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21 Iyar, 5772 Sunday, May 13, 2012 www.thecampfund.com CAMP FUND Keren Avrohom Eliezer Chinese Auction Guide

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Keren Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund Chinesse Auction

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21 Iyar, 5772

Sunday, May 13, 2012


CAMP FUNDKeren Avrohom Eliezer

Chinese Auction Guide

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2 | Keren Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund

KEREN AVROHOM ELIEZER CAMP FUND The Camp Fund was founded in memory of Avrohom Eliezer Goldman, HY”D, who was tragically torn from our midst at the tender age of 17. Avremi was a special person, whose greatest joy came from interacting with children and sharing his excitement for Yiddishkeit.

Following his tragic death, Mrs. Leah Lipsker, a friend and neighbor of the Goldman family, established the Camp Fund in his memory, under the advice and guidance of the Rebbe. The first year, the Rebbe gave 18 one dollar bills to establish the fund, which were utilized to raise money and send children to camp. In each proceeding year, the Rebbe contributed toward the Camp Fund, and often gave words of blessing and encouragement.

The Camp Fund helps orphans, children raised with single parents and families undergoing financial stress. Since it’s inception in 1977, the Camp Fund has never turned away a child!

The children who benefit not only enjoy a wonderful summer experience, but the effects of camp live on throughout the year, bolstering their self-confidence and increasing their love and excitement toward Yiddishkeit; a fitting tribute to Avremi.

Over the past 35 years, Rabbi and Mrs. Moshe Pesach Goldman joined together with Mrs. Leah Lipsker and have helped more than 6,500 children have the opportunity of an enriching, memorable and fun camp experience. With your help, that number will continue to increase, and benefit the entire community.


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FEATURING:The Mystery Woman: Pesha Ziv

Rechovot, Israel

Her name is Pesha Ziv. Her life was transformed by a person she never met. His name was Avremi. He was 17 years old. He was killed, tragically, while

trying to help another Yid.

It is a shocking, inspiring and mesmerizing story; one which encapsulates the power of a soul, the beauty of a unified nation, and the potential we

each have to positively impact the world. It is a tale of the power of a Mivtza of the Rebbe, and the ripple effect each action we do can have.

Come hear from Pesha herself about the remarkable legacy young Avremi left. Be a part of this remarkable story as it comes full circle.

Keren Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund invites MEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN (over the age of 10) to attend an evening of entertainment and inspiration

honoring the memory of Avrohom Eliezer הי”ד,beloved son of Rabbi and Mrs. Moshe Pesach Goldman שיחיו.

Sunday, May 13, 201221 Iyar, 5772

Lubavitcher Yeshiva570 Crown Street,

Brooklyn, NY 11213

This evening’s cakes and pastries are being generously sponsored by Levi Gumboof Gumbo’s Heimishe Bakery • 328 Kingstron Avenue • 718-771-7701


VIEWING HOURSWomen 3:00- 5:30pm

Men 5:30-6:30pmWomen 6:30-7:30pm

Program begins at 7:30pm SHARPSushi, Hot and Cold Buffet

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4 | Keren Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund

CHAIRED BY:Rabbi Shmuel ButmanDirector of Tzeirei Agudas ChabadRenowned lecturer and Radio Talkshow Personality


KEYNOTE SPEAKERRabbi Yakov HorowitzRenowned author, lecturer, and an authority on children-at-risk. He is an outspoken advocate for children’s safety.

Rabbi Yakov Horowitz is the founder and dean of Yeshiva Darchei Noam of Monsey, a Yeshiva noted for its positive child-centered learning environment. He is also the founder and director of The Center for Jewish Family Life/Project YES, an organization he created to help children at-risk and their families.

Rabbi Horowitz is a recognized authority on raising children. He is the author of two books, Growing with the Parsha and Living and Parenting. As part of the Karasick Child Safety Initiative of Project YES, he has just published, in conjunction with ArtScroll, the landmark children’s personal safety picture book, Let’s Stay Safe! Rabbi Horowitz is a regular contributor on Torah, educational, and parenting topics to Jewish periodicals and websites.



