Kara Bennett and Suzanne Distrola’s Senior Project!

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Presenting. Kara Bennett and Suzanne Distrolas Senior Project!. Blanket Tying!. Inspiration. Previous senior class fundraiser. Gathering of Ideas. Plan for materials How many blankets needed Approximate fund. Process. Align two pieces of fabric together - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Kara Bennett and Suzanne Distrolas Senior Project!Presenting

Blanket Tying!InspirationPrevious senior class fundraiser

Gathering of IdeasPlan for materialsHow many blankets neededApproximate fundProcessAlign two pieces of fabric togetherPin around edges to hold in placeCut squares out of cornersBegin cutting stripApproximately 2 inches long1 inch thickBegin tyingDouble knot


Joann Fabrics, Olean NYWal-mart, Bradford PAFamily Dollar, Bradford PA


Becky Greenberg, Activities DirectorEcumenical home residentsPatty Craker

ResourcesGoals of the ProjectUse our creative abilities

Create something hands-on

Volunteer time

Give back to the community

Benefit and be of help to the Ecumenical Home

Bring joy to elderlyVisit to the Ecumenical HomeHelpersReceived BlanketsJo JonesKay CaldwellEvelyn ThompsonRuth GermanMary ViolaDorothy PhillipsDorris PetersonBertha LarsonBetty MongilloBetty BaliskiMarjorie ConwayBernice WolfeBarb RolandResidentsBetty BaliskiDorothy PhillipsDorris PetersonBernice WolfeMarjorie ConwayBarb RolandBertha LarsonBetty Mongillo

NOT PICTURED&Presenting the Blankets