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Karaoke Scene Magazine is the largest Karaoke publication in the United States and the absolute best source of information about Karaoke available. Each issue is packed full of interesting information on a wide variety of subjects such as: getting started in the Karaoke business, Karaoke as home and club entertainment, improving your singing, making music/singing a profession, the latest Karaoke industry information, and so much more. Each issue is available online as well as in print form.

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KARAOKE SCENE - Visit us on the web at www.karaokescene.com

Aug / Sept 2009

Aug / Sept 2009


Publishers Message


IG NEWS! Beginning with this issue, we are proud to announce the launching of the new digital edition of Karaoke Scene Magazine, Karaoke Scene DE. This is an electronic version of our publication that will be available to everyone, everywhere, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The DE will be filled with all of the exciting features, articles and information available in the print edition, plus many new surprises. You can access Karaoke Scene DE at www.KaraokeScene. com or you can subscribe and have it sent directly to your email address where you can read it any time you wish. And heres the best partits FREE! Thats right, no charge! If you wish to subscribe, all you have to do is go to www.KaraokeScene. com and click on the Order Magazine link and your own edition

of Karaoke Scene DE will be sent directly to your email address. KaraokeFest 2009 is looming like a huge cloud of excitement over Southern California. By popular demand, his years Fest will again take place at the L.A. County Fair in Pomona on Saturday, September 5th. Thats right, Saturdayespecially nice not having to get up the next morning to go to work so we can all party, party, party. The Crme de la Kids Singing Competition Finals will kick things off at 12 noon. Tony DeFazio of Starlight Entertainment is once again the contest coordinator. He and his staff have done a wonderful job of looking after the youngsters and providing them with this opportunity to show off their talentsand there are some extremely talented kids this year that will be competing at KaraokeFest. This years show should be a great one! At 3pm, the Crme de la King Singing Competition Finals takes center stage. We, at Karaoke Scene, are devoted Elvis fans and are really looking forward to this one. This year we welcome Julie Woodcock as the new coordinator of this exciting event. The qualifying rounds for this contest will begin on August 15th and continue through August 23rd. For more details please check out page 16 of this issue. And we are very excited to announce that the Crme de la King Finals will be hosted by popular Southern California radio personality, Barbara Brooks. Welcome aboard, Barbara! The Golden Achievement Award nominees are listed on page 14 of this issue. These are individuals and venues that have been voted best in their respective categories by the Southern California Karaoke community at large from all 6 Southern California counties, from Ventura to San Diego. The winners will be announced and the awards presented at KaraokeFest by radio and television personality (and KJ extraordinaire), Manny Pacheco. However, each of these nominees are already winners just by having been selected from the many hundreds of venues and thousands of individuals in Southern California Karaoke. The Best and Most Supportive Male and Female Awards will be presented at 5pm. The KJ and Venue of the Year Awards will be presented at 8pm. It is very important that the nominees

be present at the event to receive their awards. And remember, the Golden Achievement Awards are truly the Oscars of Karaoke and the very best way for the Karaoke community to express their appreciation. So please be on hand to show your support for these talented people and special venues.

to see what surprises Shawns got in store for us this year.

And dont forget, in addition to the main show, there will be multiple Karaoke stages located throughout the Fairgrounds where everybody can sing all day long. Last year a whole bunch of folks made it a point to sing at each and every stage at least once. The Crme de la Crme Singing How many of you will be able to do Competition continues to rock at that this year? the 25 venues across Southern California. It looks like its going to be Then theres the Karaoke Expo a sensational show at KaraokeFest featuring Karaoke & music industry when the 50 finalists (25 male and 25 related vendors who will be there to female) will compete for thousands in exhibit and/or sell their latest prodcash and prizes and the coveted title ucts. Visiting the Expo is always a of Male & Female Karaoke Singers great experience. The Expo will be of the Year. We are so pleased to located in very close proximity to welcome back the incredibly popular the main stage where our show will Southern California radio and televi- be taking place. Be sure to make it a sion personality, Shawn Parr, as the point to visit the Karaoke Expo. host of the Crme de la Crme Finals Competition this year. Shawn has See PUBLISHERS MESSAGE... become such an important part of Kapage 10 raokeFest and always does a fantastic job hosting this event. We cant wait


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The staff of Karaoke Scene salutes the menand women of our armed forces as they fight around the world to defend our freedom.