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MAIL Keren Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fundc/o Leah Lipsker 822 Montgomery StreetBrooklyn, NY 11213

PHONE ORDERSDaytime: Mrs. Kahanov 718-778-2364Mrs. Rieber 718-778-6995 (9-4pm)

Evening: Mrs. Lipsker 718-774-5174, 347- 907- 0863Mrs. Goldman 718-493-5015Mrs. Finck 718-753-0451 (4-8pm)Mrs. Rottenstreich 718-778-2129 (6-10pm)

Day of the AuctionShterna Sara 347-286-5352 (1-6 pm)Mrs. Penina Metal 917-685-4226 (1-6pm)

Orders will be taken until 6:00 pm on the day of the auction. All Major Credit Cards Accepted

ADMISSION $20With your paid admission you will receive a $20 exchangeable auction ticket and a ticket into our three admission prizes; a man’s watch Sponsored by SNOOPS.COM, a $200 gift card Sponsored by SeeView 718-756-0361 and a 1-year subscription to Living Torah Sponsored by Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin of JEM

***Grand Prize, Split the Pot and Jackpot are not included in theEarly Bird and Discount Packages***


Disclaimer: Some prizes may differ from photos, but will be of equal value. We are not responsible for typographical errors. Orders received after the auction drawing will be considered donations. Winners will be notified by Monday, May 14, 2012. All prizes must be picked up no later than Thursday, May 17, 2012 between 5:30-10pm at the Lipsker’s, 822 Montgomery St. Any prizes not picked up by then will be considered donations to the organization. All prizes are valid until December 31, 2012, unless otherwise noted.

WHEN  YOU  SPEND DISCOUNT  PKG.Your  ticket  value  is:

EARLY  BIRD  PKG.If  purchased  before  May  7,

your  ticket  value  is:$75 $90 $100

$100 $125 $150

$180 $230 $280

$250 $350 $400

$360 $525 $600

$566 $825 $1000

$770 $1200 $1500

$1000 $2250 $2500


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| Keren Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund6

Super Summer SpectacularWin a $2,500 scholarship toward the camp of your choice.1 ticket $255 tickets $10010 tickets $18015 tickets $25050 tickets $566, numerical value of Avrohom Eliezer, Hy”d

Sponsored in loving memory of Avraham Yosef ben Yisroel Chaim, Kalman ben Shachna and Genessa bas Shmuel HaCohen and Anonymous

Grand Prize

Win half the cash in the pot.1 ticket $103 tickets $255 tickets $3610 tickets $5030 tickets $100

Sponsored by your ticket purchases

Split the Pot

Winner will receive one ticket in every prize box excluding Grand Prize and Split the Pot and automatically win our surprise gift1 ticket $103 tickets $255 tickets $3610 tickets $5030 tickets $100


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Create priceless memories as you tour the sights and take in the inspiration of the land that’s ours forever. Two round-trip tickets to Eretz Yisroel.

Maximum value at $3,000.

Sponsored by Duvi Blonder, Mendel Goldman and Rabbi Levi Raichik

1. Walk the Holy Soil

Grand Prize


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| Keren Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund8


Enjoy tomorrow’s technology today with this slim easy touch screen computer. Comes with a wireless mouse, 500 GB hard drive, 4GB RAM, keyboard, built in Wi-Fi network card, DVD-RW writer/player and a latest multi Intel dual core processor.

Sponsored by Shmuel and Rivka Hakakzadeh, Shmuel and Miriam Finck and Yosef and Sara Friedman in memory of their parents Mordechai ben Shmuel and Tova bas Avraham Abba.

2. HP Touch Smart All-in-One PC

“My son cannot stop talking about his camp experience... Thank you!”

“I hope that people

understand how important The Camp Fund is

to our children...”

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www.thecampfund.com | 9


Let the finest wig makers in the world create that perfect shaitel just for you.

Win a $2500.00 gift certificate towards A Custom Contessa - hand tied like a custom deluxe; Or a custom express - could be ready in 2 weeks; with an option to upgrade to the deluxe custom, if you please.

Prize includes a cut and style by Claire

Sponsored by Claire 718-998-6043, in memory of Yosef ben Menachem; who died in the holocaust because he refused to eat treif.

3. Claire Accuhair The Rolls Royce of Sheitels

“My daughter still talks about being hachi of the summer. Thank you!”

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| Keren Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund10

Your choice of a sensational sterling silver candelabra, two regal candlesticks, a stately Menorah or an exquisite vase by Elite Sterling.

Gift certificate valued at $2000.

Sponsored by Dr. N. Hoffman in memory of Lipka Sara bas Yisroel A”H

Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Yisroel Duato in memory of Chana Leah bas Menachem Mendel A”H Duato

4. Silver Masterpiece

Plan the perfect getaway. Will it be Venice, Prague or Switzerland? Enjoy two round-trip tickets to any destination in Europe. Prize valued at $2000.

Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Dovid Smetana

5. Dream Vacation

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www.thecampfund.com | 11

Challenge your mind and uplift your spirit with a set of Schottenstein Shas or $1,500 (cash value gift card) at Kehos.

Sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. Moshe Gaerman

7. Schottenstein or Kehos

The ultimate in quality shaitel, classy and luxurious. Includes cut and style by Malkie Eckhaus.

Maximum value at $2000.

Sponsored by Malkie Eckhaus 718-953-1539 Sponsored by Anonymous in honor of Pesha Ziv, our guest of honor

6. Shevy Shaitel

Page 12: KAE Auction


| Keren Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund12

A Name To Trust Since 1978. Treat yourself to one piece from our captivating selection. Located in the heart of Crown Heights.

Sponsored by Mink Jewelers 718-804-0806Like us on Facebook!

8. Regal Jewelry by Mink Jewelers

Page 13: KAE Auction

www.thecampfund.com |



Beautifully written Megilla in either the Arizal’s or Alter Rebbe’s ksav, with a 42-line format. Included is a magnificent hand-crafted leather case.

Sponsored by Rabbi Moshe Klein of Hasofer 718-221-2222 לע”נ פעשא לאה בת הרב חיים יהודה לייב קליין ע”ה

9. Megillas Esther

Front-loader, Stackable or Side-by-Side Washer/Dryer

Maximum Value at $1,200

Sponsored by Rabbi Baruch Rubin

10. Washer and Dryer by A.B. Drimmers

“My son will

never forge

t the

camp experienc


he had this



Thank you!”

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| Keren Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund14

Thin and lightweight. This sleek MacBook features a 13.3” glossy wide screen. The LED backlighting delivers stunning colors and instant full screen brightness the moment you open the lid.

Sponsored by Anonymous in honor of Leah Lipsker

11. Apple 13.3” Macbook Pro Notebook Computer

Satisfy the electronic maven with the latest in electronics from B&H or Best Buy.

Sponsored by Anonymous לע”נ החה”ת שמואל תנחום בן ר’ משה

שיחיו שוחאט

12. $1,000 Electronic Giveaway

$1,000 towards an extraordinary custom-made wig by Barbera. Professionally cut & styled by Genia

Sponsored by Estie Sputz of Barbera Wigs.Visit our showroom at 535 Montgomery St.

Sponsored by Genia  718-773-8316

13. Barbera Shaitel

Page 15: KAE Auction


www.thecampfund.com | 15

“Some people don’t understand how important camp is. They should meet my son. He looks forward to it all year!”

Splurge on a brand new wardrobe with a $1,000 gift card to one of these stores:

Bloomingdales • J. Crew • Saks Fifth Ave.

Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Sam Stern, Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Preger and Anonymous

14. Fantastic Womens Shopping Spree!

By owning this super deluxe Bugaboo Cameleon carriage, you will always find a reason to go out.

Sponsored by Mr and Mrs. Zalman Schochet and Mr. and Mrs. Shimon Chyrek

15. Cadillac of Carriages

Page 16: KAE Auction


| Keren Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund16

16. Pearls & More

Chosen from our finest collection, one of these is yours to enjoy!

A) A splendid 14k rose gold necklace with delicate scroll look and sparkling diamonds.

B) A lavish 14k rose gold diamond ring will shimmer endlessly on your finger.

C) Contemporary 14k matte rose gold and richly hued citrine stones make this bracelet a statement. Sophisticated.

So go ahead and win! They’re perfect for any age. Any lifestyle. Any outfit.

Sponsored by Pearls & More 718-771-3924

Page 17: KAE Auction


www.thecampfund.com | 17

“What you did for

my daughter was

incredible. The

friends, the learnin


Her summer was


“People need to know about the camp fund. You

guys make such a big difference to so many children and families!”

Let your imagination run wild with a $1000 gift card for The Apple Store.

Sponsored by Leah Lipsker’s grandchildren in honor of all the work she does

17. Apple Store

One stop shopping with great values and savings. Splurge with $1000 at Costco, Americas favorite store.

Sponsored by Rabbi & Mrs. Mendel Drizin Sponsored by Mrs. Edith Bloch in memory of

לע״נ הרה”ח הת׳ ר’ אברהם אבא יצחק בלאך ז״לולע”נ דבורה נחמה נייוירטה בת הרה”ח אברהם אבא יצחק בלאך ז״ל

18. Costco Gift Card



Page 18: KAE Auction


| Keren Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund18

• $150 at Dovid Malka Catering• 4 dozen cheese blintzes at Albany Bake Shop• 4 cases of fancy dairy pasta by NY Pasta Authority• $100 at Kingston Bake Shop towards cheesecake• 12” ice cream cake from the Ice Cream Center (13th Ave)• $100 at Sweet Expression• $100 at Mermelstein’s by Meir Cohen• $100 at Shimmy’s Corner • $200 at Kahan’s Superette• $100 at Red Apple• $100 at Apple Drugs

