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    PORTFOLIO Email: contact@sksoftdev.com Website: sksoftdev.com Phone: 866.533.4191

  • About Kanda Software Development Kanda has a history of helping tech startups and midsize businesses create MVPs for their big idea. We're experts in building modern RESTful, responsive, single-page web applications that are easy to deploy, scale, and maintain. Our clients love working with us for our ability to think like entrepreneurs. We're passionate about creating low cost MVPs while maintaining code quality. This helps you market test your product with minimal risk, and continue to experiment and build on top of a well maintained codebase.

  • Legítimo App Multilanguage Mobile Contracts - Hybrid App Legítimo was co-founded by the owner of Kanda Software Development (Sameer Kanda). It started off as a hackathon project, where we built a working prototype that allowed users to quickly and easily generate simple contracts on their mobile phones. Shortly after, a MVP was developed and launched. Since then, Legítimo has been featured on many news and blog websites, has won many hackathons, and has been used by more than 10,000 users.


    • LAMP • Laravel • Web App • Single Page Application

    • Bootstrap CSS • PhoneGap (Cordova) • Twilio API


    • Create, sign, and share contracts on your mobile phone. • Customize each contract with easy to input information. • Translate contracts between English and Spanish. • Request a signature from the receiving party. • Save contracts on the cloud, and sync between multiple mobile devices.

  • Miner App Location Based Mobile Commerce - Web Application We built a location-based mobile commerce platform for our client. We worked closely with them to resolve many challenges, including improving AngularJS mobile performance, and going through many iterations based on user feedback.


    • LAMP • CodeIgniter • AngularJS • Web App • Single Page Application

    • HTML5 Application Cache • Bootstrap CSS • Google Maps API • Stripe Billing


    • Location based mobile commerce: discover retailers around you. • One click checkout. • Offline mode supported in web app. • Business CMS: business can sell products in specific locations or events.

  • Con Artist Collective Private Forum and Calendar - Web Application When our client’s community of artists and co-workers grew rapidly, we helped them build a custom private forum and calendar web app for their users. The app helped our client bring in an additional revenue stream, and manage and bill their community of users.


    • LAMP • Laravel • AngularJS • Web App

    • Single Page Application • Amazon Web Services • Stripe Billing


    • Custom forum built specifically for artists at Con Artist. • Custom calendar built specifically for artists at Con Artist. • Ability to mention other users in posts. • Integrated adminable functionality within the UI, for ease of use. • Admin ability to charge users one-time, and/or create custom subscriptions (for

    their co-working space).

  • Undisclosed Client eCommerce - Payment Processing and International Shipping Our undisclosed client has a community of two million followers on Instagram; with those many users, running an eCommerce site becomes a challenge. We helped our client automate their entire shipping process for multiple shipping providers, which directly impacted their bottom-line. We also helped them integrate with multiple billing solutions, and implemented automatic fallback in case one payment gateway went down.


    • LAMP • Laravel • PayPal Billing • BrainTree Billing • First Data Billing

    • FedEx Shipping • USPS Shipping • DHL Shipping • Purolator Shipping • APIDoc


    • Private RESTful APIs were built to be used by our client’s websites and apps. • Admin panel allowed admins to view and manage all shipping and billing activities. • A processor’s endpoint failure automatically switched over to the next processor,

    allowed our client to never miss out on a sale. • Detailed logs were kept for security purposes.

  • Skins.gg Online Gambling for Gamers - Single Page Application We worked with a small budget to custom build an online gambling platform for the Counter-Strike gaming community. Our client saw tens of thousands of users sign up as soon as they launched, and hired us the very next day to continue providing full-time on- going support.


    • LAMP • Laravel • NodeJS • Single Page Application • Auth.net Billing • PayPal Billing

    • Identity Mind Risk Management • Intercom Customer

    Communication • Steam OAuth • Pusher API


    • Custom virtual currency. • Betting on Counter Strike Skins (virtual item). • Provably fair betting (algorithm which can be analyzed and verified for fairness). • Credit card fraud prevention using Identity Mind and CardinalCommerce (Visa 3-D


  • VisitTelluride.com Tourism Website - Kiosk Application and Site Maintenance We worked with our client to develop a web based kiosk application for the Telluride Visitors Center. This kiosk version of the website was specifically designed for a touchscreen kiosk monitor. We also provide on-going hourly development on an as needed basis.


    • LAMP • Laravel • Elo Touchscreen System • Google Chrome Extension

    • Responsive CSS • HTML5 Application Cache • Google Maps API • Twilio API


    • The kiosk version of the website works exactly like a desktop application; it does not require Internet, and resets after it’s been idle for a few minutes.

    • The kiosk version of the website is modified specifically to work on a touchscreen kiosk monitor.

    • Admins can push updates to the kiosk using the admin panel.

  • Hope Foods Brand Website - WordPress Theme We developed the redesigned website for Hope Foods from scratch. The website was developed with a user-friendly UI in mind, both for the end users and the admins; this allows non-tech admins to easily maintain the site, and for end users to easily navigate the site.


    • LAMP • WordPress • Responsive CSS

    • Instagram API • Google Maps API • WPEngine


    • Instagram integration makes it easy to use Instagram images on the website. • Admins can upload and display various file types: zip, pdf, mp4, etc. • Admins can fully manage their products, recipes, jobs, press, and stores. • Advanced WordPress features were developed to provide a user-friendly admin

    panel. This included TinyMCE modules, WordPress shortcodes, and WordPress meta boxes.

  • LegalCrunch Legal Service - Flow Automation Our client reached out to us when their user base started growing, and they no longer had time to manually process each expungement case they received. We helped them automate their entire process, which directly helped them save time and scale their business.


    • LAMP • FPDF

    • WuFoo API


    • Automated legal forms processing. • Customized form generation rules per town, city, and state. • Automated PDF generation.