PuBlIShER Peter Parker EDITOR Debbie Meza INlAND EMPIRE EDITOR Yvonne Erman ADMINISTRATIvE ASSISTANT Fran Emmons SAlES ASSOCIATES Tony DeFazio Russell Poncik CONTRIBuTING WRITERS Mark Baxter Jill Jaxx Carla Negri Laurie Thomas Panos Papathopoulos Greg Garcia PhOTOGRAPhERS Fran Emmons Tony DeFazio Chris Parker Echo Wilson Sergio Candido Inland Empire Office 951 347-0792Founded in 1993 by dennis sn yder. KaraoKe Scene is published b i - m o n t h ly, a l l r i g h t s r e s e r v e d . copyright2009. reproduction in whole or in part without the written permission of the publisher is prohibited. Karaoke Scene reserves the right to edit or omit any content.

KARAOKE SCENE - Visit us on the web at www.karaokescene.com

Aug / Sept 2009

Sing Me!the last time you offered a stranger a sniff of a flower or pointed to the sky to command everyones attention to the prettiest sunset ever. Most likely it was when you were three years-old.

By Mark Baxter


ou love me. I know you do. Ive heard you say it. Your breath pauses and your heart jumps as soon as you hear me. My words they speak for you; expressing exactly how it feels inside your heart. When were alone you allow me to take control of your emotions. I make you want to sing. Like a hypnotic trance, your mouth begins to move as you surrender to the desire and before you know it your voice is filling the room. I make you feel beautiful, graceful, powerful and affectionate until you notice someone is listening. At that instant, you choke me off and the joy in your heart is hijacked by embarrassment.

A genuine gesture needs no apology or explanation. Couples holding hands, people tending gardens, a simple wave as you let someone slip into traffic ahead of you are all signs that humanity hasnt completely lost its wayyet. I can also all but guarantee that I am present with each one of these simple everyday examples of love and human spirit. Im in the hearts of the couple holding hands, Im on the mind of the person tending the garden and Im playing on the radio of the person allowing traffic to flow smoothly. You see, I am nothing more than your favorite song.

My plea for you to share me with others is selfish, I know, because I cannot exist without you. For as much as I have been categorized and commercialized into a commodity for charts and competitions, I am still the simplest way to communicate a feeling. I transcend culture and language because every human shares the same emotions. My power is in the way I make people feel. Please dont let the What a shame. What beautiful mu- endless hurdles of rules and standards sic we could make together. What and special circumstances intimidate a shame that some other voice in you from the opportunity to be as your head prevents you from one of honest as a three year-old once again. the most extraordinary feelings life All you have to do is sing me! has to offer. Im sure you have many excuses for keeping your love quiet. If the insecurity is too great at first What if others dont approve? What then begin with me in private. As if its not as special as you think? The soon as you can, though, look for problem with these excuses is that opportunities to sing me when you you know deep inside theyre not know others are just outside your the real issue. Plain and simple, its room or car, where someone can really hard for you to let down your hear you but not see you. This will guard with others and be vulnerable; allow you to deal with the awkward to let people know exactly how you feelings without the pressures of a feel. Okay, so youre not comfortable performance. The next step would be being the center of attention, but what a group situation; putting a lot more about the bigger picture? of yourself into the National Anthem at a sporting event or letting your If youve been holding back on some- voice be heard at church. The goal is thing as basic as sharing your love of to do this until you notice something me, then its easy to suspect there are about the people who can hear you. many other joys youve been denying Notice they are not upset or offended yourself as well. Does it embarrass or bothered in the least. You may even you to linger over the scent of a rose? Do you avoid admiring a beautiful sky in public due to a fear that others might think you have bad taste See SING...page 6 in sunsets? Before you dismiss these questions as ridiculous, think back to Aug / Sept 2009 KARAOKE SCENE

Tapping Away Stage FrightThe spotlight is a good place to hide. I dont know who first said that, but its very true. You can be whoever you want to be onstage, feeling the music, acting out a part of yourself even you arent familiar with, letting go of left brain criticisms, living in the right brain moment.

Golden Achievement Award 2006 So. L.A. Venue