19. Shavuos Shopping Package (Value $1,600)

• $50 at Mr. Greens• 3 cases of paper goods at First Quality Paper Goods• 1 case of fish loaves by Shabbos Fish• 6 bottles of Farbrengen wine from Eber’s Liquor Store• Bouquet of flowers from Mimulo• Carpet cleaning for 3 rooms, hallway and stairs by Shmuel Spielman

In memory of HaRav HaChossid Gavriel Noach and Rebbetzin Rivka Holtzberg Hy”d

Sponsored by above establishments

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www.thecampfund.com | 19

The ultimate in sophistication. Choose from this eye catching choice of jewelry from Barbers’ precious diamond collection.

Sponsored by Barbers Jewelers 212-819-0666

20. Dazzle in Diamond

Page 20: KAE Auction


| Keren Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund20

Choose from this sparkling showcase of dazzling jewelry. 1) Spectacular black and white diamond ring with a single champagne diamond in center totalling 1.41 carat set in rose gold

2) Trendy hoops with 110 black diamonds totalling .72 carat set in rose gold

3) Fashionable 33.5 carat Citron gemstone ring with over a carat of white and champagne diamonds set in yellow gold

4) Beautiful 33.54 carat unique Indian jade gemstone earrings surrounded by .45 carat of diamonds set in white gold.

Sponsored by Tzfasman Jewelers 718-576-2231

21. Tzfasman Jewelers

Page 21: KAE Auction


www.thecampfund.com | 21

Anat presents to you the Miri pre-cut. With this superior high quality European wig, you will soon be on your way.

Sponsored by Anat Wig Studio Design 718-756-6252

22. Anat Wig Studio Design

Choose from the incredible selection of trendy and fashionable children or adult furniture with a $770 gift certificate to EBTB.

Sponsored by Rabbi and Mrs. Abba Perlmutter, Rabbi and Mrs. Benji Stock and Mr. and Mrs. Avrohom Moskovits in memory of their parents, the legendary Shimshon and Martha Stock, A”H

23. Everything But the Baby

$250 at Lord and Taylor$180 at Macys

$180 at Talking Fashion on Coney Island Ave.$100 at Unique Boutique on Coney Island Ave.

$75 at Stan’s French Cleaners$50 at Totally Her on Kingston 347-221-0705

$36 at Regency Quality Cleaners

Sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. Levi Reiter, Rabbi andMrs. Levi Goldstein and above local establishments

24. Ladies Luxuries

Page 22: KAE Auction


| Keren Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund22

Many consider Meam Loez among the best commentaries ever written on the Tanach.

It is a fantastic collection of insights into the stories of Chumash and Nach.

Sponsored by Rabbi and Mrs. Mordecai DeitschRabbi and Mrs. Shimon Kroll

Moznaim Publishing Company

25. Meam Loez Torah Anthology

Wherever you need to be, be confident with this fantastic iPad3. The Wi-Fi 3G

model allows you to also access the internet over a 3G cellular network

on the go.

Sponsored by Rabbi Meir and Mrs. Shaindy Gutnick

26. Apple 16GB iPad3 with WIFI

$300 at The Children’s Place$250 at Boytique

$250 at United Colors of Benetton$100 at Young Timers

Sponsored by Rabbi and Mrs. Chaim Fogelman, Rabbi and Mrs. Levi Lain and Anonymous

A pair of girl’s 14 ct. yellow gold hoop earrings

Sponsored by Nechama Dina Raskin 917-873-4803

27. Awesome Children’s Package

Page 23: KAE Auction


www.thecampfund.com | 23

This all-inclusive package is just perfect for any man. With the finest clothing and accessories these

stores have become so famous for. Prize includes Kapota, shirts, ties, belts and elegant cuff links.

Sponsored by Primo Hatters - 718-804-0770Hat sponsored by The Hat Box 718-951-9533

Men’s Shoes sponsored by E & I Treasures 718-756-4741

28. Men’s Closet

A $770 gift card to Target that really hits the spot.

Sponsored by Rabbi E. Lev and by Mr. and Mrs. Mendel Chein

30. Target Gift Card

A deep freezer is just what you need to keep all of your frozen foods fresh and organized. This 14 cu.ft. upright freezer comes stocked with a case of frozen gefilte fish. Value up to $800.

Sponsored by Rabbi and Mrs. Avraham Kirschenbaum and Anonymous

29. Upright Deep Freezer

Page 24: KAE Auction


| Keren Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund24

Never miss a precious moment again with this compact, high definition video camera.

