Only when you can dream it, you can do it."

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    Reliance Mobiles Reliance Communications

    Reliance Jewelry

    Reliance Broadband Reliance Petroleum

    Reliance Fresh Food

    Reliance Foot Wears

    Reliance Cosmetics

    Reliance wooden toys

    Reliance DTH service

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    Reliance BIG TV is a DTH satellite televisionprovider in India based in Navi Mumbai, usingMPEG-4 digital compression technology,transmitting using MEASAT-3 91.5east.

    It is the 5th DTH service launched in India. BIG TV started operations from 19 August 2008

    with the slogan "TV ho Tho BIG Ho" ("If youhave a TV, make it BIG").

    It currently offers close to 200 channelsandmany interactive ones, 32 cinema halls (i.e. PayPer View Cinema Channels) as well as many

    Radio channels.

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    The company plans to increase the number ofchannels in the near future to 400 and beginHigh Definition (HD) broadcast

    It is the first Pan-India DTH provider that usesMPEG-4 for broadcasting.

    Reliance BIG TV's retailer network is spreadacross 100,000 outlets in 6,500 towns in India.

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    Dish TV

    Tata Sky

    Sun Direct

    Airtel Digital Tv

    Videocon d2h

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    Dish TV

    Dish TV is the first private DTH satellite television providerin India, using MPEG-2 digital compression technology,transmitting using NSS Satellite at 95.0.

    Dish TV is a division of Zee Network Enterprise (Essel GroupVenture).

    EGV has national and global presence with business interests inmedia programming, broadcasting & distribution, specialitypackaging and entertainment.

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    Tata Sky

    Tata Sky is a DTH satellite television provider in India, usingMPEG-2 digital compression technology, transmitting using

    INSAT 4A at 83.0. Tata Sky is a JV between the TATA Group and STAR.

    The TATA Group is one of India's largest and most respectedbusiness conglomerates. It comprises 93 operating companies inseven business sectors and diversified group: information systems

    and communications, engineering, materials, services, energy,consumer products and chemicals.

    Tata Sky was selected as a SUPER BRAND for the year 2009-2010by an independent and voluntary council of experts known asSuper brands Council. It is the only Indian DTH to have won thisdistinction.

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    Sun Direct

    Sun Direct is a DTH satellite television provider in India, usingMPEG-4 digital compression technology, transmitting using

    INSAT 4B at 93.5E. It is the country's first MPEG 4 technology DTH service provider.

    Sun Direct uses the latest MPEG-4 based technology to increasebroadcast capacity.

    Sun Direct provide next-generation services in fast-growing and

    emerging markets quickly and efficiently.

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    Airtel Digital TV

    Airtel Digital TV is a DTH (Direct to Home) service from BhartiAirtel. It uses MPEG-4 digital compression with DVB-S2technology, transmitting using INSAT 4CR 74E

    Airtel digital TV is now amongst the fastest growing DTH brandsin the country and is available across 5000+ towns in India.

    It has also been ranked as the best DTH service by LivingDigital magazine.

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    Strengths Leads in introducing new packages and services

    Customer service Innovative product offering different offers Innovative technology has implementedWeakness Litigation due to issues related to sports channel which is lost Does not offer free set top box like Dish TV

    Does not have more distribution shops in citiesOpportunities Increasing in the geographical boundaries with rural market

    untapped Expansion of distribution network through exclusive stores Interactive advertising

    Value added services are gaining steamThreats Cap on foreign investments Other entry of DTH service with its own set top box Dependency on CPE suppliers to some extent

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    Dish TV was the first private entrant in the DTH which gave themadvantage of higher market share

    Dish TV has a strong presence all across the geography of indiawith consumers and pocket friendly gamut of services


    The subscriber acquisition cost is still very high

    Confusing channel packaging for beginner users


    Growing demand for quality of service in the form of DTH overcable

    Threats Cap on investment

    Other companies may enter DTH by building its own set top box

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    Leveraging on brandT


    A and high brand recall Technological expertise with newscorps DTH arm sky

    Superior picture quality

    Customer service


    Second mover after dishT

    v who captured market share Cannot match free service like DD


    Larger disposable incomes with india

    Increase in number of TV sold

    Interactive advertising-tie up of with samsungThreats

    Increasing competition internally

    IPTV provides superior technology if implemented

    High dependence for transponders on ISRO

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    First DTH provider to provide a universal remote

    Offers hosts of interactive services

    Highest set top box memory-meaning more interactive application


    Late entrant most of the market has already been captured by otherplayers

    The price is comparatively higher than any other DTH playersOpportunities

    3G service

    Only service provider to support black berry wireless solutions, iphone


    Competition Technological constraints

    Vulnerable to recession

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    Reliance Big TV More Focuses On Their Product Promotion And

    Innovation In The Technology For Their Product. So, They ShouldAlso Deliberate On The Services Like, TATA Sky Provides TheInteractive And Active Service, Stock Ticker Etc.

    They Should Also Concentrate On The Development Of MarketBy Their Distribution Channel Or The Sales After Service.

    They Should Focus On The Development Of Rural Market AsThey Have Strong Back Up Of Parents Company

    India Is Having Tremendous Opportunity As More And MoreDiversify Population Is Having. There Is Untapped Market InUrban As Well As Rural Area. This helps to attract the more


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