Sponsored by: Dr. & Mrs. Alan Newmark לע”נ מאניס משה ע”ה בן אליהו ע”ה נוימארק

לע”נ רבקה ע”ה בת עזריא-ל ע”ה נוימארק

31. Sony HDR-CX 210Handycam Camcorder

Let your daughter have a one of a kind experience, with one month at the legendary Camp Emunah Junior Division; this summer celebrating its 60th year.

Sponsored by Rebbetzin Chava Hecht of Camp Emunah 718-735-4200

32. Camp Emunah Spirit

Have your son enjoy one month stay at the fabulous camp in the Laurentians Mountains where he will continue to grow b’gashmius

and b’ruchnius with all that camp has to offer.

Sponsored by Camp Gan Yisroel 514-343-9606 and Anonymous

33. Camp Gan Israel Montreal

Avremi הי”ד enjoying camp

Page 25: KAE Auction


www.thecampfund.com | 25

Do the best in home improvement with a $500 gift certificate to Lowe’s or Home Depot.Sponsored by Rabbi and Mrs. Y Cohen and Rabbi D. Dubov

$200 gift certificate to True Value Hardware Sponsored by True Value 718-778-2700

34. Home Improvement

Choose from a superb selection of high quality gift-ware for any occasion with this $500 gift certificate to Silver Spoon.

Sponsored by Silver Spoon 718-467-7700

35. Silver Spoon

Take your pick. Miles of beautiful boardwalk or the magic of Disney World. Win 2 tickets to the Sunshine State. Includes car rental for one week. Restrictions apply. Valued at $500.

Sponsored in loving memory of Faiga Sara bas Yonah Yitzchok, A”H

36. Florida Trip

Page 26: KAE Auction


| Keren Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund26

Think of all you can do with a $500 gift card to Drimmers major appliances.

Sponsored by Motty and Moshe Scheinfeld in loving memory of their parents and sisterלע”נ החה”ת יצחק ע”ה בן מרדכי צבי ,רזייל ע”הבת יעקב הכהן ,ביילא ע”ה בת יצחק

37. Drimmers A&B Gift Card

Explore the world of the Rambam with this 42 book set, clearly formatted, a lucid translation and insightful commentary. Published by Moznaim.

Sponsored לע”נ הרה”ח הרה”ת אליעזר אלימלך בן ר’ ניסן יבלחט”א Sponsored in memory of Yocheved Chaya Rochel (Tauber) Paley A”H bas Yissacher Dov HaLevi Y’blchtSponsored by Moznaim Publishing Company - 718-438-7680

38. Set of English Rambam

Upscale your kitchen and give it the makeover you deserve with this amazing array of new kitchen appliances: Sandwich maker, hand blender, crock pot, microwave, hot water urn, toaster oven, 12 piece set of farberware pots and pans, Cuisinart bread maker and a food processor too.

Sponsored by C&H Housewares, Weinsteins Hardware, A&B Drimmers, Duddy’s, The Buzz, Rabbi and Mrs. Shalom Schapiro and Rabbi and Mrs. Chaim Dovid Laine

39. Outfit your Kitchen

40. Fabulous Shopping Spree

Page 27: KAE Auction


www.thecampfund.com | 27

$500 Gift certificate to Gap, Old Navy or Banana Republic

Sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. Pinchas Lerner and Rabbi and Mrs. Yisroel Yarmush

40. Fabulous Shopping Spree

A Laptop with hard-hitting multi-media performance. Big capabilities in a small,

attractive package.

Sponsored by Rabbi and Mrs. Shlomo Kugel

41. ASUS Eee PC 1215 P-MU27 Seashell 12.1” NETBOOK COMPUTER

See how far a $500 Gas Card can take you

Sponsored by Friends of The Goldmans

You’ll never have to stop for directions with the Garmin Nuvi 205w GPS navigation system.

Sponsored by לע”נ פריידא ע”ה בת ר ישרא-ל הי”ד ולע”נ שרה חנה בת ר’ יצחק אייזיק

42. Gas Card and GPS


Page 28: KAE Auction


| Keren Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund28

“My son’s

counselors were

amazing. They

still write him


It’s beautiful. It’s intelligent.... even genius. Packed with a superb vibrant display, two cameras, HD

videos, 16GB of storage and many more amazing features. The iPhone 4s is more powerful, easier to

use, and more indispensable than ever. Including activation or upgrade.

Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Shloimy Feldman at AT&T Wireless 718-363-5444

43. iPhone 4s from AT&T

Dress your table in elegance to welcome the Shabbos Queen. A sparkling set of 7” Sterling Silver Leichter, complete Stainless Steel flatware service for 16, 16 Crystal stemware glasses, and a lovely white tablecloth.

Sponsored by AnonymousSponsored by Royalty Tableware718-854-6689

44. Shabbos Delight

Page 29: KAE Auction


www.thecampfund.com | 29

Enjoy this artistic silver washing cup to give a regal feel to Shabbos and Yom Tov.

Sponsored by The Sperlin Familyלע“נ הרה“ח ר‘ רפאל משה הכהן ע“הבן ר‘ יעקב מנחם מענדל ע“ה שפערלין

45. Sterling Silver Kvort

Hand crafted silver becher and tray to enhance your Shabbos table

Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Gadi Blizinsky of Elite Silver

46. Sterling Silver Becher

Transform your Mikvah experience with a fabulous 1-year pass at Mikvah Meir.

Sponsored by Mikvah Meir • 394 Kingston Ave. www.mikvah.info

47. Mikvah Meir

Page 30: KAE Auction


| Keren Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund30

Take quality pictures with the latest CANON POWERSHOT ELPH 510 HS digital camera. Then print your magnificent photos with this HP photo smart printer and photo paper. 2 GB memory card included.

Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Leuchter from Sydney, Australia

Includes a $100 card for printing your digital pictures.

Sponsored by Sterling Electronics

48. Capture, Print and Share

Choose a gift card to Bed Bath & Beyond or Ikea and transform your home with

accessories and gadgets galore.

Sponsored by Rabbi Chaim Osher and Mrs. Sara Kahanov

49. $360 For Your Home

$360 gift card at the Worlds Greatest Toy Store.

Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Levi Israel and Anonymous in honor of Morah Leah Lipsker

50. Toys ‘R’ US

Page 31: KAE Auction


www.thecampfund.com | 31

Win $360 and be amazed by the choices available online.

Sponsored by Rabbi and Mrs. Leibel Swerdlov לע”נ אלטע שולה ע”ה בת הרב יוסף יצחק שיחיו

52. Amazon.com

Organize your playroom with this high quality, sturdy children’s sized bookcase. Also includes an assortment of children’s books, Judaica CDs and DVDs.

Sponsored by Rabbi and Mrs. Aaron Junik לע”נ מאיר יחזקא-ל ע”ה בן נפתלי ע” ה ולע”נ שרה פרומא ע”ה בת שמוא-ל ע”ה יוניקSponsored by Furniture for Preschool 718-753-3408

53. Children’s Corner

Let your children enjoy hours of imagination play with these adorable characters. Value $300.

Sponsored by Rabbi and Mrs. Dovid Rimler at Judaica World 718-604-1020

51. Mitzvah Kinder

Page 32: KAE Auction


| Keren Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund32

With the Toshiba’s 10.1” high resolution multi-touch LED back light display, you won’t have to squint to see its sheer versatility.

Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Beryl Neumark לע”נ לובא ע”ה בת הרה”ח חיים צבי ע”הולע”נ הרה”ח משה יוסף בן הר’ אברהם אליהו ניומארק

54. 32GB Toshiba Android Tablet

Strengthen your Hiskashrus to the Rebbe with a complete set of Igros Kodesh or Sichos Parshios.

Sponsored by Rabbi and Mrs. Sholom Charitonow

55. Set of Igros Kodesh/Sichos Parshios

Take your baking to the next level with a new Bosch mixer, 2 single classes at the Center for Kosher Culinary and Arts, assorted cookbooks and a Simcha Challa by Faigy Winner-Hertzel.

Sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. Fein Sponsored by Rabbi and Mrs. Leima Minkowitzלעילוי נשמת זעלדא ע”ה בת הירש לייבלעילוי נשמת יואל ע”ה בן דובער

56. Blissful Baking

Page 33: KAE Auction


www.thecampfund.com | 33

Your meal will taste that much better when we pick up the tab. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, sushi, dinner or dessert. Sponsored by these great restaurants.

Prime Sandwich • Renaissance Cafe • Bunch-O-BagelCafe Rimon • Kaff Kafe • Basil • Garden of EdenCafe K • Pomodori • Sushi Spot • and more!

Sponsored by above Establishments

57. Divine Dining

The Wii console brings a revolution of interactive games to people of all ages. Experience motion

control that delivers a unique social activity for the whole family. Wii games get everyone off the couch

for hours of fun and exercise.

Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Chaim Greenspan

58. Nintendo Wii

An incredible upshernish package includes four hand painted Yarmulkas, a pair of wool Tzitzis, a children’s Tefillin set, children’s Sefer Torah and a personalized Negel Vaser set, along with a portrait gift of $180 by Roumani Photography, a giant lovable doll for the special girl in your life, and an assortment of seven board games so no one will ever be bored again.

Sponsored by Freeda Gordon,Roumani Photography 718-438-5111, Fraida Brown and customkipa.com

59. It’s a Kidz World

Page 34: KAE Auction


| Keren Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund34

Take home Rebecca, The Jewish American girl. Rebecca comes accessorized with a Chanukah Menorah, a Shabbos set and an adorable lace dress outfit.

Sponsored by Rabbi and Mrs. Dovid Sputz and Anonymous

60. American Girl Doll

A picture is worth a thousand words. A striking collection of wood-mounted lithographs of the


Sponsored by Rabbi and Mrs. EK Tiefenbrun

61. Tiefenbrun Collection

The iPod Touch is like a pocket computer. You can find maps, e-mail and listen to music with 32GB of memory. Take Apple’s iPod Touch anywhere you go.

Sponsored by Rabbi and Mrs. Avi Goldberger

62. 32GB iPod Touch

Page 35: KAE Auction


www.thecampfund.com | 35

$360 to spend at H&M

Sponsored by Bassie Morris לע”נ הח’ חיים ע”ה בן ארי’ה לייב

Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Arkeh Deitsch

63. H&M

The laminated pages are filled with vibrant illustrations of the Parsha, and is easily understood

even for the young ones to learn. Included is Tell me the Story of the Year and Tell me the Story of

the Megilla.

Sponsored by Hamafitz 718- 774-0900Sponsored by Rabbi and Mrs. Meir Rottenstreich

לע”נ ר’ אברהם יצחק ע’’ה בן חיים מאיר שיחי

64. Tell me the Story of the Parsha

A sweet setting for sweet dreams. Your choice at The Bed and Bath Shop.

$500 value

Sponsored by Goldstock and Schneider Families

65. Luxurious Linen

Page 36: KAE Auction


| Keren Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund36

You choose the prize, and we will take care of the rest. Enjoy your $360 Visa Gift Card, accepted wherever you wish.

Sponsored by Rabbi & Mrs. Yackov Eckhaus

66. $360 Visa Gift Card

Let the reading begin. Enjoy ultra fast book browsing with this fantastic new electronic

reader. The Kindle Fire boasts a 7” touch screen with extra wide viewing, bringing literature to

your fingertips.

Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Shmuel Rendler

67. Kindle Fire

Apple iPod classic 32GB fully loaded with Sichos Kodesh. Featuring over 40 years of public addresses by the Rebbe.

Sponsored in loving memory of Chaim Dovid Shlomo A”H ben HaChossid Reb Pinchas Levi Rieber, Y”blcht by his family Abba, Eema, Tzviki, Zelda, Asaf, Nussie, Simi, Eli, Kraina, Raizel, Pop-Pop and MeMe

68. Rebbe Pod

Page 37: KAE Auction


www.thecampfund.com | 37

Win $180 at Peppermill and a Dynamo Deluxe SodaStream.

Sponsored לע”נ שרה פייגא ע”ה בת יונה יצחק ע”ה

69. Peppermill Shopping

Turn your computer into a dance machine. Step It Up comes complete with an interactive dance pad, preloaded with 60 hit songs from top Jewish artists

like Lipa, the Chevra, Gabay and more.

Sponsored by The Winner Family

70. Jewish Dance Machine

5 tickets each to the Jewish Children’s Museum, Kids In Action and Jungle Gym, along with $150 to spend at Toys 4 U, 2 pizza pies from Pizza World, 2 pizza pies from Amnons Pizza and $50 at Mendy’s.

Sponsored by above Establishments

71. Children’s Fun Day

Enjoy the complete set of Talks and Tales.

Sponsored by The Cousins Family

72. Talks and Tales

Page 38: KAE Auction


| Keren Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund38

16 GB can store thousands of songs and can play up to 24 hours of non-stop music.

Sponsored by Moshe & Hinda Leah, Isaac and Faigy Adler/ Singer in loving memory of their dear son &

brother ברוך שלום ע״ה בן משה יהושע יבלחט”א

73. Apple 16GB iPod Nano

A comprehensive resource for the beginners and scholars alike, this set of Gutnick Chumashim,

Megilla and Rambam will be an invaluable addition to your library.

Sponsored by Kol Menachem

74. Kol Menachem

Win $195 gift certificate at Primo Hatters towards the hat of your choice.

Sponsored by Primo Hatters 718-804-0770

75. Primo Hatters

Enjoy the flexibility of entertaining on the go or at home with a light weight and portable dual screen 9”

DVD player. Car mount kit included.

Sponsored in loving memory of Dovid A”H ben Yosef Yitzchok HaCohen Y’blcht

76. COBY 9” Dual Screen Portable DVD Player model #TFDVD9952

Page 39: KAE Auction


www.thecampfund.com | 39

A collection of scrapbooks, art paper, stickers, paper cutters, stamp set and lots more to preserve memories for the future. Includes a $100 gift card to Michaels.

Sponsored by Rabbi and Mrs. Y. Cohen and The Bluming Family

77. The Art of Scrapbooking

Explore the great outdoors with this sturdy, high performing children’s bike for your boy or girl.

Sponsored by CH Cycles • 537 Empire Blvd 718.484.0943 • [email protected]

78. CH Cycles • Bike Shop

$200 towards a pair of glasses at VisionSite.

Sponsored by VisionSite 718-771-8719

79. Eye Fashion

Enjoy the convenience of wireless connectivity with an all in one HP office jet 8500.

Sponsored by Clever Computers, Inc.- Akiva Perl 718-778-4766

Includes a case of paper.Sponsored by Y&B Copy Center 718-221-1100

80. All In One Computer Solution

Page 40: KAE Auction


| Keren Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund40

1) Enjoy a day of relaxation with a facial, massage and manicure sponsored by La Femme 718-778-3800. 2) Two up-dos for your simcha sponsored by Chani Cousins 718-493-9754 3) Three wash and sets sponsored by Racheli Chaimson 718-778-0770. 4) A $100 gift card from Tammy Holtzberg 718-756-8684  towards makeup application 5) A European facial by Chani Hershkop 718-756-8536

81. For Someone Special for that Special Day

Relax on this glider while reading your 1 year subscription to both the N’shei Chabad Newsletter and Bitayavon magazine.

Sponsored by The Katz FamilyN’Shei Chabad newsletter by N’Shei Chabad Bitayavon by Zeldi and Chaya Lipsker

82. Let Your Imagination Soar

The premium brewing system by Keurig brews a perfect cup of coffee in under one minute with the touch of a button. Eco

friendly to-go mugs also included.

Sponsored by Mendel Lipsker, Reading PAin honor of his grandparents Eli and Leah Lipsker

83. KEURIG ELITE Coffee Maker

Clicks, Thomas Trains and an assortment of Playmobile. What better way to let your children enjoy hours of fun while showing off their creativity.

Sponsored by Anonymous and Snoops.com

84. Toy Thrills

Page 41: KAE Auction


www.thecampfund.com | 41

Win $180 at Century 21.

Sponsored by Mr. Baruch Meyers

85. Century 21

Bounce safely up and down for hours on end on your new trampoline.

Sponsored by Greenberg Family

86. Trampoline

Touch screen gaming at its best. Every child wants one; your child can win one.

Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Yossi Smetana

87. Super size DSI XL

The Kid’s Toy of the Century.

Sponsored by לע”נ הרהח’ הת’ חיים צבי ע”ה בן הרה”ח ארי’ זאב ע”ה ליפסקר

ולע”נ הרה’ת הרה’ח אלי’הו ארי’ה לייבע”ה בן יוסף ע”ה גרויס

88. XBox 360 Console

Page 42: KAE Auction


| Keren Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund42

92. Empire Kosher

Shop to your heart’s content with a $250 gift card at Empire Kosher.

Sponsored by Itzik Ben-Abou from Empire Kosher

89. Junee

$250 Gift certificate

Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Eli Mizrachiand Rabbi and Mrs. Avrohom Franklin

90. Juicy Couture

Have the time of your life while shopping with a $250 gift certificate in this amazing store, or online at www.juicycouture.com

Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Eliezer Gansburg

91. Judaica Creation

Win a $300 gift certificate at Aliza Blizinsky’swww.judaicacreations.com and personalize the gift of your choice.

Sponsored by Aliza Blizinsky from Judaica Creation

Page 43: KAE Auction


www.thecampfund.com | 43

93. Chayeinu or Dvar Malchus for 1 year

Just think about it, your daily Shiurim and currentlearning material all at your fingertips.

Sponsored by לע”נ הרה”ג הרה”ח בן-ציון ע”ה בן הרב אריה זאב ע”ה ליפסקר אב”ד קהילת ערד בארה”ק

94. Bitty Twins Create your own favorite pair of Bitty Twins

of your choice from the starter collection.

Sponsored by Malka Lipsker

95. Mystery Package

No one can resist a good mystery. Win this valuable prize and uncover its secret.

Valued at over $770.00

“We can never

thank you enough


What you have

done has given o


family something so


Page 44: KAE Auction

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